Protalus vs Superfeet Insoles

protalus insoles reviews

Apparently, buying your work boots, or even regular shoes is not enough. You may, or may not need the best insoles or inserts. With so many brands of insoles, it can sometimes be hard to choose the best one. This is a short post, but we are going to see which insole between Protalus vs Superfeet is best for you.

In our previous article, we ran a side-by-side comparison between Powerstep and Superfeet insoles. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that any of the two brand names was good enough for support and comfort.

In this post, we are going to see what is best between Protalus and Superfeet. Without seeing the products side by side, it can be hard for us to say what insole is best for what purpose between these two brands.

So, here’s a summary of the insoles we’ll review and compare below.

 ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1protalus m100 reviewsProtalus M100 -Triplanar technology for shock absorption
#2superfeet insoles comparisonSuperfeet BLUE Insoles-It can help people with plantar fasciitis
#3protalus shoe insert reviewsProtalus T100 Insole for Plantar Fasciitis-Offers support for people with flat feet
#4superfeet carbon reviewsSuperfeet CARBON -Have organic coating that helps in odor-control
#5protalus insole reviewProtalus T75 Three-Quarter Insoles-They offer relief to stressed joints
#6superfeet insole reviewSuperfeet Womens ¾ Insoles- They have anti-slip texture

Below we have protalus insoles reviews and superfeet insoles reviews. In this section, you will find many similarities in the two insole brands. You will also see some differences.

Protalus vs Superfeet Insole Reviews

There are many insoles of all styles and sizes from the two brands. However, we are only going to look at two from each brand.

What materials do they come with? What are their comfort features? These are just some of the things that we shall look at in the insoles that we will review here.

1. Protalus M100 Review

protalus m100 reviews

This is the flagship insole from Protalus, and for a good reason too. It is made after a patented design meaning that for a long time; only Protalus will have this design.

People buy insoles for different reasons. Some buy theirs for comfort, others for support and yet some buy them for shock absorption. The M100 insoles meet all of those needs. It is the perfect three-in-one insole for all of your needs.

You may ask what exactly has been patented in this insole. Well, it is easy. It is the trendsetting tri-planar technology. This technology makes it possible for the insole to decrease your discomfort and pain when you are walking.

This is a performance insole. Its design and style makes it good for playing sports such as basketball, for running and many other activities. It is perfect for both fast launches as well as instant braking.

Mostly, some people find its cost a bit prohibitive and therefore they avoid buying it for work boots. When you pay a high price for something, it is only natural to want to make it last as long as possible. When comparing Protalus vs Superfeet insoles within the same feature-range, the M100 wins.

What we like

  • It is available in many sizes
  • Incredible tri-planar technology for excellent shock absorption, comfort and support
  • Best for use in performance shoes such as running and basketball shoes
  • Has been known to reduce pain when walking

What we don’t like

  • The insole is a bit pricey

2. Superfeet BLUE Insoles

superfeet insoles comparison

If you are looking for a medium profile, medium volume insole that will be both supportive, comfortable and firm without taking too much space in your shoes, this is it for you. Superfeet make some of the best insoles in the market and this one is quite exceptional.

It is 2 inches high at its deepest point and it is 5 inches wide. Since it is made of high-density closed cell foam, your feet will feel comfortable and supported. The cushioning is excellent for people that spend many hours on their feet.

The insoles have stabilizer cap. Your foot gets the support that it needs. This cap enhances the structure of the insole. The SUPERFEET SHAPE technology ensures that the insole gives your foot support right where it needs it.

Another important feature is the Heel cup that protects your heels from impact as your foot hits the ground. Thanks to the bio-mechanical shape of the insoles, they occupy less space inside any shoes, yet they give you all the support that your foot needs.

For a person dealing with plantar fasciitis, this is a nice pair of insoles. They give good arch support and they can help one recover fast.

What we like

  • Superb construction and shape
  • Get support and comfort for your feet
  • It can help people with plantar fasciitis
  • Occupies minimal space in the shoes yet it offers comfort and support

What we don’t like

  • Not true to size. If you buy your correct size, you might find the arch too far back

3. Protalus T100 Insole for Plantar Fasciitis

protalus shoe insert reviews

Protalus is an insole brand with a purpose. Hot on the heels of their groundbreaking M100 insole for super comfort and support comes the T100. It is also built with the same patented technology. It is a thin, low volume insole that is nevertheless able to offer you the kind of support that you need.

Whether you are looking for a pair of working or running insoles, the T100 can serve you very well. When used as a performance insole on the basketball court or the running track, it provides you with excellent launch and braking control. It is the perfect insole to wear if you make instant moves.

This thin insole also has some power to give your joints some much-needed relief. It does this by helping your feet stay aligned from the bottom to the top. If you have been having issues with your joints, you want to try such a low profile insole. It can help alleviate the pain and the discomfort. The insoles also offer you some support for high arches. However, please note we said some support, because it is the M100 that is known for superior arch support.

What we like

  • Offers support for people with flat feet and prevents pain
  • It is firm and can offer relief for people with joint pains
  • It protects the heel upon impact with the ground
  • Good for use in different types of shoes

What we don’t like

  • Does not offer much arch support
  • This is a pricey insole

4. Superfeet CARBON Review

superfeet carbon reviews

Just as Protalus T100, the Superfeet CARBON insoles are thin and firm. May we also say that these insoles are cheaper to buy. This is a lightweight foam insole. However, since this is high-density foam, it is quite firm for the foot. It gives you a lot of support without occupying too much space in the shoes.

The heel cup works! This is something that many Superfeet insoles are known for. The importance of having a heel cup is that it protects the heel upon impact on the ground. It absorbs most of the shock so that your heel is protected. Therefore, if you experience heel pain, you may want to use these insoles in your workplace safety shoes.

There is also the EVOLYTE-reinforced stabilizer cap made of carbon fiber. It provides a steady structure to the insole and it enhances the support that your feet need.

Because of the low profile structure of the insole, it is going to give you support without taking up too much space in the shoes. Thanks to the firm high-density foam use in its construction, this insole offers your foot support from down upwards. You will experience some relief on your knee joints and even ankles.

What we like

  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Low profile and firm at the same time for support
  • It occupies minimal space in your shoes
  • The insoles have organic coating that helps in odor-control
  • Good for different types of shoes

What we don’t like

  • Not good for intense sports because they tend to be slippery
  • Too stiff – requires some break-in period

5. Protalus T75 Three-Quarter Insoles

protalus insole review

There comes a time when you do not need to use full-length insoles in your work shoes. You can choose the Protalus T75 ¾-length insoles. They offer incredible support and the good thing is that they will not cost as much as the T100 or the M100. You can even insert these insoles on existing full-length insoles from other brands.

The T75 is going to offer you full support for your foot and leg. If you have been experiencing joint pains, these insoles are going to help you enjoy some relief on your ankles and knees. At the same time, you get good, firm support, something that you need when you stay on your feet for a long time.

One thing that we have come to know the Protalus insoles for is their versatility. You can use them in almost any type of shoes. The same applies to the T75. You can use them in clogs, nursing shoes, work boots and even dress shoes. There is no limit. This high quality insole can meet your needs perfectly.

With every impact, you may experience some pain in your heel. However, when you use these insoles, they reduce that impact. You do not feel pain anymore. The insoles absorb most of the impact.

What we like

  • Nice insoles to use in running shoes
  • They offer relief to stressed joints
  • Easy to use, no break-in period needed
  • Firm and comfortable to stand in for long hours

What we don’t like

  • Some people complained that the insoles did not help with feet pain

6. Superfeet Womens ¾ Insoles

superfeet insole review

In this Protalus vs Superfeet review, we will look at an affordable ¾ quarter length insole. After looking at the Protalus T75 ¾ insoles, it is only fair that we review a ¾ insole from Superfeet, so here it is. This is a synthetic insole; it looks quite simplistic in design.

From a casual glance, it may not look like much, but it is quite supportive and comfortable. It is made of synthetic material and I guess that makes it more affordable than most of its counterparts in the market.

This is a women’s insole, and therefore it may run a bit too narrow in a man’s shoes. You can use it on top of your regular insoles. Do not worry that it will slide about inside the shoes, because it will not. These insoles have a biomechanically correct structure that helps keep them aligned in a woman’s shoes.

There is an impression stabilizer, which holds the insole firmly in the shoe. This prevents any movement or sliding inside the shoes. There might be slight movement especially immediately after wearing the shoes, but soon after, the insole settles comfortably and firmly.

What we like

  • The insoles have anti-slip texture
  • Correct-shape alignment keeps the insoles well aligned in many types of women’s shoes
  • Synthetic lining and sole material makes it easy to clean
  • Keeps you comfortable and gives your legs optimum support

What we don’t like

  • Synthetic material may not help with odor control

Protalus vs Superfeet similarities and differences

In the Protalus vs Superfeet reviews, we have seen just how similar these insoles are. However, there are many differences if you care to look at these insoles closely. Here, we shall explore them one by one, so that you can decide what to buy:

Varied choice

This is the first big difference between Protalus and Superfeet insoles. If you want a wider choice, you will have to try Superfeet insoles. They come in all sizes, styles and all manner of diversity. Protalus does not have as many insoles as Superfeet. However, the few they have are of excellent quality.

Protalus vs Superfeet Price

The price of the insoles from the two brands is definitely worth noting. Protalus insoles are made with a trendsetting technology, so they cost more. Superfeet insoles come in many types, so you can be sure there is an insole for you, for any budget. Both brands have cheap and expensive insoles, but Superfeet’s are more affordable than most from Protalus.


Both brands have insoles that are made to offer you the support that you need. Protalus offers more of arch support most of the time. Superfeet insoles offer both arch support and heel support. If you have stressed joints, ankles and knees, Superfeet is good for you. The Tri-Planar technology used in Protalus offers relief for people with plantar fasciitis. Protalus insoles are made to keep the whole body aligned while the Superfeet insoles focus on one part of your lower limbs.

Odor control: Protalus vs Superfeet

Both insoles come with some means of odor control and foot hygiene enhancement. For example, Protalus is designed with an anti-bacterial cloth and Superfeet has odor-neutralizing technology. Both insoles are good at odor control and they clean easily.

Best for different types of shoes

You can use Protalus and Superfeet insoles in different types of shoes. However, for the best effect, use Protalus in basketball shoes, trainers, work shoes and wide shoes.

Superfeet insoles are best used in hiking boots and shoes. They have stabilizer caps so they stay in one place inside the shoes without sliding about.


In the debate on Protalus vs Superfeet insoles, there are many similarities and differences.

While Superfeet appears to be the king here, do not dismiss the Protalus insoles because they come with some awesome technology. Some of the technology is actually listed in the protalus insoles reviews above. What you buy usually depends on the types of shoes.

For example, if you have wide and roomy shoes, you will want medium to high profile insoles that will boost your fit in the shoes.

If you just need some support, get protalus insoles as they are thin and firm yet they help support and align the whole body.