Chippewa Snake Boots Review

Snakes are dangerous and the non-venomous ones are creepy! Relax though, this Chippewa snake boots review is for you.

In the US, about 8000 people are bitten by venomous snakes annually.

I know, not very frightening in a country of more than 300 million peeps. But it is just not very frightening because it has never happened to you!

But listen here:

You can do something about them. You can protect your feet from the nasty creepies. In this Chippewa snake boots review, you will see that it is very much possible to hunt and hike in places that have snakes.

In another article, we saw that it is possible for a snake’s fangs to penetrate rubber boots and pump poison into your blood.

Luckily, there are renowned snake protection boots. If you are a field man, if you are a hunter, a hiker who loves to take the unbeaten path every now and then, you need such boots. Chippewa ranks high up there in the industry. They make renowned work footwear, protective boots and many more.

Keep reading as we explore some of their favorite snake protection shoes models.

1. Chipewa Mens Pull-on 17-Inch Snake Boot

chippewa snake boots review

This is without doubt one of their most popular footwear for protection against serpents. It is a pull on boot, but it has a large opening. Therefore, getting your foot in and out should not cost you much effort.

Make no mistake about it, but this pair of boots is going to cost you a substantial amount of money. However, not to worry because you will get your money’s worth in features, and protection!

These boots have their feminine counterparts, which are 15 inches high.


First, this is a long boot, meaning that it goes all the way up to even cover your calves, or just about. The good thing is that snakes strike at the ankle down to the heel area of your leg. However, they have been know to even strike the hand. Therefore, you need as much protection as you can get. 17 inches of shaft is as high as most boots go.

Vipercloth upper

The shaft is made of special vipercloth. As its name suggests, this material is fang-proof. The fangs of that nasty copperhead snake are not going to penetrate. The combination of leather and textile for the upper is so well blended.

Vibram sole

The boots have been designed with Vibram sole. Vibram is one of the biggest names in the industry for making high quality soles. You can expect high quality treads, durability and easy cleaning for most of their soles. The way the upper part of this shoe fits on the sole, you can tell that even resoling will be easier.


These boots are so well lined in the interior and they have a fantastic stock insole. In fact, you can wear them daily for your gadening activities. You can also wear them for long hikes even in the heat. The cloth and leather combo for the upper makes the shoes quite breathable. You will enjoy wearing them for a long time!

Fit and size

They do not come true to size, well, the truth is, most boots hardly do. Therefore, you are advised to order a half size down so that they can fit you amply. That way, they will not slip around the heel area.

However, if you will wear thick socks with the shoes, you can just make them the right size. The good thing is that they require minimal to no break-in period.

These are big boots. You would expect them to be quite heavy, but they are not. As soon as your feet get used to them, you will never feel their weight.

Finally, the choice of brown color seems to be very nice. You can wear them in the dirt and they will hardly show the stains.

2. Chippewa Men’s Square Toe 18-Inch Pull-On Snake Boot

chippewa snake boots with zipper

If round toe is not your thing, Chippewa has got you covered with their 18-inch square toe snake boot. It comes in a fantastic looking design. To clear up something here, the boot opening diameter is 10 inches. This means that you can slip in your foot ever so easily.


The boot is made of a combination of leather and textile in the upper part. The foot area is made of 100 percent leather, beautiful in its espresso cordura color. The square toe design makes these boots look like something that you would wear with a dress suit, but they also look fabulous even when you tuck in your hunting pants.

These are snake boots and therefore, the upper part is made with vipercloth. Snake fangs cannot penetrate it. However, even if you require high quality footwear for your daily chores on your ranch or for hiking, get these ones. They will not disappoint.


There are two straps and metal buckles on the footwear. One is at the ankle area and the other one is at the top, near the opening. They are for tightening the boots to amply fit when you pull them on.

The high shaft also means that you can have the boot go all the way up to your calves especially if you are of medium size.


They come equipped with vibram soles. You can expect this sole to last a long time in intact shape and condition. The sole has a darker brown color, which is good for use in the dirt. The stitching around the sole is of high quality. If the sole wears out, you will have it replaced easily by a cobbler.

Size and fit

To get the right size and fit of the boot, buy your true size. For most slip-on boots, we say to buy smaller by a half-size. However, these ones have adjusting straps so even if they feel slightly bigger, you can still hold them in place snugly.

Overall, this is a good pair of boots to protect your feet against snakes. It will cost you a bit more money, so if you are on a budget, you might want to try a different Chippewa pair, such as the one below.

3. Chippewa Men’s 17-Inch Moccasin Toe Boots

chippewa boots

If these are not the most fantastic looking snake footwear in the entire Chippewa lineup, we do not know what is. But looks are nothing alone, so let us go straight into their features.


These boots are not really slip-on because they have a back zip. However, you can still slip it on if you like, it is easy. The moccasin toe design sets the boot apart from the others they look fantastic and the toe area looks high and roomy.

Like the other Chippewa snake boots that we have looked at here, this one has its upper made of a mix of leather and textile. The textile part is made of vipercloth which cannot be penetrated by snake fangs. The bottom part of the upper is made of 100 percent leather. You can even treat this part with the right products to make it waterproof.


The sole is vibram. It is high quality, but it does not have deep treads. However, the main benefit with the sole is that it is really quiet on all types of floors. You will walk with it on stone, wood, tiled and other floors without making a sound. Even out there on the hunting grounds, it is really quiet.


This pair of boots is very comfortable. First, they have great arch support. So you will always feel quite comfortable when walking and your foot will feel well supported. The heel is just the right size and your feet get through the vamp area alright, without a struggle.

The cloth part is breathable, so it is good news for you if you will be hunting in the heat. If you wouldlike to wear these boots in cold weather, wear them with merino wool socks. This also means that you have to have room for thick socks.


As you have seen in this Chippewa snake bots review, these three are the most protective pairs against snakes. Therefore, if you are going to hike, hunt or work in snake infested areas, you need one of them. Just know the right size and order a half-size smaller or just regular size to accommodate your thick socks. You may also have to buy better inserts with time.