Recently memories of my childhood crossed my Mind. See, I grew up in the country. And when you’re in the country, going to the farm was not optional. You had to till the land and do any other  tasks that were assigned to you. This was all good, I had no problem and still don’t have one now with working hard.

The only thing I wish would have been different was the shoes, or the lack of, that I used at that time. Mostly the shoes I wore were not suited for farm work.

Challenges with poor shoes

The place my folks lived in, where I was brought up is a semi arid area. And here, thorny plants thrive the best. Therefore, if your shoes did not have tough soles you’d get pricked almost on a daily basis.

Similarly, by midday the soil’s temperature usually had risen to levels uncomfortable for one to step on. And did I mention if I was watering plants, the shoes would make my movement in the mud almost impossible. Actually I had gotten used to watering plants barefoot. I’m sure you can’t imagine that, but it happened. A choice that had it’s consequences and that is a story for some other day.


As I transitioned from a boy to a man, I left the village for the city and started a career away from the farm. And still, I notice every workplace has its footwear requirements. In most cases we’re not aware of this.

Sometimes we get feel all tired after a day’s work and our feet ache. When we get home we convince ourselves that we just had a long day. But did we? Maybe with the right pair of workplace shoes we’d have been more comfortable at work and less tired at the end of the day.

This is the motivation behind setting up Workplacesafetyshoes.com. Here you will find out the hazards with different workplaces, the type of shoes you should get and the best shoe’s options in the market.


I am in no way giving professional advice here. I research on the content I write and put it together to help you make an informed decision. If by any chance you have feet issues, such as pain while walking, you might need to see a podiatrist or some other medical advice.

But you have any questions or a differing opinion, you can always contact me.