Are JB Dillons Good Boots?

Are JB Dillons good boots for standing all day?

JB Dillon Boots manufacturing prioritizes quality. And quality involves selection of leather and the process of turning this leather into a pair of shoes. Note, this process is all by hand, hand-made. No machines.

Another interesting fact is that in the 90s when boots’ market had an increase in competition, JB Dillon boots did not follow that trend. They stuck with their process of making the boots by hand.

Actually, the company had to relocate from Ohio to Mexico, where hand-made boots were appreciated.

And this material selection and manufacturing process is what makes a JB Dillon a good boot.

Are JB Dillons considered work boots?

There are tens of reasons why these boots are considered great for work. But first, before you start looking at particular models under this brand name, you need to know what factors make a good boot for work. These include comfort, safety, functionality and many more.

Available on limited online marketplaces, these handcrafted, beautiful, durable and comfortable boots look good enough to be used for all types of jobs. But looks alone are not the only thing to consider when looking for work footwear.

It is easier to trust brands that have long histories behind them, and Dillons have quite a history. Since their inception in 1978, these shoes only seem to get better with time. 

are jb dillons good boots

What makes JB Dillons good work boots?

From comfort to durability, these boots are perfect for work wear. However, it takes much more than that to make a good pair of shoes. Here are the things that make JB Dillon shoes awesome.

1. Made to last

You will realize that these boots are made of best leather on the outside. In fact, looking at them, you will wonder whether they will bend with your foot as you walk.

Don’t worry!

Leather is very flexible. As soon as the newness is gone, the shoes will be very comfortable. The harder the leather is, the longer it will last without sustaining wear and tear.  However, most of their footwear are not made of leather entirely. They are made with synthetic material and leather blend.

You will notice that most of the JB Dillons come with thick soles. Mostly, they come with synthetic soles, which are also high quality.

2. Ultimate protection

This is another important factor to consider when you buy JB Dillon shoes. They offer your feet extra protection when you are at your job.

First, they come with hard leather, which we have already mentioned. It can protect your feet from getting hurt by small dropping objects.

Be sure to buy a pair that has a steel toe area. That way, the boots offers superior protection to your metatarsal area. The steel toe offers protection to your feet against stumbling and from falling objects.

Although these boots will be a little heavier than those without the steel, they are still incredibly good.

Granted, they will cost a pretty penny, but they will be worth all the money that you will pay for them.

3. Comfort

Are JB Dillons comfortable for work?

Comfort is a big deal when you are buying shoes for working. Mostly, if your job requires you to wear boots, it means you spend a lot of time on your feet. Therefore, comfort is a basic need rather than a choice.

These boots are very comfortable, especially after you have worn them for some time. They are made of hard leather, which may take some time to conform to the shape of your foot. However, with time and regular wearing, they become the coziest shoes you can ever wear.

They have a soft but durable lining on the interior. Therefore, your skin is always protected and it is hard to develop blisters. You can wear them for the longest time and your feet will be snugly comfortable inside.

It is important that you buy fitting boots for comfort. If they slip too much around the heel, they will give you blisters.  They can peel your skin badly.

4. Short Break-in Period

Many work shoes require to be broken in and these ones are no different. Therefore, when you buy them, you need to take some time to make them conform to your feet.

Many boots do that because they slip too much around the heel and they leave your skin peeled. You should try to break the shoes in for a week or two before wearing them to work. You can do that by wearing them with thick socks, using heat or even ice to enlarge them.

Because these shoes are made of hard leather, they might hurt a little bit at first. However, that should go away after some time. It should not worry you.

5. Good arch support

These shoes are built on an air-cushioned sole that is bouncy and flexible. It accommodates different types of arches. However, if your arches are way too high, they may not accommodate it properly and so you might have to buy a custom insert to make them more fitting.

The arch is the raised area between the heel and the toe area. Some people have theirs too high and others have theirs too low, to such an extent that they have flat feet. The good thing with having a flexible and bouncy sole is that even people with very low arch.

6. They are roomy

Work shoes sometimes feel too restrictive. In fact, many people with wide feet have a problem finding fitting shoes. If this is you, JB Dillons have got what you need. Even the slip-on boots are very accommodative and they are easy to pull on and pull off. Even if they feel a bit restrictive at first, the longer you wear them the more comfortable and accommodating they become.

7. JB Dillons Boots are well made

The upper is superb and so is the sole. And to ensure this the brand ensures it hires the best craftsmen to put your pair of shoes together, by hand.

The stitching on the upper part can last a long time intact and in great shape. It will not start falling apart just because it was exposed to water. 

Are JB Dillons worth the money? Absolutely, if you value good quality. Whatever style or model you buy, they will be worth it. 


Are JB Dillons good work boots? As you have seen here, this footwear brand has some great shoes for work.

Are they good for standing all day? Yes they are because they are very comfortable, have good arch support and they have a properly lined interior.