Best Socks for Work Boots Reviews

The best work boots are not enough to keep your feet safe, comfortable and healthy. You need to accompany them with the best socks for work boots.

Thankfully, just like boots, these are easy to find in the market. You will enjoy many comfort and health benefits from these socks. With so many types of socks for work boots in the market, it can be hard to pick a nice pair if this is your first time.

Keep reading to see tested and proven work socks.

Best socks for work boots reviews

These are just seven of the best work boot socks that you can buy. We have ranked them according to comfort, durability and popularity. We figured that if many people bought a certain brand, they cannot all be wrong.

1. Carhartt Mens Cotton Work Boot Socks

When looking for the best work socks, you want a pair that can do a few important things for you. One of those things is keeping you comfortable. Socks make the wall between your soft foot and the hard wall of the boots. Another thing that you should look for is odor control. Thankfully, the Carhartt Men’s socks for work boots are a combination of these and more factors.

These socks are made of a blend of different fibers. Cotton takes 70 percent, Nylon 21 percent, acrylic 8 percent, spandex 1 percent for the white and black socks. The gray ones may have a different mix in the blend, but they are still good.

If there is anything like heavy-duty socks, these are the real deal. They are made to be worn with steel-toed boots. At the same time, they are socks for all seasons. Whether it is hot or cold, wear these socks and they will keep you comfortable throughout your workdays. The choice of cotton, which is a natural fiber, keeps these socks breathable, which is something that you need for those long workdays.

The sole area of the socks has been cushioned for extra protection. The ankle and the leg parts too are padded and then there is engineered arch support that enhances the fit of the socks.


  • The socks are abrasion-resistant
  • Because the socks are breathable, they keep your feet cool
  • Made with technology that fights odors
  • Comfortable for long work hours


  • The elastic band at the top is too stiff
  • The socks may not be true-to-size

2. Dickies Men’s Industrial Work Crew Socks

It is hard to imagine that socks can come with ankle support, but these ones do have it. They have been designed with ankle and arch compression that gives more stability and support to the person wearing them. These socks are made of a blend of materials like cotton 67 percent, polyester 25 percent, nylon 7 percent and spandex 1 percent.

The heel and the tow pads are made with heavier cotton yarn so that they can last as long as possible. These areas get a lot of pressure when you wear your socks. That is why they have been given special attention by making the pads with stronger yarns.

The entire sole part of the socks are cushioned thus, if you have thin skin on the feet, you should find these socks very comfortable. When it comes to socks, the first parts to wear out are the toe and heel areas. However, with these socks, the heel and toe box have been reinforced so that they can wear out at the same rate with the rest of the socks.

If you are tall, these are the socks for you. Their reach is about six inches from the ankles.


  • You can machine-wash the socks
  • Price is affordable
  • Heel and toe area made with extra strong yarn for durability
  • They are true-to-size


  • Elastic part around the opening is too tight
  • They might not keep you warm in chilly weather

3. Fox River Mid-Calf Work Boot Socks

These are the best socks for work boots, especially if you use steel-toe boots. You know how punishing the toe box can be on your toes if you do not have the right socks. With the Fox River work boot socks, your feet can stay comfortable through any kind of work condition.

These socks have been designed with WICK DRY technology. The essence of this is that when your feet sweat, the socks draw the moisture away from the skin. This helps to keep your feet odor-free and dry. Another feature that you will be happy with is the thick cushioning. It will keep the soft skin of your soles protected in your day-to-day grueling job.

The main material used in the manufacture of these socks is acrylic. There are many benefits of this man-made fiber. One of them is that it keeps warmer than many natural fibers. It can also be dyed brighter than most other fibers.

The reason that makes these socks good for steel-toed boots is the extra padding over the heel and the toe areas. Even in the toughest of working conditions, these socks will last a long time in great shape.


  • They have URfit system that gives the socks a personalized fit
  • Keeps the feet dry even in sweltering heat
  • The socks last a long time
  • Extra padding over the toes and heels is very helpful


  • They cost more than most work boots socks in the market

4. Carhartt Synthetic Socks – Best  socks for work boots

Another Carhartt pair of socks makes it to the list of the best socks for work boots and for a good reason too. These are made of 87 percent acrylic. It is a man-made fiber that has got a unique ability of wicking moisture. Acrylic is extremely comfortable and it can keep your feet dry for the longest time. You can machine-wash the socks so that they can retain their bright colors. Remember, acrylic adapts very well to bright colors as compared to other materials.

These socks resist odor very well, something that you will need for all those long hours that you will be on your feet. At the same time, these socks are abrasion-resistant. Even if you have the softest skin on the soles of your feet, these socks are going to be safe for your feet. They are also fully cushioned to make them as comfortable as possible.

The compression arch offers some sort of arch support. The socks are also breathable and performance-oriented. Since acrylic is self-cooling, it keeps the feet cool even in brazen temperatures. A few hours into wearing these socks, you will feel as if you were born with them on. They fit snugly on the feet without feeling invasive on the skin.


  • Sweat wicking system works very well
  • Breathable – keeps your feet cool
  • Made to last a long time thanks to reinforced material on heel and toe area
  • The socks retail their extra cushioning for a long time


  • The packaging could be better, they are a bit tough to get out of the box
  • Some people have complained that the heels are not as strong

5. Universal Textiles Reinforced Toe Socks for Work Boots

The reason why these socks come with reinforced toe area is because they are made to be used with steel-toed boots. As performance socks, they bring comfort, durability and convenience in a very big way. For example, they wick the sweat away, which is something that you will need if you work long hours on your feet. Even the little details such as the smooth seam in the toe area have been considered carefully. That way, you will not feel some bulging seam pressing into your toes.

It is wonderful to find a pair of socks that have a comfortable elastic band. Most of the performance socks that we have reviewed here have this nasty band that presses into your flesh especially when they are new.

We cannot say much about odor control, but we know that these socks are so easy to wash either by hand or by machine. Besides, being made of a blend of cotton, polyester and nylon, they dry fast. They are sold in a pack of four, but you can order more so that you have a clean pair for each day of the week.


  • They are made for comfort throughout their life
  • They help you stay warmer in chilly weather
  • The color does not run
  • Thick bottom give you a better grip in your boot


  • Some users have complained that theirs slid down their ankles

6. Foxriver Crew Cut Heavyweight Socks for Steel Toed Work Boots

FoxRiver has been in the business of making performance socks since 1900. Thus, you can trust them to make socks that your feet will love. The FoxRiver Crew Cut heavy-duty socks for men are such a product.

You can wear these socks with the confidence that they will keep your feet safe, comfortable and fresh throughout the long working hours. FoxSox socks are known for the unique WICKDRY technology that they come with. This technology wicks the sweat away from your skin. It leaves you feeling quite comfortable throughout the day.

The technology does not stop there. These socks also incorporate the URfit technology, which enhances the personalization of the socks. This simply means that these socks are going to conform to the shape and size of your feet.

The material for these socks is acrylic. This high quality man-made fiber keeps the feet cool, and it allows air to circulate over the feet and most importantly, it is durable. Every one of their pair of the best socks for work boots leaves the factory with thick cushioning. The toe and heel area of the socks are made with thicker material for longevity.


  • Incorporates FoxRiver’s special wicking technology for keeping you dry
  • The socks conform to the shape of your feet to fit you snugly and comfortably
  • The thick cushioning stays intact for a long time
  • Good for working long hours


  • What is there to dislike about these socks?

7. Wolverine Men’s Mid Calf Socks

These socks come in a pack of two. They are mid-calf socks made for use with steel-toed boots. As a result, these socks do not have a protruding seam that coud press onto your toes. They are very comfortable and can be worn for long hours of work.

The engineering is marvelous and it incorporates the small details, which really count a lot. For example, with the built-in arch support, these socks can help you to avoid ankle fatigue. With the right pair of work boot socks on your feet, you can work longer hours, thus being more productive.

Because the material used is a blend of 80 percent cotton, we consider these as cotton socks. They are therefore breathable and comfortable on your soft foot skin. These are qualities that you can only find in natural fibers. They have some extra cushioning on the sole for comfort. The toe and heel areas are also made with thicker material to make them last as long as possible.

Mostly, they are available in black or white color. The styling is further enhanced by the Wolverine label in red color. The elastic at the opening of the sock is quite comfortable and fitting. It does not hurt even for people with thick calf muscles.


  • You can machine-wash the socks
  • Good for preventing foot fatigue thanks to built-in compression for the arch
  • Reinforced material for the toe and heel areas lasts long
  • Can be used well with just about any kind of boot, even hiking boots
  • They never slide down your ankle


  • They could be thicker for more boot fit
  • Some users said theirs had holes when they were delivered

Buying Guide for the best socks for work boots

Buying the first pair of work boot socks that you find in any online marketplace is not such a good idea. You should have a few features that you should look for in your pair of socks. That way, you will not be buying your pair blindly.

Here are the main things to consider when buying the best socks for work boots:

Comfort of the best socks for work boots

Without doubt, the comfort of the socks takes precedence over all other features when you need a pair of socks. The reason why you are buying the socks in the first lace is that the boots are uncomfortable when you wear them with regular socks. Thus, if the socks are uncomfortable, it defeats the purpose totally.

Some of the factors that contribute to comfort in work boot socks include cushioning on the sole. The thicker the better. This cushioning offers some insulation for your foot especially if you have thin skin on your soles. It will help you stay as comfortable as possible.

If you are buying the best work boot socks so that you can wear them with steel-toed boots, make sure they have extra padding on the heel area and on the toe area. This, way, they prevent your toes from hitting the steel wall of the toe box. This extra thickness also makes the socks last long because most of them start breaking at the toe and heel areas.

How well do they fit?

Fit for your socks is as paramount as fit in the boots themselves. The last thing that you want is a pair of socks that runs too small or too big. Because these socks have extra padding on the heel and toe areas, you can imagine how unseemly it would look when you wear socks with the heel area riding over the top of your ankle.

Another thing that determines the fit is the elastic band at the opening. If you look at different reviews of work boot socks, you will see people complaining how their socks just slide down and pile up on their ankles. Some of these socks have wide openings. You should avoid such.

Look for a pair of socks that has customizable fit. For example, FoxRiver socks are engineered with their unique URfit technology. They just wrap around your feet like second skin.

The socks material

Work boot socks are made of different types of materials. Most are made of a blend of a natural fiber such as cotton, spandex, nylon or polyester. Others are made of acrylic, which is a natural fiber and a blend of other materials in smaller percentages.

Whatever you buy, make sure the material is recommended for the kind of environment that you will be working in. For example, for high temperature environments, acrylic is best because of its ability to wick the sweat away, something that cotton does not do very well since it soaks the sweat and stays damp.

Final verdict

You have seen the seven best socks for work boots that you can buy for your day-to-day use. Our go-to socks are the Carhartts mens boot socks because of their excellent quality. Coming in a close second is the FoxRiver acrylic socks because of their wicking ability and customizable fit. Make sure you check for the features that we have recommended here such as comfort, fit, style, material and so on. Remember, socks can make or break your workday.