Best Hot Weather Boot Socks

summer boot socks

Choosing the best hot weather boot socks is very important if you work in hot environments daily.

Well, even if you do not work in hot weather throughout the year, when summer comes, you have to find the right socks for wearing in the heat.

Without proper socks to insulate you from the heat, you could be setting yourself up for sweaty and blistery feet.

But there is no need for all of that, because there are so many socks that you can buy for hot summers.

In fact, here, we shall look at a few of them. We shall also look at the most important things to consider when buying a good pair.

What are the best socks for hot weather?

There are many, probably hundreds of these. However, choosing a good pair is not as simple as picking just one. Remember, you will wear these socks with boots.

Here, we have done the footwork for you. We bring you four of the best socks:

1. Wigwam Mens Hot Weather Bdu Pro Sock

hot weather socks for work boots

This is a comfortable pair of socks. But just how do you know that it is made for hot weather? First, it has a mesh in-step. This allows air to flow in and out. At the same time, this pair comes with a patented moisture control technology.

Its main job is to keep your feet dry and airy throughourt the day. As a result, it can be hard for your feet to develop nasty blisters when you wear these socks.

Bacteria prevention

These socks also have bacteria prevention technology called FreshGuard. Because of staying enclosed in a small space for so long, when they sweat, the boots become a good habitat for bacteria.

In sweltering heat, the situation becomes many times worse. Your feet become odorous because of these germs. However, with the Wigwam Mens socks for hot weather, that is taken care of.

Stingy design is very comfortable

Comfort is a very big factir when it comes to socks ans shoes. In this case, these ones are good because they do not choke your calves. They expand to accommodate your feet. However, at the same time, these socks are “stringy” in design to allow a lot of air in. Aeration is one of the comfort factors for hot weather.

Nice cushioning

Finally, these socks are fully cushioned, which also adds to the comfort of your feet. The cushioning is on the sole side of the socks. It is not too thick to be uncomfortable. If you have thin insoles, you need socks like these ones.

2. Carhartt Men’s 6 Pack All-Terrain Boot Socks

carhartt mens force performance work short boot crew socks

You buy these socks in a six-pack, so you get three pairs. Tell you what; the price is not that bad either. You will find Carhart more affordable than other brands.

However, there is more to a good pair of work socks than just the price. The build quality, style, fit and comfort are some of the most important things that you need to stay on your feet all day long.


These socks are made of quite a blend of materials. These are Polyester, Acrylic, Wool, Nylon and Spandex. Polyester takes the largest share at 43 percent while Spandex is just 1 percent.

The reason why you have polyester in such a large quantity is because of its ability to withstand a lot of use and abuse. It is also abrasion-resistant, durable and it dries fast. Wool is for softness while spandex and nylon make the socks fit more firmly.


Stay comfortable all day long, thanks to the integrated technology for heat transport. This means that the socks are designed in such a way that they do not retain heat. Rather, they lose it so that your feet can remain cool and comfortable.

Another factor that adds on the comfort is nano-glide technology. When you are walking, you do not want to experience too much friction between the shoes and socks as that could cause you serious blisters.

We might also mention that the socks have extra padding at the arches. This enhances the comfort some more. If you have high arches, the socks plus the insoles can give you enough arch support.


There is a small downside, if we can call it that. These socks are thick and so if you have tight fitting boots, they may be a bit uncomfortable.

3. Fox River Military Wicking Socks

fox river army socks

You know that if they have the Military tag in their name they will last a jolly long time. The Fox River socks are fast-drying, they last a long time and they are good for different types of conditions. It takes a combination of select material to make military socks and these are no different, as you will see below.


These socks have been made with a special blend of natural as well as artificial fibers, each chosen because of its unique qualities. For example, there is polypropyene, which prevents bundling up and keeps the socks straight on your feet all the time. This material has been combined with nylon and spandex and both of them make the socks to fit comfortably and snugly.

Odor control

The best hot weather boot socks must have some sort of odor control. The Fox River Military Wicking socks have copper and silver embedded in the fibers. The two act as a means of odor control.

No matter how long you wear them and in whatever weather, the will prevent your feet from developing odor. These two materials also prevent the occurrence of bacteria. Bacteria are notorious for causing foot odor.


Comfort in boots can be a hard thing to achieve in hot weather. However, getting the right pair of socks can go along way. These socks have a wicking ability, so they whip the sweat away from your skin. That is how they keep you cmfortable and dry for the entire time that you will be wearing them.


In addition to the superb material, these socks also come with reinforced toe area, foot cushion and extra support for the arch area.

While the sock may lose a small size in its length to shrinkage when you wash it the first time, it retains everything intact for the entire time that you will use it. In fact, it is backed by Fox River 12-month warranty for quality.

4. Dickie’s Men All Season Socks with Moisture Control

The best thing about this pair of socks is the moisture control technology. If you have sweaty feet, you will love using these socks. They wick away the moisture and lose it, leaving your feet warm, dry and comfortable for the entire time that you will be wearing them.


These socks are made of natural and artificial fibers that blend to bring you a strongly built sock. These materials are polyester, cotton, nylon, spandex, rubber and rayon. The materials also stay strong and firm all the time. If you work in humid and hot conditions, these socks are the real deal.


These are all-season socks. Therefore, if you are going to wear then in humid, dry, hot or even cold conditions, they will keep your feet very cozy all day long. Besides, the moisture wicking ability is a good idea. Sweaty feet are common in summer, but with these socks, you will stay dry.

About the fit, these socks come a little bigger than others. Don’t worry though because when you wash them the first time, they will shrink and so they will still fit you nicely. Even the top does not press into your calves. It is very comfortable.

Best Hot Weather Boot Socks Buying Guide

When looking for a good pair of socks to wear with your workboots, consider the following factors:

A) Comfort

We feel that comfort is the most important thing for socks. They should be just right. For example, the top should fit snugly so that they do not spiral down, but at the same time, it should not press into your calves.

Image of work socks with wicking ability

Another thing that helps with comfort is moisture wicking ability. The socks should be able to wick moisture away from your skin. Sweating is common in the summer. Sweaty feet are also susceptible to blisters and other injuries.

B) Odor Control

If you find hot weather socks with some form of odor control, get them. All of the products that we have reviewed here have odor control. Odor means that bacteria are building up in your socks. Therefore, finding a pair with odor control is good for your personal hygiene.

C) Material

For a sock to have moisture wicking ability, it must contain nylon somewhere in its material blend. Cotton is no good, so it should only be used in minimal quantity. Polyester is good, so is nylon, spandex and perhaps a little wool for softness and comfort.

D) Price

While good socks can cost more money, the truth is that some are extravagantly priced. However, a price of about $40 to $50 for a 4-pack or 6-pack socks is good. While good socks can cost more, the price should be fair.


The best hot weather boot socks can help keep your feet comfortable, dry and healthy all day long. There are tens of them in the market but the four we have reviewed here are good. Choose one that meets your needs perfectly.