Cody James Work Boots (Good Quality) Review

Are Cody James boots comfortable? This is one of the most asked questions online regarding this brand. In this Cody James boots review, we are going to find out what makes this brand a good choice for you, and other people.

From this name, you will get about 8 styles of boots to choose from. OK, the theme is western so if you love a clean cowboy look, you got to try one of their boots. Here, we are going to look at a couple of their boots to see what you can expect from them.

Cody James Work Boots Review Summary (Table)

 ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1 cody james engineer boots reviewCody James Men’s Engineer Motorcycle Boot Round Toe -Made of leather
-Has an shaft fit-adjusting strap
-Water resistant
#2Cody James Men’s Western Work BootCody James Men’s Western Work Boot Composite Toe-Embroidered top gives the shoe a very pleasant appearance
#3Cody James Men’s Classic Western BootCody James Men’s Classic Western Boot-12 inch high shaft
-Steel shank
-Have short break in period

3 Cody James Good Quality (Western, Engineer, Cowboy) Boots Reviews

Buying footwear that exceeds expectations is not always so easy, especially when you are a first-time buyer. However, our reviews will show you important features that every boot should have. Keep reading.

1. Cody James Engineer Boots (for Motorcycle Riders) 

cody james engineer boots review

Ahoy there rider! Have you been looking for a motorcycle boot that is not only rugged in looks but is also designed to last a long time? You have found it in this Men’s Engineer Motor Bike Round Toe Boot. It has a nice, high heel design and the strap around where the shaft starts makes it look so police-like.

The strap at the shaft is also adjustable for fitting. It comes with a shiny metal buckle. Just adjust it the same way you would a belt. This pair is built with full grain leather. It has an almost glossy finish, which shows that the shoes have a degree of water resistance. The height of the shaft is 9 inches. Shorter shafts like this one make the shoes easy to get into and out of.

These engineer boots feature a high quality workmanship and I will show you just why. First, let us look at the design of the heel. It is high, about 1.5 inches. This makes the boots good for riding not only motor bikes, but horses as well because the stirrups would catch on very well. Secondly, the heel is nailed on. Therefore, should it come off after years due to wear and tear, a cobbler will replace it easily.

The upper part of this footwear is stitched straight and through to the sole. Again, this means that a cobbler can restore the footwear easily should the need arise. We might also mention that the sole is rubber. It has a nice feeling of softness and bounce to it. Most importantly, it is quite longlasting.

2. Cody James Composite Toe Boots for Men


cody james xero gravity boots

The rugged masculinity of this boot is hard to miss. It makes the shoes very appealing for people who care about looks (who doesn’t?). But looks alone are not enough. That is why the manufacturer has carefully chosen their materials.

First, the upper of the boots is made of a combination of full grain leather and synthetic material. The handiwork is so incredible you can hardly tell the leather from the synthetic material. The top part of the boots is embroidered and you will just love to tuck in your jeans inside and show off.

The sole is made of rubber. It is also thick without being too heavy. These are lace-less boots. However, they have a large opening, and with the shaft measuring just 10 inches, they are easy to pull on in the morning and slip out of after a hard day of punching cattle. The sole is joined with the upper part of the boot using high quality stitching and cobbler’s gum. The stitching is in gold and it goes all around the shoe.

This pair of shoes is as protective as it looks good. The sole is anit-slip on all surfaces. The interior is roomy and although we do not love stock inserts, you can use the ones it comes with and change later. If you feel the boot slipping a bit around the heel, don’t worry because boots are supposed to do that.

3. Cody James Western Boots

cody james cowboy boots review

The first thing that you will notice about this pair of western boots is the high shaft. The first two that we have reviewed here have 9 and 10-inch shafts. However, this one has 12 inches. However, that does not make it any hard to get into or out of. It just offers you some extra protection especially if you work in brush.

By design, you can tell that this one has been designed for riding horses. It has a high heel for hooking the stirrups just right. At the same time, the sole is much thinner than the ones that we have reviewed here.

They have a steel shank for extra support, which is important for people that spend all of their daylight hours in shoes. The thermoplastic heel counter keeps you balanced when you are standing on your feet. It also gives you proper traction when you are going over different terrains. This is vital as you can see these boots have a thin sole that has almost no treads.

The interior of the footwear is lined with soft leather. It is comfortable and breathable. It also has a proper insole that gives your feet supprt in all the right places. The high quality machine stitching on the brown leather assures you of durability. The upper is made of full grain leather, which is embroidered to enhance your cowboy look.

You will definitely need a break-in period. Thankfully, this is just a short one, say, about three to five days of using them. There is minimal to zero heel slip and many people say that the boots fitted them just right.


What is the best cowboy boot brand? When you type this question into the web, you will find many a Cody James boots review and most of them positive. This tells you that this is the brand to watch for western footwear. However, please note that these boots are machine-made, most likely in China.