Wolverine Buccaneer vs Raider Work Boots Comparison

Which one should you choose for work between the Wolverine Buccaneer vs Raider work boots?

That is what we will help you find out here.

When choosing a pair of work boots, you do not want to pick the first one that you come across. You will have to compare two or more boots, sometimes from the same brand name, to know what can help you truly meet your needs. 

Usually, when comparing two work boot models from the same brand name, it can be hard to really choose THE ONE.

However, when you dig deeper, there will always be differences that may be subtle, but at the same time, they are enough to make you choose one over the other.

Keep reading as we find out what is best for your needs between Wolverine Buccaneer work boots and Raider.

Wolverine Buccaneer work boots vs Raider: Features

You know that you can never buy a pair of work boots without considering the features. You need to know the materials used to make the sole, the insole, the upper and much more. You also need to know whether the boots have a lining for cold weather use and so on.

Image of Wolverine Raider

Wolverine Buccaneer vs Raider  Build Quality

Wolverine has been in the business of making boots for the last 130 years. Therefore, you can trust them to make a pair of boots that will give you value for money.

Leather upper

The Wolverine Buccaneer work boots and the Raider boots come with high quality leather uppers. However, there is some difference between the leathers used.

The Buccaneer comes with a soft leather upper, so it does not feel too durable although it is indeed long lasting. The Raider feels tougher to the touch. This also means it might take a couple of days longer to break in as compared to the Buccaneer. However, once you break in the boot, it fits so nicely and it is comfortable.

Both boots come with enough ankle support. The Wolverine Raider work boots measure 5.5 inches from the arch. The Buccaneer is almost of the same height.

Still on the upper of the boots, they both come in what we would call the round toe or plain toe design. This means that the entire toe area is basically one piece of leather end to end. However, the heel and the toe box have got extra reinforcement so your feet are fully protected all the time.

These are welt construction boots. The welt is a small strip of leather that goes around the boot. This is like a buffer zone between the outer sole and the upper. It makes it to replace the outer sole if the need arises. Also, it prevents water from getting into your boot.

Outer sole

Both work boots come with rubber outer soles.

Now, these soles look almost the same. They are thick for extra protection and they have deep treads that give them enough traction on different surfaces. The heel area alone measures 1.25 inches. Therefore, if you have been having heel pain when you wear flat boots, the extra elevation that these boots offer is really good.

The soles are also waterproof and oil resistant. Therefore, these boots can be used across different industries from oil and construction. However, the soles leave prints so you do not want to step on wet concrete with the boots.

On the side of each sole, you will find Contour Welt engraved onto the boots. This is the waterproof welt that we discussed earlier.

Rubber has fair resistance to heat, so these boots are good to wear in summer. However, these soles are not designed for heavy snow use.

Comfort Features

Comfort is paramount in work boots because you will spend many hours on your feet. Thankfully, both boots come with notable comfort features.

There are some differences and similarities here. First, the Raider work boot comes with a full length, removable footbed that has many pressure points. Therefore, the heel and ball of foot area are well supported.

The arch support in this boot is good. Whether you have flat feet, low or high arches, you can remove the stock insole and replace it with a custom insole that is good for your feet condition.

The Wolverine Buccaneer boots also come with a removable insole. However, it does not offer the same support to your feet in the pressure points as the Raider does.

The Buccaneer also comes with a mesh lining on the inside which makes it quite breathable. However, this kind of lining still fades in comparison to Gore Tex lining that Red Wing boots come with.

Therefore, you should not depend on either the Wolverine Raider or Buccaneer work boots to keep you safe in the deep snow. You can freeze your toes easily.  

After you break in these boots, they will feel roomy and comfortable. However, you also need to order the right size as both of them run true to size. Please note that true-to-size claim is not always true. However, many boot users order theirs about a half size up so that they can wear them with thick socks.

Safety Features

The reason why we wear boots to work is for protection. Therefore, these work boots come with a few notable safety features.

The first one is the outer sole. It is thick enough so wires and small nails will not penetrate the sole. However, watch your step because these boots lack a steel shank so large nails will definitely penetrate.

The shaft is long enough to provide you with ample ankle support. If you wear the boots for hiking, you need ankle support especially when hiking with a full backpack.

The Wolverine Buccaneer boots come with the option of steel toe. For a little more money, you can get that boot. It will be heavier but it will be worth it. The Raider work boot does not have the option of a steel toe, so you might not be able to use it in places where the risk of dropping items is high.

These boots do not have protection against electrical hazards.

Image of Wolverine Buccaneer Boots

Conclusion: Buccaneer or Raider?

For a work boot, you do need all the safety features that you can get. Therefore, the Wolverine Buccaneer boots would be the best bet for you since they have the steel toed option.

However, even if you buy the Wolverine Raider boots, you will still get good value for your money. Therefore, we can conclude that these boots score when it comes to features, construction and many more aspects.

Just make sure you use the right products to maintain them. Applying a leather conditioner at least once a year can maintain their waterproof quality.