Best Work Boot Insoles Reviews

If you spend long hours on your feet in your work boots, there is no doubt that you need the best work boot insoles.

These are exterior soles that you add into the shoes to boost your comfort. The choice of your insoles or lack of the same thereof will determine your experience throughout the day at work.

Just as we have a wide variety of socks for work boots, so do we also have a wide variety of insoles. With all of them claiming to be the best, it can be a bit daunting for you to find the very best one, if this is your first pair.

But not to worry …

If your work place safety shoes have been giving your feet hell, you have come to the right place. We have a solution for you. Work is tiring enough, without you having to worry about grilling the soles of your feet for lack of proper insoles.

Keep reading this article on the top rated insoles for work boots. By the time you get to the end, you will have seen several of them, and then you can order a pair or two with confidence.


7 Best Work Boot Insoles Reviews

With so many work boot insoles to choose from, what should you consider? Well, here are the best among equals. We assure you that if you get one of these, you will get comfort and value for money.

Timberland Pro with Anti-Fatigue Technology

Performance insoles for work boots do not come any better than the Timberland Pro with Anti-Fatigue Technology.

It is easy to see why this is so. First, the engineering that has gone into the construction of these insoles is marvelous. It has been designed in such a way that the cone foam design bounces energy back into your feet every step that you take.

Even if you work in the field where the ground can be rough and strewn with rocks, your feet never get to feel them. These insoles absorb every shock and impact, leaving you comfortable and fresh. This is why it is called Anti-fatigue technology. Your feet get all the support that they need throughout the day. If you work long hours each day on your feet, this is the best pair of insoles to buy for your work boots.

The main material used in the manufacture of these insoles is closed cell foam. It is breathable and it wicks moisture away. Thus, if you work in sweltering heat, the insoles can give your feet a reprieve by keeping them dry. Of course, how dry you stay will also depend on the type of shoes that you are wearing. The more breathable they are the better.


  • Good for all types of feet, including flat feet
  • Being breathable they allow good airflow
  • They wick the sweat away from your feet
  • These insoles are thick so they absorb shock very well keeping your feet safe
  • They can raise your heel so it does not brush against the boot too much


  • Runs a little bigger, you may have to cut it to fit into your boots
  • Not made for sudden movements

SuperFeet Copper Insoles made of Memory Foam

Memory foam is the king for mattresses. There is no reason why it should not be king among insoles. As you will see when you get the SuperFeet Copper insoles, comfort is the key consideration here, and how your feet feel. That the material they have used for the construction of this insole is memory foam tells quite a lot. Memory foam conforms to the shape of your feet. Thus, whether your feet are flat or otherwise, they will find their home on this insole.

These are the best work boot insoles because of their low profile. They offer you excellent foot support. With good support, you can last longer on your feet without your feet feeling too fatigued. This insole offers your feet holistic support. For example, the REINFORCED STABILIZER CAP supports the rearfoot. It offers more stability to the foam layer. Then there is the DEEP HEEL CUP, which offers support to the forefoot when you walk long distances, or when you engage in activities that require you to make instant turns every now and then.

The insole has been finished with a natural coating whose work is to control odor. Work conditions will cause your feet to sweat. As a result, odor-causing bacteria can thrive in these conditions. That is why you need this kind of insole to control the odor.


  • The insole accommodates all foot shapes
  • Good for all types of work boots including those used on concrete floors, climbing ladders and so on
  • They are very firm, thus they forcefully give you support
  • No break in session needed. Just put the soles inside and wear them


  • They may not come true to size. Be keen when ordering one

ARIAT Men’s ATS Footbed 10008009 Wide Square Toe

When you have bought an excellent pair of work boots, you want good insoles to go with them. Unfortunately, most of the boots do not come with good insoles. Therefore, you are prompted to buy a new pair.

Consider getting the ARIAT Men’s ATS wide Square Toe insoles. They give incredible support and they last a long time. If you are always active on your feet at your workplace, you need insoles that can walk the talk with you. These ones more than meet that need.

They are made of 100 percent polyurethane. They are thin and very firm. Thus, if you are looking for footbeds that can raise your foot a bit, you had better give these ones a wide berth. However, for a pair of work boots, you do not need the springy support of thick insoles, which wear down with time becoming unevenly thin. Originally sold with ARIAT boots, we are lucky because these ones can fit almost every boot.

You will notice that the front of these insoles is square-shaped. Thus, these ARIAT ATS footbeds are only good for square front boots. However, you may order the round-shaped version if your work boots require such.


  • They are easy to clean by hand and they dry fast thanks to the polyurethane material
  • With time, these footbeds can help with knee and back pain
  • They have moisture wicking ability to keep your feet dry for long
  • The price per pair is good enough


  • They are too flat
  • They do not give your feet any raise

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Foot Support Insoles

Sometimes, you do not want an ordinary pair of insoles, not when you suffer from foot pain. You want a pair that can help relieve foot pain. Thankfully, you can have the Footminders Comfort Orthotic Foot Support insoles. They offer excellent arch support. This pair of insoles is the brainchild of podiatrists with the sole purpose of relieving pain and giving support to people that spend most of their hours in work boots.

If you have flat feet, you know you do not need ordinary insoles. You need special insoles that can give you extra support. This insole is also able to correct overpronation Overpronation is a condition where your arches roll inward as your foot hits the ground. When you use these insoles in your sports shoes or your work boots, they will start correcting your walking posture.

Most work boots are not made to accommodate people with flat feet. You need to buy a pair of insoles that can correct the condition. The problem becomes worse if you have to spend most of your working hours on your feet. With the Footminders Comfort insoles, you get features such as DEEP HEEL CUPS for supporting the ankles and giving you more stability on your feet.


  • This is a medical insole made by podiatrists
  • These insoles can help to heal plantar fasciitis
  • They are comfortable to wear for a long time
  • The insoles are good for different types of shoes – work boots, tennis shoes and golf shoes


  • They might not be too good if you are heavy-weight

Sof Sole AIRR Insole for Men – best work boot insoles

This is a sports shoes insert. However, there is no reason why you should not use the pair in your work boots. We know that performance insoles can also be used as the best work boot insoles. When you are active on your feet, you need a performance insole. It can enable you make turns faster, something that you cannot be able to do with the regular work boot insoles such as the Timberland Pro that we reviewed earlier.

You will notice that the insole has a fabric top. This is by design, so that it can wick away sweat and leave your feet dry and comfortable for a long time. This insole is also light in weight. When you insert it inside the shoes, it looks as if it is part of the shoes. It fits so perfectly and it comes true to size.

One of the most outstanding values of this insole is that it is so comfortable. It conforms to your feet so well you feel as if it is an extension of your shoes. The insoles help regulate the temperature around your feet. Thus, you can stay a long time in your shoes feeling cool and comfortable.

The forefoot part of the insole is made of a gel cushion. This absorbs the shock very well even when you hit the ground hard. In the heel section, there are Skydex bubbles that give you a comfortable bounce. Thus, when you are using this pair of insoles, your foot remains very comfortable all the time.


  • The insoles massage your feet keeping them comfortable
  • Gel cushion for the forefoot is very helpful
  • The insoles have a cooling effect and temperature control
  • Sold at a very affordable price


  • Some people complain that the insole slides inside the shoes

Superfeet GREEN Unisex Insoles

If your work boots are too large for your feet, you will need these insoles because they increase your height inside the shoes. At 2 inches thick, they will add some bounce to your step. These insoles protect your feet from the shock of stepping on hard rocks. At the back, it has stabilizer caps that give the insole the support that you need for your rearfoot.

The insoles also have DEEP HEEL CUP, which enhances shock absorption. When wearing your shoes, you will not experience any undue impact on your feet even when walking on rough ground. In addition, there is the SUPERFEET SHAPE system that enhances the support that you give your feet. This system helps to reduce the risk of stress on your ankles, knees and the feet.

The dense closed cell foam material used to make these insoles stays intact for a long time. This material does not lose shape easily. Instead, as soon as you step out of the shoes, the insoles regain their original shape and form. Memory foam also conforms to the shape of your feet.

These insoles are very versatile. First, they are unisex in design, so they can fit in women’s as well as men’s feet. Secondly, they are good for work boots, hiking shoes, sport shoes and so on.


  • It has a natural coating that prevents the occurrence of odor
  • The cushioning is excellent for your feet
  • Unisex design makes the insoles very versatile
  • Helps to calm stressed feet


  • They might not be good for plantar fasciitis

Physics Gear Sport Orthotic Inserts

Apart from looking stylish and dashing, these are the best work boot insoles because they have many incredible features. One of them is that they offer arch support, they are very good at absorbing shock and most importantly, they can help people with plantar fasciitis. This pair of insoles is also the solution that you need for your stressed feet.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, for example, if you are a restaurant employee, a hospital worker or a factory worker, you need such a pair of insoles to add to your shoes. The engineering that goes into this product makes it good for all sorts of activities. You can use it for hiking, rock climbing, training, games and so on. If any activity requires you to get busy on your feet, these insoles will meet your needs for support and foot stress relief.

When you insert these insoles in your boots, they conform to your feet. Thus, when you slip your foot inside your boots, you will feel that the insoles adapt to the shape of your feet. They are snugly comfortable.

They also have a top layer of fabric, which wicks away moisture thus keeping your feel dry and cool all the time. These insoles keep a low profile. They do not add any thickness for your feet, but they are firm and supportive.


  • Good for people with heel and foot pain
  • Very durable, engineered to last a long time
  • The top fabric is antimicrobial for preventing odor causing bacteria
  • Buy and use them in your boots immediately – no break in session needed


  • Price is a bit high

Best work boot insoles buying guide

What are the most important factors to consider when buying the best work boot insoles? Insoles may appear like an afterthought to many people. However, they can make or break your experience with your work boots. They can also offer support to your feet.

Here are things to consider when buying insoles for your work boots:

Arch support in the best work boot insoles

This is one of the most important considerations. Arch support is going to help you especially if you have flat feet. It can prevent the pain that you usually experience from flat feet when walking. Naturally, all feet should be arched. However, some people do develop overpronation where the foot arches inward as they walk. Consistent wearing of insoles with arch support may help correct that.

Material used to make the insoles

Memory and eva foam are the most common material for making insoles and there are reasons for that. Memory foam is especially good because it is designed in such a way that when you remove your shoes, it goes back to its original shape.

Shock absorption features

This is very important especially for people that experience stress on their feet. If your feet feel painful, you want to ensure no shock gets to them when your foot lands on a rock. Insoles with shock absorber can help in that. DEEP HEEL CUP is one of the features that help in absorbing shock.

Special features

The best work boot insoles should have some special features. These include things such as odor control, something that you get from the top layer if it is made of natural material. Hours spent in your work boots can be hot and sweaty and that is why you should have odor control in your insoles.


Buying a pair of work boots is not enough. You still need to go ahead and buy the right accessories. The best work boot insoles are very important because they protect your feet and keep you comfortable throughout the working hours. You have seen seven of the best of them here and you can choose one accordingly.