Timberland Pro Boondock Review

In our Timberland PRO Boondock review, you will see the features that make this one of the best work boots in the market today.

The first Timberland, rugged and handsome, rolled into the market in 1973. Since then, they have produced millions of work boots and shoes. In the world of shoes, the Timberland is the Toyota of the motoring industry. 

Great history and a long legacy!

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It is said that Timberland boots were the first to be adopted by drug dealers in most cities across America, mostly by guys who had to stand at corners all night long dealing drugs. It all boils down to the support, comfort and warmth that most of their model boots offer.

Back to the Timberland PRO boondocks, what can you expect from them? Keep reading to see their outstanding features.

Please note: This review is for the PRO Boondock Men’s 8-Inch Work Boot.

We shall also look at the Timberland PRO Boondock HD review.

Timberland Pro Boondock Features

Timberland PRO Mens 8 Inch Boondock Composite Boot ReviewThe PRO Boondock is a pair of boots for most, if not all, types of occupations. This versatility means that plumbers can wear factory works, mechanics and other technicians too. The features that the boots come with make them this versatile.

Protection and safety features

The first factor to look into when buying a pair of boots is the safety and protective features. This pair of boots does not disappoint.

First, it meets the Safety Standards for EH (electrical hazard) protection. If you step on open circuits and naked wires, these boots are going to protect you from electrocution. This is not a green light for you to go stepping on open cables carelessly. Stay cautious at the workplace.

Secondly, these boots have a composite safety toe. While this makes them look bulbous at the toe area, it has the same strength as steel, but without the weight that steel adds to shoes.

Another benefit of having a composite toe is that you can get through metal detectors without setting off alarms and turning heads.

In your workplace, you might be at risk of injury from things falling on your feet. If that happens, you will be protected.

Thirdly, these boots are waterproof! Imagine that. And by waterproof, it means you can stand in a puddle of water in the boots and your feet will stay dry.

They have a waterproof membrane added to the top of the leather. You can also maintain them in this condition using Kiwi or mink oil leather conditioner.

Comfort features

The boots come with many comfort features. One of them is the popular anti-fatigue technology that Timberland integrates in their boots. They make the boots with a dual layer of cones that returns the energy back to your feet when you walk.

These cones contract and expand with every step that you take. You feel supported on the feet, stable and they help you to keep a good balance. You can walk for long hours without feeling too fatigued.

These boots also come with high quality insoles. They are contoured at the ball of foot area and the heel to provide you with extra comfort. If you have heel pain, these boots might help to control it.

If you work on hard surfaces (well, who doesn’t) such as concrete for long hours, these boots will keep you very comfortable. In addition to the heel and ball of foot support, they also come with good arch support. Thus, even if you have plantar fascia, they can help to alleviate the pain.

The collar has nice, soft padding and so does the tongue. Even if you tie the boot laces tight, they will not dig into your foot too hard.

These boots are not insulated so they are pretty comfortable in summer. However, in the cold winter months, they will not keep your feet warm enough.

Because these boots run almost true to size, there is minimal break-in period needed. In fact, you can wear these boots a few hours after getting them and they will not hurt your feet.

Rubber sole with deep lugs

These boots come with a thick rubber sole. It also has deep lugs that give you excellent grip and traction on different types of surfaces.

The soles are also thick enough so they absorb all the shock when you are walking. If you have ankle pain, you need shoes that absorb all the impact from walking. That way, none of the impact gets to your feet to send jolts of pain up your ankle.

You will also notice that the heel is elevated higher. If you experience heel pain from time to time, these boots can help alleviate that.

The outsoles are water and oil-resistant. They are also slip-resistant so they will keep you stable and balanced on your feet all the time. Knowing that you are safe and stable, you can be more productive at work.

Leather upper

While there is a PRO Boondock boot that is 6 inches from the arch to the opening, these ones are higher because they are 8 inches. Thus, they offer more support and protection at work.

The toe area is made of molded rubber. The rest of the upper is made of full-grain leather. In addition, these boots come with a waterproof membrane coating the leather. This thin membrane keeps the water out of your boots. You should refresh it with a good conditioner a few times a year.

If you work in jobs that have water involved, for example, concrete and plumbing works, at times, you have to stand in a puddle of water. These boots have been designed to protect your feet from the water. It will not get inside!

To stay secure on your feet, this boot comes with a lacing system that has five pairs of eyelets and three pairs of speed lacing metal hooks at the top. Thus, you can pull it off your feet easily by undoing the metal hooks.

These boots do not come with lining so they are just leather all round. Since leather is a bit breathable, your feet do not sweat too much. However, if you sweat excessively, you can wear the best socks for smelly feet.

Durability and style

These are some of the best constructed boots in the market. In any case, they sell with a 30-day return policy on amazon.com. If you do not like them for any reason, you can return them for a refund.

The rubber sole is so well designed for shock absorption. Besides, it is not the kind of outsole to start cracking or wearing away at the heels. These boots will last a few years, especially if you have another pay, say, like Wolverine Overpass boots to change.

These are stylish boots, but only for work. Otherwise, they are too bulky to wear with a casual outfit to town and other places. Therefore, we recommend that you use them only as work boots.

They come in brown distressed leather (oiled) or brown tumbled leather. Either version looks really good, but the brown tumbled one will not show stains as much as the lighter one.

Despite looking bulky, these boots are really not heavy at all. A pair weighs 2.1 pounds/953 grams, which is quite light for boots their size.

Perhaps you are wondering whether it is possible to resole these boots in case the outsole wears out before the upper. Because they come with a GoodYear welt construction, a cobbler should not have a hard time resoling them.

Finally, we might also mention the EVER-Guard coating on the boots that keeps them abrasion-resistant. If you work in the field with brush and other things, these boots will not show the scratches.

Timberland PRO Boondock Pros

  • The composite toe protection keeps the weight of the boots down
  • They are resistant to scratches
  • Excellent impact absorption thanks to the shock-absorber cones
  • They are waterproof, oil and chemical-resistant
  • Many safety features
  • Padded collar is a comfort
  • All Boondock boots have EH protection

Timberland PRO Boondock Cons

  • They run a bit wide. Know your shoe width size before buying
  • The price is a bit steep
  • Requires maintenance with leather conditioner to keep it waterproof

Timberland PRO Boondock HD Review

Timberland PRO Boondock HD Boot ReviewThe Timberland PRO Boondock HD Logger 8 is actually a logger boot. Thus, you will notice that it’s heel is higher than that of the other Boondock boots. The reason for logger boots having a high heel and thicker sole is that most of the time, you are working on uncharted ground.

Unlike the 8-inch PRO Boondock boot that comes with a rubber outsole, this one comes with a TPU sole, ladder-lock shank. It also comes with a composite toe for safety and protection.

Apart from design differences, the Boondocks share most of the other features, including the waterproof membrane.

Timberland PRO Boondock Review FAQ

Buying a costly pair of boots like this one is always hard work. You do not know whether you are getting good value for money. These frequently asked questions and their answers will shed more light on this and perhaps other Timberland PRO boots.

Are Timberland PRO work boots good?

The PRO series of boots from Timberland are simply the best for work because they come with the popular anti-fatigue technology. It returns the energy back to your feet because the cones incorporated in the design expand and contract for super shock absorption.

Do Timberland Boondocks run big?

Most of the complaints about the PRO Boondocks is that the 8 inch one runs too wide. They also run big, with some people saying that the shoes run too big even when they ordered a size down.

Are Timberland PRO comfortable?

The comfort that comes with Timbers is unmatched. They come with insoles that have support at the arch, heel and ball of foot area. They also use anti-fatigue technology, which returns the energy to the feet. By design, the outsole enhances balance, stability and posture.

Can Timberland Boondocks be resoled?

Unfortunately, the design of these boots does not allow a cobbler to resole them. They are not stitched boots where the sole attaches to the upper at the sides only. Rather, the entire boot is directly bonded to the outsole.

How much do Timberland Boondocks weigh?

These boots are not too heavy because they weigh 2.1 pounds a pair. This is just a little shy of 1000 grams. The weight though would differ from size to size, with size 12 weighing more than size 9.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The PRO Boondock series comes mainly with the 6-inch and the 8-inch boots. In this Timberland PRO Boondock review, we have looked at the 8-inch shaft boot.

Before you order, make sure you know your foot size. They run a little wide, so you might have to wear them with thick work socks or order a size smaller.

Before you can wear them to work, walk around in them at home for a couple of days to break them in. They break in so easily since the leather is soft and flexible.

To keep them waterproof, treat them with a good leather conditioner about three times a year.