Shoe Goo Vs Gorilla Glue

What is better for repairing broken footwear between the shoe goo vs gorilla glue? Well, that is what we are going to find out here.

Both of them are good for fixing shoes. However, most of the time, you will find that one glue is best for some kind of shoes while the other one is preferable for different material. For example, you might be looking for the best glue for rubber shoe soles. On the other hand, another person might be looking for the best glue for boot sole repair.

The most important thing is that when your shoes need a fix, you do not need to toss them into the trash bin. With just a simple Gorilla glue shoe repair, you can yet milk some more life out of your shoes. In that regard therefore, keep reading to see the best shoe repair glue between the Shoe Goo vs Gorilla Glue.

Shoe Goo

Many people ask: How good is Shoe Goo?

Well, we can say that it is very good. First, as the name suggests, this industrial glue is specifically made for fixing shoes when they break down. In addition, in many online marketplaces, this glue gets high ratings, mostly 5 out of 5.

There are many good things to write home about Shoe Goo. This definitely explains its popularity. Here are some of the benefits of using Goo.

Good for all types of shoes

For instance, you can use it on all types of shoes. Therefore, whether you have rubber, leather, canvas or even fabric shoes that you need to repair, you might want to buy Shoe Goo.

It becomes colorless after drying

Another thing that you need to know about Shoe Goo glue is that is it dries to become colorless. Therefore, this means that once the gum is dry, you will not see it because it is colorless. In addition, you can use it on all colors of shoes. Whether they are pink, yellow, white, brown or black, you will love the final finishing touch.

It becomes flexible after drying up

There is another benefit for choosing the Shoe Goo. When it dries up completely, it remains flexibly, you know, like you would expect from silicone.

Now, if you have ever used the best super glue for shoes, you will find that it dries up quite rigidly. In that case, when you apply it on the most flexible part of the shoe, when you walk, the shoe will start cracking at the place where you applied super glue.

This is why you need to buy Shoe Goo because of its flexibility. Believe it or not, when you are walking, you will hardly feel any rigidity even if you applied it to the entire sole.

Useful for fixing any part of the shoes

 Lastly, this is the kind of shoe product to have in your car, in your hiking backpack and at home. The reason for this is that you can use it to fix every part of your shoes. Whether you are fixing the heel, the ball of foot area, the tongue or the eyelets for laces, this glue works incredibly well.

Image of gorilla glue shoe repair

Shoe Goo Drying Time

The drying time can be anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. Therefore, you should not repair your shoes with this product when you are in a hurry. Repair them about a week before you have to wear them again. That way, you can give them enough time to dry.

Gorilla Glue

Many people today use Gorilla Glue for shoes. Therefore, it must have many benefits. Of course, you will also find that it shares some similarities with Shoe Goo. At the same time, these two glues have some differences.

In that case, what is Gorilla Glue? Well, this is one of the best super glue varieties in the world. The main benefit that it has over the Shoe Goo is that it dries super fast. Therefore, if you need to fix a pair of shoes and wear it almost immediately, you should use this glue.

Keep reading to see more information about it.

It bonds with almost everything

While Shoe Goo is made specifically for repairing shoes, Gorilla Glue a one-for-all kind of glue. Therefore, the manufacturer says that you can use it to bond just about anything.

On the same note, you can use it for bonding flexible material such as leather, paper, and even solids such as wood, plastic, metal and others. Therefore, this is the handiest glow that you must have at home.

It is colorless

This glue is colorless. This is one of the factors that make it the best glue for shoes. You can use it on shoes of any color and it will not be visible. When you use Gorilla glue for shoe soles, it will bond with a colorless finishing.

Temperature and water-resistant

Many things make Gorilla Glue superior. However, among the top ones is that it is resistant to water and temperature. Therefore, whether it is extremely cold or hot, you can use this glue to mend your shoes.

It will bond well and since it dries up fast, you can wear your shoes shortly after even if it is raining, sunny or snowing.

However, when we say that it is water resistant, we do not mean that you can apply it on a wet surface. First, dry off the surface and clean it up too. All types of glue bond very well when you apply them to clean surfaces.

Shoe Goo vs Gorilla Glue: What to Use

So, what is the best adhesive for shoe repair among these two? Well, both of them are great as you have no doubt seen from their characteristics. However, some situations might warrant you to choose one over the other.

For instance, your shoes have flexible and rigid parts. Therefore, when you are repairing the heel of your shoes, Gorilla might be your best shoe repair glue because it is going to keep the shoe heel rigid.

If you use Shoe Goo for your heel, you will realize that the heel does not stay steady when you are going uphill or downhill.

Some parts of the shoes require you to use Goo. For instance, the sole need to be a bit flexible so that it can bend to conform to how your foot bends when you walk.

In that case, if your shoes need fixing around the ball of foot area, you need to use Goo as opposed to Gorilla glue, which would make the sole too rigid.

Finally, to close this discussion of Gorilla Glue vs, Shoe Goo, different types of shoes might require either glue.

What our research brings out is that Gorilla Glue is best for extreme use shoes. These include skating shoes, work boots, cowboy boots and such. It is hard enough to keep the shoes in great shape. Of course, it is important to repair the shoe as soon as the need for fixing it arises.

On the other hand, Shoe Goo is good for repairing office shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, hiking shoes and rubber shoes.


What is the best glue for shoe sole repair between Shoe Goo vs Gorilla Glue? It is not like a black or white side-by-side comparison.

As you have seen here, it depends on what shoes you need to fix. Therefore, we would recommend that you get both of them and keep them in the house. You will need either sooner than late