Best Snake Boots for Hot Weather Reviews

Unknown to you, a sinister enemy could be waiting for you in the bushes in your favorite hunting ground in the form of a venomous snake creeping in the grasses. However, with the best snake boots for hot weather, you can protect yourself.

If you an outdoor enthusiast, you know that many dangers lurk out there. You also know that you can never be prepared enough. Therefore, even if there are no reported snakes in the area where you are going hunting, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Protect yourself against snakes. These will be your greatest peril when hiking or hunting. In a past article, we answered the question whether snakes can bite through rubber boots. We also looked at some of the most recommended snakeproof boots.

Well, in this article, we will look at the best boots to protect from snake bites. That way, when you go on your outdoor rendezvous, you can enjoy yourself fully knowing your feet are well protected.

Comparing 5 Top Rated Snakeproof Boots for Hunting

ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1best snake boots for summerLaCrosse Men's Venom Scent APG HD-Has an upper made with a combination of leather and fabric for both protection and comfort
#2best snake boots for hot weatherDanner Pronghorn Snake Boot with Side Zip-Has a leather and nylon upper that is snake and waterproof
#3best waterproof and snakeproof boots17-Inch Chippewa Waterproof snake boots-Has vibram outsole that is ideal for most terrains and it is waterproof
#4waterproof snake boots for hot weatherRocky 5455 BlizzardStalker Pro-Has a leather upper that is quite hard for snake fangs to penetrate
#5best snake boots for hunting during summerLaCrosse 4X Alpha Rattlesnake Proof Boots-Bottom part of the shoes is made of rubber laid over neoprene

Reviews for Most Comfortable Snake Boots

Not all snake proof hiking boots in the market are going to be suitable for use in hot weather. Some can be quite thick and uncomfortable, not to forget that snakes are more prevalent and active in hot weather. In the following section, we shall look at snake boots reviews for footwear that will protect you fully yet keep your feet comfortable at the same time.

1. LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD

best snake boots for summerNo list of snake boots reviews would be complete without the LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD, one of the most acclaimed snake protection footwear in the market. As you can imagine, this pair of boots not only keeps you protected, but it also allows enough airflow to keep your feet comfortable throughout your hiking or hunting adventure.

Rubber Sole

The outsole is thick, rugged and light in weight because it is made of rubber. When you are out there on the trails, the last thing you want is to slip on the gravel. These soles are made to withstand that and much more. If you are hunting, you want soles that can enable you to move silently through the woods so that you do not alarm your prey.

Even if you step on a snake by accident, these soles are going to protect you, just as the leather/fabric upper will.

Leather and Cloth Upper

The upper part of these boots is made with a combination of leather and fabric. There is a reason for blending these two materials. You see, fabric is more breathable for airflow, and it is more flexible. Therefore the areas of your feet that bend will experience no resistance at all. You will find the boot quite flexible in the ankle areas. After you have broken it in, you will hardly experience any resistance as your foot bends and straightens in the natural walking motion.

The leather part of the shoes is going to protect your against the fangs of the snake. They will never be able to penetrate and get to your skin.

Arch Support

For walking long distances and staying on your feet many hours a day, you need proper arch support. These boots will give you such and much more. The stock insoles are good, but if you have low arches, you can always swap them with custom ones from Protalus or SuperFeet.

Zippered Access

Tall boots such as these ones can be a bit of a struggle to get into but to rectify that, they are fitted with a side zipper. Therefore, getting in and out of the boots is very simple. Having this feature also makes it easy to break in the boots.

These are some of the best features of the most comfortable snake boots. Others include a reinforced toe area and a waterproof lining.

2. Danner Pronghorn Snake Boot with Side Zip

best snake boots for hot weatherThis is a costly pair of lace up snake boots. However, you will get the full value of all the money that you pay for this pair. These are high boots measuring 17 inches. Therefore, when you wear them in snake territory, you will feel safe knowing that all of your foot and most of your leg is protected from those venomous fangs.

Speed lacing system

The first thought that crosses your mind when you see this pair of snake boots is just how much of a struggle it can be to get all that lacing done. However, it comes with speed lacing system. With just one tug, you will be able to tighten your laces from the bottom upwards. When closed, no snake will be able to creep up to you and sink its fangs in your legs. You can concentrate on hunting knowing you are safe from snakes.

Rubber sole

The rubber sole is thick, rugged and anti-slip. You will hardly feel rocks beneath your feet. In addition, this sole offers ultimate protection on different terrains. The rubber soles also make the protection against snakes complete because it is too thick for fangs to get to your heel.

Protective Upper

What makes a boot snake proof is the upper because they aim for the ankle and the calf areas. With the leather and nylon upper of this snake proof boots, no snake will be able to sink its fangs into your skin. Besides, the combination of the leather and the nylon is waterproof. The nylon part is breathable so your feet stay dry, fresh and comfortable all day long.

Comfortable Interior

The interior of these boots is lined with Gore Tex. This makes the shoes breathable and so you have a lot of air circulating over your feet. In addition, there is plenty of room in the toe area. You can wear these boots with the thickest pair of socks for night hunting and your toes will not feel squeezed in at all.

The boots have also been designed with a polyurethane ortholite footbed that offers your feet enough cushioning. The heel is cradled comfortably in its place and this helps with stability.

These snake bit proof boots are comfortable and secure. They are ideal for a person who loves hunting on snake ground. The sole is designed for walking long distances so you can also use the boots for hiking.

3. 17-Inch Chippewa Waterproof snake boots

best waterproof and snakeproof bootsChippewa is a popular name for snake boots. When you get your pair, you will see why. It is because the quality is incredible, the build strong and the design very appealing to the eyes.

By design, this is a pull-on boot meaning that it does not come with a side zipper. However, it is still easy to pull on and off. It is very snug though and you should not be afraid that debris will find its way inside to disturb your feet. For comfort, this is a great pair of boots to wear for a long time.

Vibram Outsole

The boots come with a Vibram outsole. This brand name is the Holy Grail in outdoor and work footwear. It is a sole that you can rely on regardless of the terrain where you intend to use it. Whether you take it to rocky ground after the notorious mountain sheep and goats, or you take to the slippery trails for hiking, the sole is rugged and it offers traction on all types of terrains.

Removable Insole

The insole is removable. Well, many snake boots come with removable insoles so that you can replace it with a custom one in case you do not like the stock insoles. This does not mean that the stock insoles are not much good because they are. It just means that at times, you may need better or more targeted arch support. This applies if you have low arches or flat feet. You may need to get customized insoles for such.

Removable insoles are easier to clean without having to clean the entire boot. They are also easier to replace.

Durable Construction

This is a high boot that measures 17 inches from the arch. With your feet and legs fully protected, you can concentrate on finding your quarry on the hunting ground. Rattlesnake protection boots need to be high enough so that a snake does not creep up on your and find a place to sink its fangs.

The upper is a combination of leather and cordura. You can rest assured that in case of a snake attack, no fangs can be able to pierce that. The only downside to this combination is that the boots get a bit too warm in hot weather. Their breathability could be better!


Well, the reason why these waterproof snake boots feel too warm is that they are waterproof, thus they are not as breathable as their counterparts. However, when you are hunting in the long grasses in the late or early hours of the morning, you know how wet the dew can get. You will be glad that they are waterproof. If it rains, your feet will remain dry and comfortable. If you have to ford rivers and creeks, you will keep your feet dry all the time.

4. Rocky 5455 BlizzardStalker Pro

waterproof snake boots for hot weatherIf you are looking for leather snake boots, your search stops right here with the Rocky 5455. For close to 80 years, this company has been making high quality footwear for use on different terrains.

These are not only very effective boots against snakes, but they are also high quality and durable. Snake protection boots not only need to protect you against these animals, but they also need to keep you comfortable and well supported throughout the time that you will be wearing them.

Does this pair of Rocky snake boots for men offer all that? Let’s find out.

Rugged rubber sole

One of the most important parts of any work, hunting or hiking boots is the sole. These ones come with a rubber sole that is thick, rugged and has lugs for traction.

Whether you are hunting on rocky, pebbly or grassy ground, you will stay stable on your feet. Another benefit of having rubber outsoles is that they stay quiet on different terrains. Therefore, you can move up close to your quarry without alarming it.

Leather Upper

Most of snake boots come with an upper that is a combination of leather and fabric materials. However, this one comes with mostly a leather upper that is quite hard for snake fangs to penetrate.

With your feet well protected all the time, you can hunt in peace. The high grade leather is combined with some nylon to make it breathable and flexible. Therefore, even on the parts of your foot that bend, these shoes will not hurt you.

Gore Tex Lining

It is hard to make leather boots breathable but with Gore Tex lining, it is possible. In fact, with this technology, it is easy to make the boots comfortable, waterproof and breathable at the same time. Therefore, there will be air circulating over your feet preventing the formation of too much sweat.

5. LaCrosse 4X Alpha Rattlesnake Proof Boots

best snake boots for hunting during summerThis is the last pair of snake proof hunting boots that we are going to review here. There is a slight difference in the construction of this boot from the others that we have reviewed here. The bottom part of the shoes is made of rubber laid over neoprene.

Overlaid rubber and neoprene upper

Now, neoprene is the same material that is used to make diving and snorkeling suits. Therefore, these snake proof boots might only be appropriate for hunting in cold weather as using them in the heat can get your feet too warm. However, even during summer, you might find yourself hunting in the cold alpine regions. So it is still a good pair of boots to invest in.

Contoured ankle area for flexibility

To make this pair of boots more flexible, the ankle area is contoured. Therefore, where your foot is supposed to bend, it bends easily for movement. There is also a back gusset and a strap that you use for adjusting the fit of your boots. That way, they don’t have to slip out all the time.

Comfortable interior

While the overlaid rubber does its job of keeping the snake fangs from your flesh, the interior of these snake proof boots is comfortable and supportive. There are 4 layers of cushioning to keep you warm. However, the boots still maintain a roomy interior so you can wear them with thick socks.

Best Snake Boots for Hot Weather Buying Guide

There are hundreds of the best snake boots for hot weather. They all look almost the same and they promise similar things. However, if you look closely enough, you will see some noticeable differences. Here are a few factors that you can consider to get a perfect pair of best snake boots for turkey hunting or any other kind of outdoor activity.


This is hands down the top factor to consider when buying a pair of snake boots for hot weather. Mostly, as we have seen from the reviews, they are made of a combination of leather and nylon for the upper. This makes them breathable, resilient and fang-proof at the same time. In addition, kevlar and a combination of synthetic materials are also used and a boot could be made of more than one of these materials. 

The soles should be made of rubber because it is quiet on different terrains. It can enable you to move quietly and get as close as possible to your quarry.

Height size

The height size of the boots is very important. They should be at least 16 inches high from the outsole. Snake bites happen between the foot and the knee. Therefore, it is important that you get as much coverage as possible.

If you can get an 18-inch high boot, get it. Knee high snake proof boots would be awesome too so that you can be assured of total protection from fangs.


If one pair of snake proof boots is waterproof and the second one is not, take the one that keeps your feet dry all the time.

Most of your hunting adventures will take you to high ground where there is dew, rivers and creeks to proof. You need a pair of boots that can keep your feet dry all the time. If it rains when you are out there stalking your quarry, you need to keep your feet dry lest you get blisters.


You will wear your boots for a long time. You will need to keep your feet dry and comfortable all the time they will be in the boots. Some of the factors that enhance comfort include breathability. This may not be available on rubber boots, so such should only be worn in cold weather.

Get a pair of boots with removable insoles or with enough room to add custom inserts. The truth is that stock insoles are not much good when it comes to arch support and other features.


Some of the boots that we have reviewed here can cost a lot of money. However, there is a pair of snake boots for men for every budget.

However, do not sacrifice quality over price. Consider things such as lacing system, interior with Gore Tex lining, rubber outsole and many others. The more features a pair of comfortable snake boots comes with the better.


Choosing the best snake boots for hot weather is as simple as we have explained above. Whatever you do, you should never go hiking or hunting in snake territory without proper protection for your feet. Snake proof hiking boots might just save the day for you.

If you prefer snakeproofing your older boots, then you might consider getting one of these snake proof gaiters