Powerstep vs Superfeet Insoles Reviews

What should you get between Powerstep vs Superfeet insoles?

The search for the best foot inserts for shoes is indeed a challenging one. However, when you look for inserts online, two options come up first all the time in any advertising program. These are either Superfeet or Powerstep. And here are a few of these awesome orthotics, in tabular summary reviews.

 ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1powerstep pinnacle maxx vs superfeetPowerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Insoles-Stays firm over a long time
-Usable on all arches
#2superfeet insole reviewsSuperfeet GREEN Insoles Pro Grade-Ideal for standing long hours
#3powerstep insoles reviewsUnisex Powerstep Orthotic Insole with Arch Support-Designed by podiatrists for pain reduction
#4superfeet insole reviewuperfeet FLEXmax Insoles for Athletic Shoes-Keeps original shape for 500miles
#5powerstep orthotics reviewsPowerstep Pinnacle Plus Insoles with Metatarsal Support-Ideal for anyone with metatarsal pain
#6superfeet green full length insoleRun Comfort Carbon Fiber Insoles by Superfeet-Heels have shock absorption
#7where to buy powerstep insolesPowerstep SlenderFit Womens High Heel Insole-Cushioning keeps metatarsal area relaxed
#8which superfeet insoles do i needSuperfeet EASYFIT Orthotic Inserts for Women’s Shoes-Has odor control coating

We cannot go all out and say one brand is better than the other. After all, some people swear by Powerstep and some swear against it. The same is also true of the Superfeet insole of shoe. Some people even opt to skip either and go straight to a Protalus insoles review, to buy a different model altogether.

Overall, you will be looking for the best insoles in shoes. When you buy a pair of work boots, most of the time, you have to buy to replace the stock inserts.

When it comes to selecting a pair of insoles, you will find that it is a battle between two greats – Powerstep and Superfeet.

Which one is designed to provide your needs?

It is hard to say. We are going to compare a few of their products side by side so you can make the decision yourself.

Best Powerstep or Superfeet Insoles Reviews

In this review, we shall compare one from each brand, within the same price range. We shall review them in the order of one from each brand followed by one from the other.

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Insoles

powerstep pinnacle maxx vs superfeet

This is a nice pair of full-length insoles for a person who suffers from plantar fasciitis. As far as orthotic insoles go, this one meets all of your foot support needs. If you have a case of overpronation, these inserts will help you correct that.

This is a good insert for just about anyone. Even if your have neutral arches, you will still love them. If you have a pair of work boots that don’t fit you properly, these insoles can help your shoes to fit properly.

The heel design of this insole is really good. It fits in your boots properly without moving about in the heel area. Even if you have sweaty feet, it stays intact in the shoes, without sliding about inside the shoes.

2. Superfeet GREEN Insoles Pro Grade

superfeet insole reviews

Hot on the heels of the Powerstep Pinnacle MAXX comes the Superfeet GREEN Professional grade insoles.

These qualify to be called the best inserts shoes. First, it has stabilizer caps in the bottom. They keep the insert and your foot steady inside the shoes. Foam can lose its shape with time but when there are stabilizer caps, it stays intact for a long time.

The heel cup is wide and deep. This not only makes it very comfortable, but it also makes it supportive. It stays firm and it can absorb all the shock that would otherwise be transferred to your feet.

This insole is made with high-density closed cell foam. It is a supportive, orthopaedic insole and retains its firm bounce for a long time.

3. Unisex Powerstep Orthotic Insole with Arch Support

powerstep insoles reviews

There are many good things to love about this pair of insoles. First, the cloth top has anti-microbial polyester. It can even help a person who has problems with feet odor. Since this is a full-length insert, your foot is supported in full.

Whether you have high or natural arches, you can use these inserts in your work boots or even regular shoes. With time, it is going to correct overpronation.

The insole has been designed using advanced VCT- Variable Cushioning Technology. This technology comes in combination with EVA foam. Together, they offer the user a kind of cushioning that targets the areas of the foot that need it most.

The heel cradle is deep. This has the benefit of giving you enough support and stability when you are walking.

If you have plantar fasciitis, these insoles are designed to help reduce your foot pain. You can use these insoles in your work boots to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

4. Superfeet FLEXmax Insoles for Athletic Shoes

superfeet insole review

It can be hard to find a truly breathable insole in the market, but the FLEX max offers many helpful features.

One of them is the ventilated forefoot, which, as we have mentioned above enhances breathability. When wearing boots, most of the friction and heat that our feet generate is from the forefoot region.

These insoles are cheap. However, do not underrate them because they are performance insoles. If you want to use them for running, walking, hiking, working out or any other purpose, they will support you. At the same time, they don’t feel too cushy and soft

It requires minimal to zero break-in time. Even its shape is designed to give full support to your foot. If you combine this with the deep heel cradle, you get comfort and support.

5. Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Insoles with Metatarsal Support

powerstep orthotics reviews

If you have been having problems with your metatarsals, this insert can help you with that. It is designed in such a way that it spreads the weight on the metatarsals. This relieves pressure that would otherwise cause pain.

The built-in arch support is also semi-rigid by design. It offers the desired stability to the arch area. If you have been experiencing some pain in this region, this insert will help you. To do that, it will offer you extra support in the forefoot region. This also helps in relieving heel pain.

The top fabric layer has many benefits. For example, it is breathable and therefore it keeps your foot comfortable through the day. Secondly, it ensures that there is no friction between the sole and your foot. This fabric part is also anti-microbial. It does not allow bacteria to thrive. It keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day.

The double layer cushioning design of the insole is very comfortable. This is the combination of EVA foam with VCT – Variable Cushioning Technology. It targets certain areas of the foot for extra support and comfort.

6. Run Comfort Carbon Fiber Insoles by Superfeet

superfeet green full length insole

This is a high quality insole that is available in different sizes for men, women and children. The children’s and women’s versions cost less than the mens, but that is neither here nor there.

The Run Comfort Superfeet insole is designed for increasing efficiency while reducing fatigue. You can use it for running, walking, training or for activities that require you to spend a lot of time on your feet.

Use these insoles for wide shoes because they do occupy some room. As high volume insoles, they can be a tad too big for regular shoes. Thus, if you have roomy work boots, you can use these insoles.

As an orthotic insert targeted at different types of users, the people who find it most appropriate are those with high arches. They offer high arch support thus reducing the foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Because of the lightweight structure of these insoles, they do not add any extra weight to your shoes. Besides, they also come with features such as MOISTUREWICK for foot odor control.

For comfort and foot protection, you get a deep heel with a gel pod that distributes the impact of the heel hitting the ground. This cushions the heel from shock and it is indeed helpful for people with plantar fasciitis.

7. Superfeet EASYFIT Orthotic Inserts for Women’s Shoes

which superfeet insoles do i needIn the search for the best between Powerstep vs Superfeet, you will find that the Superfeet EASYFIT insole for women competing for love with the Powerstep SLENDERFIT insole. However, there are outstanding differences. For example, the EASYFIT is not full length. It is a half-length insole.

The top part of this insole is made with MICROSUEDE, which is breathable and comfortable. It also prevents the generation of heat or friction. This prevents the formation of blisters on your heel, sole or forefoot.

These insoles can be used with high heels (not too high though, just medium), flat shoes, boots and others. For anchoring on the shoe, the insoles have anti-slip ridges. You can wear your shoes with confidence knowing you are fully protected.

Just buy the insoles, insert them in your shoes and wear them. Nothing more is needed since they don’t require any trimming. The arch length is smaller so that it can fit a woman’s arch perfectly. Whether you have natural or high arches, this insole is good for you.


  • Has natural odor control coating for enhancing freshness
  • They never slide about in the shoes
  • They do not make squeaky noises as you walk


  • Arch support is available, but it is not enough for people with high arches

Powerstep and superfeet similarities

Some models are best for plantar fasciitis. Some offer the user ample arch support and some even come with padding for metatarsal support.

About the pricing, both brands have insoles for all budgets. Some can be extravagantly costly and some can be quite affordable. For example, Powerstep Pinnacle MAXX is sold at almost the same price as the Superfeet GREEN insole.

Even the design and the construction of these insoles is almost the same. Whether you want half-length insoles, or full-length insoles, they are available from both models. If you want thin, firm high performance insoles, you can get them from any of these two brands. They are made of closed cell foam.

Powerstep and Superfeet differences

Apart from the brand names, are there any differences between the Powerstep and Superfeet inserts? Maybe we have a few.

Wide vs narrow heel

First, Powerstep insoles have a wide heel, which means they suit different users very well. However, the Superfeet insoles tend to lean towards the narrow side of things. Their heels are narrower, something that makes it hard to find a good one for people, especially men, with wide heels.

Break-in period

Powerstep soles tend to be thicker and firmer and therefore they may require a longer break-in period. If you are buying a pair of insoles for your work boots, you will need to break them in first.

FAQs for best insole in shoes

You would think that choosing inserts is as simple as buying one online. However, this can be daunting especially when you have foot pain. In such a case, you would have to buy an insert that is specifically designed to help with heel pain or metatarsal pain.

Here are common questions that people ask regarding the best shoes inserts:

Best insoles for being on feet all day?

Superfeet, Protalus and Powerstep will definitely be among the top 10. They all offer good support for the heel, ball of foot area and the arch. With your feet having to carry your weight the entire day, you need the support. If you work in jobs such as law enforcement or emergency room where you always have to move fast, your feet experience serious high impact. In that case, you need really supportive inserts to protect your feet from the shock.

What kind of insoles do I need?

This depends on your needs entirely. For example, if you have foot pain, you need an insole that is really supportive, you know, with semi-rigid or rigid orthotic support.

Usually, your choice of insoles comes to either rigid or semi-rigid support. The former is best for people who need serious support. Because the insole is hard, it is best for people who do not have any pain, who just need the support. If you spend many hours on your feet, you need this aggressive support.

The latter are for people who need a combination of support and comfort. Therefore, it can help if you do not spend many hours in your shoes.

How long do Powerstep insoles last?

If you are an everyday user and you do not have a change of insoles, these will last you about 6 months of aggressive daily use. OK, perhaps they can last less than 6 months especially if you have foot or back pain and you need aggressive support. However, we figure that getting even 4 to 5 months would be a good deal. However, if you have pain, change them every 4 months. If you do not have any kind of pain in your feet, you can use them even for 8 months or so.

What are the best arch support insoles?

There are many. However, the most renowned are the SuperFeet CARBON Full Length Inserts. They are also good for people with flat feet.

Powerstep Original Full Length inserts are very good for supporting the arch. when you are buying your inserts, you should specify just what kind of support you need. Some people have high arches, some have low ones and some have right out flat foot.

You can also read our review of Protalus insoles here. They offer incredible support for people with back pain, foot pain and they can protect feet against high impact.

If you do not know what kind of arch you have, just take a wet test. It will show you whether you have flat feet, high or low arch.

Our verdict

In the Powerstep vs Superfeet debate, we can say with confidence that it really does not matter which you buy. Both of these brands come with excellent insoles for performance, foot support as well as comfort. If you are a victim of heel pain, standard/stock inserts will not help you. You need more orthotic support in inserts shoes.