Best Shoes for Landscaping Work (on the Yard)

Best Shoes for Landscaping Work

The best thing about needing a great pair of work boots is that there are tons of options available to you. A lot of industries need this type of work gear so you won’t run out of choices.

However, it’s imperative to be very particular about the pair you’re getting. It’s important that it perfectly matches the requirements in your line of work. This way you can be sure that it will be able to provide the protection your feet need.

For individuals who work in the green industry, finding the best shoes for landscaping,  such as the Wolverine Raider Boot, is a necessity. At work, they’re mostly on their feet and outdoors for hours on end. They are in serious need of ample feet protection, comfort, and support.

The right safety shoes should help make their laborious tasks a lot more manageable, making them integral components of one’s work wear.

But how do you choose the right pair to get the job done? Here are some tips and product suggestions that should help you out.

In This Guide

In this article, we are going to give you a comprehensive guide to the best boots for landscape work. We will fully outline our top choices, and give you pros and cons of each. After that, we will give you the key considerations you need when choosing a pair of boots.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to pick the optimal pair of boots that suit your intense work schedule.

And, here is a table summarizing the 5 pairs of shoes we review below.

ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1best outdoor workshoesWolverine Men’s W02421 Raider-Very confotable (do not require breaking in when new)
#2best shoes for cutting grassServus Steel Toe 14”-Waterproof
-Made in USA
#3Timberland Hyperion -Have a 30-day comfort guarantee
#4Georgia Boot Men’s G6274-Comfortable enough to wear all day
#5best shoes for gardening and yard workJustin Original Men’s Jmax-Waterproof

Best Boots for Landscaping Work | Reviews

To clue you in on what you can expect from the finest safety shoes for landscaping, we’ve listed down five good examples of the best boots for yard work. You can easily opt for them if you want to cut to the chase but if you want a more thorough search, these picks can also be great jump off points to get to know your other options better.

Best Landscaping Boots | Reviews

1.      Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider – Best Shoes for Landscaping Work

best outdoor workshoesThe Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot is a versatile and well-rounded pair of work boots. It is a mid-range ankle-high lace-up leather work boots that you can count on when you work long hours outside.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

While these boots aren’t specifically crafted for landscaping work, they’re more than capable of doing a great job in supporting your feet while you work long hours on the outdoors. What makes them a great fit for green industry pros is their flexibility.

With their dual ContourWelt® and Multishox® construction, you can enjoy an athletic and highly flexible wear. This comes in handy for those who work in landscaping as their tasks sometimes involve crouching down on the ground. A flexible pair of work boots also helps you move with ease and comfort. Consequently, you can perform better in your job overall.

Further ensuring your comfort, the Wolverine W02421 boot has a removable, full-length Wolverine Multishox® insole. It’s designed to provide ample cushioning to your underfoot so you can stay on them for hours on end without any pains. Combined with a breathable CK mesh lining, your feet will surely feel comfortable despite the punishing tasks they have to do day in and day out.

As for your safety, these boots have excellent traction. Good traction always comes in handy when on slippery grounds. The lugged soles will also give you enough grip on uneven terrains, making it all the more suitable for landscaping jobs.

This boot has an impressive range of features to meet the various demands of a landscaping job.

The Good

The Good

For many Wolverine patrons, their products’ comfort is the very thing that makes them loyal to the brand. True to their reputation, the Raider 6” is also deemed by a lot of wearers to be very comfortable. You won’t even need to break them in so you can use them comfortably the moment you receive them.

The Bad

The Bad

Like other work boots, the Raider 6” has a relatively tricky sizing, especially for the wide variety. Some customers have found them too wide while others don’t find them wide enough. The key here is to take full measurements of your feet before purchasing a pair of boots, so that you can match your foot size to product dimensions.

Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Great traction
  • Slip, oil, and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent traction
  • Attractive appearance
  • Durable construction
  • Tricky sizing

2.    Servus Steel Toe 14” – Best Shoes for Yard Work

best shoes for cutting grassRubber boots are always great options when working in the garden. So the Servus Steel Toe 14” Work Boots shouldn’t be a bad choice for working in landscaping sites. These low-end steel toe rubber boots are a lot more than just a pair of rain boots. They’re made to perform in industrial and other work environments. Hence, you can be guaranteed that they will meet the demands of landscaping jobs.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

These shoes may look similar to regular rain boots, but they’re leagues above your favorite pair of wellies. Featuring a PVC polyblend injection molded construction, these rubber sole boots are not just waterproof. They’re also tough enough to resist degradation from harsh chemicals used at various work sites.

If you’re worried about your comfort, don’t be. These shoes are also crafted to be very comfortable. Their Comfort Technology ensures that you don’t have to exert a lot of effort to move your feet while wearing the Servus Steel Toe Boots. They’re flexible with ample support, so they’re great for extended wear. They also have the Foot Form Contour cushion insole which provides underfoot cushioning.

The steel toe reinforcement is also very noteworthy. This is a surprising feature for a safety boot in this price range. Therefore, it is a welcome addition if you want the extra protection these shoes provide.

The Good

The Good

Unlike other rubber boots that will hurt your feet when worn for long periods, these rubber boots are meant for all-day wear. This makes them great work boot options for those who do landscaping jobs. This is because these boots provide excellent protection for this particular line of work.

And of course, a main appeal of these is that they are waterproof boots. So if you work in a particularly wet climate, or are just tired of dealing with wet feet, consider these.

A lot of people also like that these boots are made in the USA. And, of course, goods made here at home, are very durable.

Spoiler title

The Bad

The sizing for these boots is also quite tricky. They tend to run big, however. So it’s recommended to order at least a half-size down. Once again, proper foot measurements are vital before ordering a pair of boots.

Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Provides stability
  • Offers excellent foot protection
  • 100% waterproof
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to move in
  • Made in the USA so it can guarantee durability
  • Sizing is tricky

3.    Timberland Hyperion Landscaper Boots

lawngrip landscaping shoes mens

Timberland has been a go-to brand for outdoor adventurers and laborers for their heavy-duty footwear. This is why it shouldn’t be surprising that the Hyperion Work Boot is included in this list. The Timberland hyperion work boot is a great option if you’re after a good pair of work boots for landscaping.

These mid-range, ankle-high, lace-up leather steel toe boots are designed to perform in tough conditions without sacrificing your safety and comfort. So if you work outside, they can be great additions to your work gear.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

One of the features that the Hyperion safety shoes offer a landscaping worker is flexibility. Its cemented construction combined with its Vibram sole make it very easy to move in. The boot is also abrasion, slipoil, and oil-slip resistant as well as highly durable. So you don’t have to worry about losing your footing with the boot on. Add to these the Ladder Lock outsole radius and you can be sure that it will help you stay on your feet no matter what surface you stand on.

Made with waterproof leather and a waterproof membrane, this shoe will also stand up to the elements that you’ll be exposed to when working outside. It will keep your feet dry and also ward off chemicals and other harsh liquids from getting to your feet.

The Good

The Good

Like other Timberland work boots, the Hyperion also comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee. This will let you get your money back if you didn’t find the boots more comfortable than what the other brands offer.

Timberland’s Anti-Fatigue Technology is also another great feature that these boots offer. They offer great comfort and shock absorbency that will help keep your feet and legs from wearing out too easily.

The Bad

The Bad

The one feature about the Timberland Hyperion that you might have an issue with is its weight. Some folks find it a little too heavy. This is fairly common among steel toe boots, though. Therefore, weight might not be a problem if you are used to wearing such footwear. It is important to consider whether the extra weight is worth it for the extra safety features these boots provide.

Pros & Cons
  • Waterproof
  • Cement construction offers a more comfortable fit
  • Steel toe protection
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with an additional pair of laces
  • Flexible and won’t limit your movements
  • Anti-fatigue technology will let you wear these boots for extended periods without hurting your feet
  • Outsoles can effectively prevent slips and falls
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee
  • Quite heavy

4.    Georgia Boot Men’s G6274 – Best work boots for Landscaping

best boots for lawn careIf you want a high-performing pair of kicks for work that also look good, check out the Georgia Boot Men’s G6274 Work Boot. Also known as the Giant Boot, these mid-range, ankle-high, leather safety shoes are ideal for landscapers.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

The first thing you might notice about the G6274s is their rugged but stylish appearance. Their well notched welt tends to catch people’s attention and appeal to those who want a laid back but tough-looking pair.

But don’t think that these boots are just good-looking. They’re also durable, thanks to their Goodyear® welt construction. Combined with a full-grain leather upper, you can be sure that the shoes won’t fall apart if you use them to work.

In terms of safety, their soles are made to be oil-resistant. These shoes also have an oil-resistant bumper guard so harmful chemicals and liquids won’t get to your feet.

The Good

The Good

Comfort is another thing that draws people to the Giant Boot. These boots have padded collars, tongue, and insoles are adequately cushioned. Hence you don’t have to worry about wearing them all day. If you’ve worked landscaping for long periods at a time, you know just how valuable it is to have a pair of boots that can be comfortably worn all day. They are also well insulated to keep your feet warm.

The Bad

The Bad

As landscaping work also typically involves mud, wet grass, and moisture-laden areas, the fact that these boots are simply water resistant and not waterproof may become an issue. So if you need a boot that is fully waterproof, you are best to look elsewhere.

Product Highlights
  • Looks nice
  • Very comfortable wear
  • Supportive
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to move around in
  • Uses high-quality materials
  • Tricky sizing
  • Not waterproof

5.     Justin Original Men’s Jmax – Best Landscaping Boots

best shoes for gardening and yard work

For something that’s very easy to put on and take off, and will also let you flaunt your western style, the Justin Original Men’s Jmax Pull On Work Shoes is a nice choice. These mid-range, mid-calf,  pull-on, leather safety boots are very convenient options that will let you get the job done without a fuss.

Of course, the primary concern here is probably whether you like to sport cowboy boots at all. But if this is a style that you enjoy, then read on for some more details about this boot.

Product Highlights

Product Highlights

Cowboy style might be the most striking thing about these boots but don’t think that they’re all about the appearance. These boots are made to tough it out with their ASTM F2892-11 (electrical safety hazard) compliant dual-density polyurethane, slip-resistant outsole and highly durable leather upper material. They’re made to withstand heavy wear and tear. So you can count on them to protect your feet while at landscaping work sites.

Comfort is also another feature that these boots can offer. They’re meant to cradle your feet for long hours with their J-Max® Double Comfort System®. This system includes the -Flex Flexible Comfort System® with Justin Jel® and the J-Max® removable insole orthotic inserts that is designed to provide ample cushioning and support to your feet.

The Good

The Good

A lot of Justin Original shoes are made in the USA which is also one of the many reasons why people love this brand. This alone can already guarantee their quality and durability. Moreover, you’re also sure to find testimonies about how sturdy and long-lasting these shoes are. This particular pair is proudly made in the US.

Another attractive feature these boots have is the fact that they are quite waterproof. It’s not marked as such but it also doesn’t easily let water in. This makes it a nice option for you if you don’t often need to stand in a puddle of water to complete your tasks.

The Bad

The Bad

Sizing also seems to be a common issue with these boots just like the other items in this list of the best shoes for landscaping work. This can be solved, however, by carefully measuring your feet and using the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Made in the USA so its high quality is guaranteed
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Attractive cowboy style
  • Meets electrical hazard safety standards
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sizing tends to run big

Landscaping Shoes’ Buyers Guide

In all honesty, choosing the best shoes for landscaping work is easier than searching for construction, oil field, or industrial work boots. Due to the nature of their work, heavy industries tend to require more specific features from the safety footwear their employees will use. Green industry pros, on the other hand, don’t need the toughest pairs.

However, this doesn’t mean that any old hiking boots will not. You should still pay close attention to the pair that you’re getting if you need to make sure you get the right pair for landscaping. You still need a few specific features that will suit the requirements of your job. Therefore, you still have to be quite discerning when it comes to landscaping work boots.

However, this does mean that you get a great deal of flexibility when choosing your new boots. So much so that all the choices can become overwhelming. So what should you look for, then, in a pair of work boots if you want the best shoes for landscaping work? Here are a few things that you should keep your eyes peeled for:

Safety Precautions



If you do landscaping tasks, you’ll most likely be on your feet or even knees for most of your work day. This means that you need to at least provide some cushioning for your feet. This way they can manage the punishment they take day in and day out. For this, you need the most comfortable shoes that you won’t mind wearing for long hours every day.

To achieve this, you should look for pairs with well-padded insoles. These will be the first things your feet will feel. So they can definitely make or break your comfort. Bouncy and shock absorbing soles are also very helpful so your joints won’t have to feel all of the impact of your movements. They should also provide arch support so your feet won’t feel too tired from carrying your body’s weight for the whole day.

Flexibility is also something you should look for if you want to move comfortably in your work boots. As you’ll most likely be crouching down most of the day, you need your footwear to bend and flex with your feet. This way you can get better footing and balance while you work on the ground.

Good Traction

Excellent all-terrain traction

Working on landscaping projects will have you moving around various kinds of work sites. This movement will subject you to different surfaces and terrains, so you have to be prepared for such.

Choose a pair with an excellent grip no matter what the surface is like. It should have ample traction on wet mud, loose soil, solid concrete, or gravel. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling. It’s crucial that you get a steady footing on soft, smooth, or uneven terrains in this line of work.

Make sure to look for shoes with soles that are made to resist slips, oil, and abrasions. This slip resistant nature will help minimize your chances of falling and getting injured. It’s also best to opt for pairs with lug soles so you have enough traction on wet soil, mud, and rocky surfaces. Wedge sole work boots are also known to have great traction.

Superior Quality

Superior quality

Landscaping jobs will also most likely have you moving around a work site a lot. This can be quite punishing to a pair of shoes, so it’s important to find a pair that can take such a beating. As you will literally wear these boots to the ground with the demands of your job, it’s crucial that they’re durable enough to match your hard work.

High-quality footwear is also crucial for your line of work because it will also protect your feet and affect your performance. Flimsy shoes will fall apart in no time with the heavy manual labor involved in landscaping jobs. And if you do end up with low-quality work boots, you won’t just leave your feet exposed to the many dangers that are also present in work sites. You’ll also end up sacrificing the quality of your output so you can keep your feet safe.

Without the threat of your shoes falling apart in the middle of a shift, however, you can work at your full capacity. You don’t have to worry about your safety. Therefore, you can complete your tasks without any distractions.


Foot protection

Speaking of foot safety, the best shoes for landscaping work should also have safety features. While you might not necessarily need steel toe boots, you should still get a pair that can protect your feet from slipping, puncture injuries, chemical burns, and wetness, and other hazards.

This is why you’ll find most of the shoe products on the list above to have anti-slip soles, waterproofing, reinforced shanks, and other safety features. These features will help keep your feet safe from various dangers that can hurt you while on the job, ensuring that you’ll be able to accomplish your tasks without a hitch.

Ease of Maintenance

Easy maintenance

As this job will get both your hands and feet dirty, you might also want to consider looking for a pair that’s easy to clean and care for. Rubber boots are great options because you can simply hose them down to remove the dirt, mud, and other kinds of debris that stick to them. You can also do the same with the rubber soles of most work boots.

Leather uppers are usually quite easy to clean. Just make sure to dry them out properly and use leather conditioners to keep them in great shape. These conditioners prevent the leather uppers from drying out and cracking which would significantly shorten the life of your work boots.

Ankle Support

Ankle Support

Another key consideration with work boots for landscaping purposes is adequate ankle support. Because this job involves so much moving and lifting on uneven surfaces, there is the potential for ankle injuries. Boots with great ankle support will provide a firm, fitting layer around the wearer’s ankle. This stiff layer helps to keep the ankle upright, and will protect against hyperextension.

Employer Requirements

Employer’s requirements

Landscaping jobs come with their own dangers and risks. Therefore, it’s also common for employers to implement certain safety measures. These often include safety gear for their team to minimize injuries and accidents at work sites. Remember to check with your employer about which features they require in their employees’ work boots. Consequently, you can make sure that your new footwear will have all these features.

Our Top Tip

As you can probably tell from this guide, there are a whole lot of options when it comes to buying work boots. Therefore, our top tip for this purchase decision is to evaluate your needs beforehand. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice, and only you will know exactly which features are most important to you.

So sit down, and think about which features you really want in a boot. Then use your own list of preferences to compare to our buyer’s guide, and you can find the perfect pair of boots for you. Of course, be sure to consider factors such as safety, comfort, traction, price, quality, and more.


The landscaping industry is a beautiful and fulfilling area to work in. But if you work on the ground and under the sun, it can also be one of the most demanding trades to pursue. The best shoes for landscaping work can help make your tasks become more manageable, however. The support, protection, and comfort they can provide to your feet will definitely go a long way.

They might only be footwear. But since your feet will be beaten and battered when you work on the ground, you need the right pair of shoes to help you carry out your tasks. The tips and recommendations above should be able to help you find a good match for your needs and preferences, though.

So make sure to keep these considerations in mind while you search for the perfect pair of work boots for your work gear.

In the event whereby you still cannot settle on a shoe for your job as a landscaper, then you should try the Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot. We know that choosing a pair of work boots is tough, especially with all the options out there. So we hope that this guide has been helpful in making your choice.