JB Dillon Boots Reviews: Are They Worth It?

are jb dillon boots good quality

What many JB Dillon boots reviews fail to mention is that they are made in Mexico and that no third party reseller stocks them.

The owner – Rick’s Ranchwear of Ohio sells these boots. They are made in Mexico under a manufacturing agreement.

Because there are no third party sellers involved in the distribution of these western boots, they are hard to find in the online marketplaces. However, that does not mean that you cannot find them if you look hard enough.

For example, on eBay, you will find them being auctioned at good prices. Just bear in mind that most of them may be slightly used.

The JB Dillon boots are made in cowboy style.

What are the best JB Dillon Boots

They may come in generic cowboy styles, but there is no mistaking these boots with others when you see them.

They are not handcrafted, but they are unique in the way they look, feel and serve you. If you would like a pair of cowboys that don’t look like any other for miles around you, get these ones.

Here, we shall look at a few that you can buy new from the shop or from online marketplaces, resold by people who bought them from the shop but never wore them for one reason or other.

1. Vintage JB Dillon Snakeskin Boots

This brand name carries boots in different styles and models. Some of them are collectibles. For example, we shall look at the JB Dillon Vintage Snakeskin Boots, which you can find on secondhand sales on different online marketplaces.

These boots are made of leather. On the bottom part of the upper, these shoes have white and black snakeskin. On the upper part of the leather upper, they have black leather.  They are 13.5 inches high, but you can also get other height sizes if you like.

At the ball of foot area, which is also the widest point of the sole, the boots measure about 4 inches. Some may be a bit wider depending on the width of the feet of the intended wearer. If you buy the boots and you feel that they are a bit narrow, a few days of breaking them in should do the trick and make them fit appropriately.

The heel height is 1.5 inches. That is just about the standard with most cowboy boots in the market. These boots come with heels made of stacked leather.

2. Men’s JBA 1115 Dillon Boots

The main outstanding feature about this pair is the thick sole. The heel height is 1.25 inches, which is not too bad for ranch work. The work sole is going to protect your feet against rocks, stumps, pebbles and other things that might hurt your feet.

Image of best JB Dillon boots

The upper is all leather. The foot area is of brown leather on the bottom part. The upper part is made with blue leather that is further embellished with beautiful patterns.

This footwear comes in slip-on style, so you should expect the calf area to be a little bit wide. It has loops on the sides for pulling it on and off. From the shaft, the upper measures 11 inches, which is not too high, but it is still good enough even for tall men.

The toe area of the boot is designed in a box shape. If you have wide feet, you know you can never go wrong with the box toe area. It is also reinforced for extra strength so that dropped objects will not crash your metatarsal area. Such a feature makes this pair good for work.

3. Black Ostritch Vamp Brown Boots

As you look for JB Dillon boots reviews, you will come across the Black Ostrich Vamp browns. These boots are incredibly good looking thanks to the hand stitching and cording that has been done on the brown leather.

The insole is lined with PORON, which makes it antimicrobial for odor control. It has a leather heel and a beveled outsole for better traction on all types of terrains. While these are mainly cowboy boots for ranch work, there is no reason why you should not wear them to other work.

A pair of these boots is going to set you back a good amount of money. However, the features that they come with show they are good for keeps. The 13-inch shaft is going to protect your feet and legs amply. The toe area has been reinforced, so it is protective enough.

They are made in the slip-on style. Pulling them on and off should be easy. Just hold them by the attached straps and pull them up while pushing your feet inside.