Kiwi Conditioning Oil vs Mink Oil

As you seek information regarding Kiwi conditioning oil vs mink oil, many things will come up.

For instance, one of the most common questions that you will come across is: Is Kiwi conditioning oil the same as mink oil?

Well, is it?

That is what we are going to find out in this article!

Kiwi is one of the most popular brand names in the world for leather conditioners, or shoe polishes if you like. However, it is just that – a leather conditioner.

Therefore, what do you use a leather condition for? First, it helps the leather retain a perfect shape. However, if it has been some time since you last maintained your leather footwear, you need to do something to help to restore it to its status.

Therefore, one of the outstanding differences between Kiwi leather oil conditioner and mink oils is that the latter is used when the leather is quite beat. Therefore, you can use it to restore old leather to mint condition. When you have chaffed and scuffed leather, you can best use mink oil on it.

However, to understand better the difference between Kiwi leather lotion vs mink oil, first, you need to know what they are. Keep reading!

What is Mink Oil?

Mink oil comes from the belly fat of minks.  Minks are farmed for their fur. However, when the skin is removed, most of the fat on the belly remains attached to the skin. Therefore, it is removed later during the processing of the skin or pelt. For many years, this oil has been used for conditioning human hair. It is also good for toning the skin.

However, today, it finds extensive use in the leather conditioning industry. In addition, today, many sectors also use it as a biofuel.

Among all notable uses is that it is useful as a waterproofing product for leather products. Therefore, when you apply it on your leather boots, it is going to make them waterproof. In fact, it is recommended that you apply it after every so long, say about 3 times a year.

As you look for information on the internet about the uses of mink oil, you will see that it is one of the most popular leather conditioners. On the same note, some of the most frequently asked questions include:

  • What does mink oil do for leather?
  • Is mink oil bad for leather?
  • Is mink oil the same as leather conditioner?

These and more questions show you just how important mink oil is for use on leather. In the upcoming sections, we are going to find out whether mink oil on leather is better than Kiwi leather conditioner.

What is Kiwi conditioning oil?

Kiwi is as much a brand name as it is a product. In fact, Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand. However, the man who launched this boot care brand was Australian married to a New Zealand wife.

Image of kiwi leather lotion vs mink oil

This oil leather conditioner is a blend of different things. Among the components, there is silicone, solvents and paraffin. Therefore, if you, like many people have been thinking that Kiwi contains mink oil, it does not!

However, when you look at the main ingredients of Kiwi, you can start to understand why it is so widely popular as a leather oil conditioner. For instance, paraffin helps to create a barrier that keeps water from permeating your leather.

In addition, there is silicone, which bonds with the leather very well. In fact, it compliments the performance of paraffin, thereby making the leather more waterproof.

Lastly, there are solvents, which you truly cannot tell what they are because the manufacturer does not disclose on the packaging. However, for most people who know solvents, it is a love-hate relationship with them. Some claim that solvents dry out the leather. However, others say that they are alright.

Kiwi Conditioning Oil Vs Mink Oil Differences

Now that we have looked at mink oil leather conditioner, seen what it is and where it comes from as well as the Kiwi leather oil conditioner, it is now time to look at the main differences between the two. That way, you can be able to find out what will suit your needs in the best way possible. Keep reading to see what we mean.

1. Products

Kiwi is a brand name. Therefore, the Kiwi polish or Kiwi conditioning oil is just that – Kiwi. On the other hand, mink oil is just a generic name. Therefore, you can find it selling under different brand names depending on the manufacturers.

2. Different ingredients

Mink oil leather is made of fat from mink pelt. Therefore, it is as natural as they come. In addition, it could be more expensive because it is natural.

Kiwi oil conditioner on the other hand is made of solvents, silicone and paraffin. However, all of them bond together so well to make this incredible product that makes the leather fibers more flexible.

3. Longevity

Kiwi and indeed other leather oils do not stay too long on the leather. Therefore, you will have to reapply more often.

On the other hand, mink oil stays much longer on the leather. Therefore, it is also active for longer, keeping your leather well primed and flexible for the longest time.

4. Weather resistance effect

Mink oil leather conditioner makes your leather items more resistant to the weather. Remember, we have already said that it lasts longer on the leather.

However, Kiwi leather conditioner makes your leather items weatherproof too, but not as much or for as long as mink oil does.

Therefore, if you wear leather work boots to work in exposed conditions for many hours in a day, you can prime them with mink oil. However, if you work on the factory floor under a roof and indoors, Kiwi should do just fine.

5. Breathability

As tough as leather looks, would you believe that it is breathable? Indeed it is!

That is why your feet are able to stay dry and comfortable even when you wear them for long hours. However, the breathability of these shoes is enhanced further by the use of special linings.

But that is beside the point.

The point is, some leather conditioners such as Kiwi can make your leather more breathable. The reason for that is that leather has pores. They enhance breathability.

Image of mink oil for leather

Therefore, when you look for a conditioner, find one that leaves the pores open. That way, you can have a breathable yet waterproof pair of leather boots.

Kiwi conditioning oil will do a better job at keeping the pores open. However, Mink oil has a tendency to clog the pores. Therefore, it lowers the breathability of the leather.

6. Usage and application

Leather comes in many types. However, the most common types of natural leather include full grain and suede. Therefore, before you can buy mink oil for leather, you want to know whether it will be fine for your kind of leather.

Kiwi leather oil conditioner is good for suede leather too. However, the mink oil for leather is not much good for suede. In fact, you should not even use it. Therefore, if you have been asking: is mink oil good for suede? The answer is no, it is not.

7. Usage Outcome

Making a leather item waterproof and flexible is not the only reason why we use leather oil conditioners.

There are more reasons.

For instance, when you use oil leather conditions on your boots, you want them to maintain the luster and the look that they came with from the factory. Therefore, if the leather has a brawny look, you want to maintain the same for as long as possible.

Kiwi oil is going to help you do that. However, mink oil will not. Therefore, if you have special leather boots, you know, such as cowboy boots that you keep for certain occasions, Kiwi leather oil might be your best bet.

Kiwi darkens the leather. Therefore, it is going to make any dark areas more outstanding. However, please note that it is always good to read the instructions for use. For instance, if you use Kiwi on lighter leathers, it is going to darken them.

Mink oil is not going to enhance the luster of the leather. Therefore, if your leather items have this brawny look about them, the mink oil conditioner might not be the most ideal for that.

Kiwi Leather Lotion vs Mink Oil Similarities

There are several differences between the Kiwi leather conditioning oil vs mink oil. Now, this does not mean that there are no similarities at all. Keep reading to see some of the similarities:

These products make the leather supple and soft. Therefore, the main reason for using these two conditioners is to make the leather more flexible.

Both mink oil and Kiwi oil seep into the leather nicely. Therefore, they work on the leather from the inside. Walking involves a lot of stretching and bending. On that note, when you use these conditioners, you make the fibers supple enough to stretch without breaking.

Using the best leather oil adds a protective layer on your leather shoes. Therefore, you can use any to make your boots waterproof. However, just remember that mink oil clogs the pores. Therefore, while it makes your shoes more waterproof, it reduces their breathability.

Pros and Cons of Kiwi Conditioning Oil vs Mink Oil

What are the main benefits of using Kiwi conditioning oil vs mink oil? There are many, and there are some cons too.


Both types of oil for leather can help your leather items to last longer. They both restore the leather to a better condition.

They can make your leather wearables such as shoes and boots waterproof. Therefore, you should treat the shoes a few times a year using these conditioners.

Using mink oil conditioners can actually restore old and beat up leather. In fact, it is recommended that you use mink oil on leather items that have been exposed for a long time. However, Kiwi is best for leather items that have not been exposed too much.

These three are main advantages of using these conditioners. Now, you need to know the disadvantages.


It might not be possible to use these products on suede shoes. Therefore, read the instructions for use before buying or applying.

There have been complaints that the solvents used in the manufacture of Kiwi make the leather too hard and stiff. However, that might not be entirely true since Kiwi makes leather more flexible. The only problem is that you have to apply it too often.


Well, to conclude this discussion on Kiwi conditioning oil vs mink oil, we can say that whichever you buy, you will get good value for money.

In addition, both of them do a good job of keeping your leather nourished, flexible and supple. Therefore, you can use either leather conditioner to maintain new leather items. However, if you have a really old leather item that you need to restore, use mink oil instead of Kiwi.

There are many mink oil uses, but its use is more extensive in the leather industry.