Circle G Boots Review

Circle G boots reviewCowboy boots have long been a favorite fashion piece among lots of people. It gives off a sense of toughness and rugged individualism. But cowboy boots aren’t just for guys, despite the “boys” in the name. That’s why it’s now called Western boots, and for women you can get yourself the Circle G Boots.

But how good are these boots? Are they stylish enough? Are they worth our money? How good would you look wearing them? These are the types of questions we can answer with our Circle G Boots review.

Corral Boots

The Circle G Boots are designed and distributed by Corral Boots. This is a brand that started off in Texas, and right from the start they reveled in their Western image. They made quite a splash when the brand first came out in 1999, and their spearheaded a revolution in how the mainstream consumer market regarded and perceived Western fashion.

The brand helped items such as cowboy boots to become more than a mere nice fashion item. Now it doesn’t seem like a person in Western boots was wearing some sort of costume.

Today Corral Boots remain atop of the sector, two decades after their launch. It helps that the people behind the brand remain committed to high quality. That’s why all of their boots are handcrafted, and they’ve been painted by hand as well. They’ve introduced a new look to western boots, with a more diverse range of aesthetics that combine a progressive outlook with the traditional romanticism of cowboy boots.

But it’s not about just the look either. Corral Boots haven’t forgotten the point behind these boots, which is why they function quite well when you’re on the saddle. If you’re one of the lucky few who rides horses regularly, then these boots will surely come in handy.

Circle G Boot Design

When it comes to women’s footwear, there’s no denying the importance of aesthetics. Shoes can’t just be functional. They have to look good. In fact, some women admit that it’s more important than factors such as comfort—how else to explain the popularity of high heels?

This does passes the eye test magnificently. Some people wear their trousers to cover their cowboy boots, but that won’t do when you pick boot model with the embroidered dragonfly design, over the leather with the color of distressed bone.

The design is on the upper of the boot as well as on the shaft part of the boot that covers your shin. This means you should have trousers that you can easily tuck inside the boots.

You’ll want to show off the designs in all their glory. They’re not overly eye-catching with studs and shiny accents. Instead, it showcases a serious and subtle style that’s definitely classy. As you peer at the designs more closely, you’ll notice that these aren’t simplistic at all.

They offer intricate details, which is precisely why they’ve been handcrafted in the first place. The handcrafting was done in Mexico, where the cowboy boots tradition continues to flourish.

The shoe itself is modern and stylish, with a pointed toe angling a bit upward plus a modestly high heel (about 2 inches) and you have the double-stitched welt. The leather is appropriately distressed, to emphasize that this isn’t just for show. It has a functional air as well as a vintage vibe.


1. Laces

There are no laces to this thing, so they’re not like work boots. These have the pull-on straps to help you maneuver your feet inside. It’s a bit challenging at first especially if you’re not used to cowboy boots.

2. Breaking-in

In addition, the leather will be new and stiff.

This means you’ll need to break them in. It helps if you get them in the right size. They tend to run true to size, so get your usual size. Make sure you wear socks when you put these on, for your comfort as well as to make it easy for you to put on.

It may take a few days of constant wearing for you to break these boots in. The leather will then mold itself to the shape of your feet, and you’ll have them fitting perfectly. If you get the right size, this breaking in period shouldn’t take all that long.

Once you’ve broken in these boots, the comfort level will be amazing. Walking and running won’t be a problem. In fact, you may even wear these shoes as you ride your horses.

It helps that inside the boots you have comfortable leather lining for your feet. You also have a lightly cushioned insole so that your steps don’t jar you with the impact.

3. Sense of formality

However, there’s also a certain sense of formality to the boots. That’s emphasized by the lack of serious tread to the soles. The boots have a leather bottom. It has a bit of texture and somewhat of a grip, but they’re not exactly like the soles of your running shoes. So walking in a relaxed manner is fine, but sprinting isn’t recommended.

4. Usage in varying weather conditions

These can actually be worn year-round. In the summer they’re not too warm, but they’re warm enough for colder months. That’s especially true when you live in the more temperate regions like California, Texas, New Mexico, and Florida. Basically, if you’re living in a place with lots of horses, you can wear these all year.

Now, remember cowgirl is a state of mind. Actually, here’s a better explanation.


There’s no denying that this pair of boots look gorgeous. They’re seriously cute, and the embroidery and the overall design make it almost a work of art. It’s also very satisfying when you realize that because these boots are handcrafted, it means each pair is unique. They’re not exactly alike, because of the human construction.

These boots can be worn for just about any occasion. You can wear them with jeans, on social events, or to the office especially if you’re in the South or West. The elegant style is unmistakable.

You don’t have to suffer too much for your beautiful shoes either. All in all these are quite comfortable, and you can walk normally without pain or discomfort. Once you get used to the feel of the cowboy boots, they’ll feel very natural and you may even stop noticing them at all.

While you do have to break these boots in, that’s not a negative at all. Even at the start the boots already feel comfy. But when you break them in and the leather shapes itself to your feet, you’ll be amazed and appreciative when the fit seems somehow even better than before. All you have to do first is to make sure you get the right size. Try to find out by finding a local retailer where you can try out the boots. Then when you find the right size, just buy them online.

The quality and durability of these boots are also undeniable. It’s pretty evident that the makers of these boots care about how well they’re made. Every detail has been attended too, and the quality of the materials and the construction ensure that these boots will last a long time.


Nothing is perfect, and this is a rule that applies to the Circle G Boots. The first thing that you may notice which may not be to your liking is how it feels for your toes when you have a modern snip toe profile. The sharp end may look attractive and stylish, but the design does tend to squish your toes a little bit.

Of course, you may be used to this as plenty of women have several shoes with this toe design. It’s not actually new. However, it can still cause a bit of discomfort especially during the start when the shoes aren’t fully broken in. That’s why some people may ask for a half-size larger pair just to make sure the toe box area is large enough for comfort.

When you have the leather displayed prominently, you also risk having the leather scuffed as you go about your normal day. This isn’t a problem unique to the Circle G boots, however. It’s a problem for all cowboy boots. Bit as the time passes the scuff marks can provide a bit of character to your boots, in much the same way that tears in jeans are now common. That’s why this uses distressed leather in the first place.


These Circle G Boots with the Dragonfly Embroidery are terrific. We’re not the only ones to have this opinion, as plenty of similar reviews are easily found online. Lots of women marvel at how Corral Boots have managed to combine beauty, comfort, and function with these boots.

So don’t hesitate to wear these frequently. The nice thing about the subtlety of the design is that you can wear them just about anywhere. It looks good while you’re watching a high school football game in Texas, or even going to the office in Philadelphia.