Wolverine Overpass Boots Review

Most people ask: Are Wolverine boots comfortable? Indeed they are. However, it takes more than comfort to make a good work boot. That is why in this Wolverine Overpass boots review, we bring you all the safety, comfort features and information about the durability of the boot.

These boots are just one of the products that Wolverine World Wide, which is based in Rockford, Michigan, USA makes.

They make different types of footwear and apparel. Having been in the business of making different types of footwear from as far back as 1883, they are truly tested and proven!

Wolverine has a good number of other models of boots. In the Overpass boots, they have been able to tie many of the features and functions in the other models to produce this awesome boot.

Keep reading to see all of its safety, comfort, and support features.

Wolverine Overpass Boots Features

On this website, we say you should never buy a pair of work boots without reading a review of its features. That is why we make a point of reviewing several boots and work shoes here.

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Design and build quality

First, this good-looking work boot comes in black and brown color. This is a good combination for working in places that get splashes, for instance, garages and workshops. The black and brown colors hide stains very well, so you might not need to clean the shoes too often.

Another aspect of the design is that these are pull-on boots, so there are no long bootlaces to tangle with everyday. Thus, pulling it on and off is fast work. This is what makes slip-on boots good for oil rigs and similar workplaces.

You will also realize that this pair of boots comes with a long shaft, up to 10 inches from the arch. This is going to give you the best ankle support. We shall discuss the properties of the upper later.

While we all want safety and protection from our work boots, we also want them to be light on our feet. In this case, you will appreciate that the Wolverine Overpass boots come with the minimal weight of 1.88 pounds/853g. Once you break in these boots, you will hardly feel the weight on your feet.

These boots do not offer much when it comes to looks and style. If you care about such things, you might want to try another brand. However, what they lack in style and looks, they make up for it in the extra protection features.

Upper leather

The upper of these boots is made with leather. The durability of work boots comes from the quality of the materials used in its construction. This is full-grain leather, so you need to waterproof it a few times a year, with a kiwi or mink conditioner.

Already, this is waterproof leather. You can also get these boots in insulated or non-insulated upper. The latter are good for winter. However, leather is not too breathable, so your feet feel a bit stifled especially in the warm seasons.

You will also find that even the Overpass boots that come without insulation offer enough protection against the cold. If you have sweaty feet, you might want to use the boots that come without insulation as the insulated ones can make your feet extra warm and sweaty. Actually, these boots are recommended for winter because they will be too hot in summer.

The toe area is capped with black, abrasion-resistant material. Thus, if you work in places where your feet brush against things, you will appreciate that these shoes do not show scratches on the surface.

Composite toe for protection

This is one of the most important features of these boots. They come with a composite toe for extra protection.

If this is the first time you are reading about composite toes in boots, this is a type of toe protection that is made with Kevlar, plastic, carbon fiber and fiberglass.

While most boots come with steel toe protection, the composite ones are lighter in weight and they offer just about the same level of protection.

Composite toe is also preferred for its insulation against electrical hazards. Since Kevlar, fiberglass and plastic are poor conductors of electricity, you are safer using these boots if you are exposed to naked wires and open circuits at your workplace.

The only problem with composite toes is that they make the boots look bulbous at the toe area. The reason for this is that the manufacturer has to use more material since composite is not as strong as steel. Boots that come with steel toes only need a thin steel strip for protection.

Rubber Outsole

Rubber is one of the best materials for making outsoles and there are reasons for this. First, it is safe since it seems to stick on different surfaces, thus making it anti-slip.

Secondly, rubber soles can last a long time, in many cases as long as the boots will last. The Wolverine Overpass boots come with a thick rubber sole that has deep lugs. It is anti-slip on different surfaces and in water and oil.

The outsole is also chemical resistant, so it is hard for it to wear out arbitrarily if you work with chemicals. The heel is also raised, since these boots do not come with a wedge sole design. Thus, if you experience foot issues such as heel pain or plantar fascia, these boots might help to alleviate that pain.

Another thing is that the soles absorb the impact when you are walking on hard surfaces. This ensures that none of the shock gets to your feet. If you have ankle pain, you need boots that can absorb most of the impact so that there are no jolts of pain.

In addition, bonding the rubber sole and the leather upper is the athletic Contour Welt. While GoodYear welts are rigid, this one is quite flexible and it bends nicely to accommodate the way your feet bend when you walk.

It will flex at all the right places thus eliminating the stiffness that other boots come with especially when they are new.

The essence of having a thick sole is that when you are walking on rough surfaces, you hardly feel the rocks through them.

Comfort and Fit

When you wear boots to work, you will be spending long hours in them. They need to be very comfortable.

For comfort, the Overpass Wolverine boots come with a footbed that is cushioned with ortholite. This footbed is removable.

Ortholite is the king of supportive insole technologies. Mostly, they are known for making open cell foam insoles. This company has its headquarters in the USA, but their products find their way around the world. Some of their boots and shoes are made in the US while they import some.

If you need all day comfort, cushioning for the soles is very important. It is going to keep your feet supported in all the right places.

You should insist on an Ortholite insole or footbed because they are very good at offering foot support products.

Now, these boots not only come with the incredible Ortholite-cushioned footbed, but it is also removable. There are many benefits of getting boots with removable footbeds.

Image of Ortholite insoles

One of them is that you can use your custom insoles for more support. For instance, if you prefer Superfeet or Protalus insoles, you can remove the stock insoles from these boots and use yours instead.

Removable footbeds are also easy to keep clean. In many cases, cleaning the footbed and deodorizing them takes care of stinky feet.

Ortholite is also known for incorporating anti-fatigue technology in their insoles. They reflect some of the energy that you spend walking back, helping you work longer and harder on your feet. To do this, Wolverine combines the incredible footbed with a thick PU midsole.

Another very important aspect of comfort is fit. These boots fit true to size, so you do not need to order a size larger or smaller. Just order your regular number. Even when it comes to the shoe width, they still fit very well.

Because of the true fit, these boots require a shorter break-in period. If you like, you can wear them to work on the first day that they arrive and they will feel fine, especially since the Contour Welt is not stiff at all.

Pros of Wolverine Overpass Boots

  • They have a thick Polyurethane midsole that absorbs most of the impact when walking or running
  • The boots are super warm to keep your feet comfortable in winter
  • They come in the coffee color, which does not show stains from splashes
  • The thick rubber outsole is slip-resistant in various situations such as oily surfaces, water and smooth surfaces
  • These boots have a composite toe, so they offer electrical hazard protection
  • The interior of the boots has a breathable lining that whips the sweat from your feet to keep you cool, dry and comfortable

Cons of Wolverine Overpass Boots

  • These boots are too warm to wear on summer, and even the non-insulated ones do not have enough breathability for summer
  • The boots are quite lacking in the looks department – they are so plain and bland
  • Some people say that these boots are hard to break in


After reading this Wolverine Overpass boots review, you can now make up your mind whether to buy these boots, or not.

They do seem to hold well to rigorous work so durability is assured. The build quality is good and they come with comfortable, removable insoles from Ortholite.

You will be happy that the boots come with the flexibility that you would find in regular dress shoes or even sneakers, thanks to the Contour Welt.

The only problem is how the boots look. If you are looking for sleek, beautiful boots, these are not it.