How To Use Mink Oil On Boots

Do you have leather boots? It is time you knew how to apply mink oil on boots. Is this even important? You may ask.

Well, mink oil has many qualities. It can replenish your leather boots and make them soft and flexible. However, it can harden the leather if not used correctly. That is why you need to know how much of it you should apply and how many times in a week, month or a year you should use it.

But still, that does not shed a lot of light on why “mink oil for boots.” So, we shall start by looking at it, knowing its source and other important factors.

What is Mink Oil for Boots

Mink oil comes from minks, small carnivorous animals that belong to the same family as ferrets, otters and weasels among others. Now, mink oil comes from the fat layer that is found under their skin. It is said that in their entire lifetime, these animals do not suffer from any skin disease, hence the popularity of their oil.

Their fur is also quite expensive. Today, mink coats are social status symbols, as they have been for many years.

I digress …

We are not here to learn about the animal, but rather, its oil and how to apply mink oil to boots for the best effect.

Many people ask: What does mink oil do for boots? Well, many things, but chief among them is that it nourishes the leather, making it more moisturized and more durable. At the same time, it makes the color of your boots stand out more.

Another thing is that mink oil for boots makes the leather more resistant to water. Clearly, there are more like 101 benefits of applying Kiwi mink oil on your boots. Therefore, for people asking: does mink oil waterproof boots, the answer is a resounding yes.

The mink oil used for waterproofing boots is mixed with other things such as beeswax. You can always check the product label to see all the ingredients.

How to mink oil boots

Now that we know what mink oil is and its importance on your leather boots, we shall find out how to apply mink oil to boots. It is very simple and it need not take too much of your time. Keep reading.

Step 1: Buy The Right Mink Oil

This is where everything starts. As usual, when we have a popular product in the market, it is sure to be counterfeited a lot and mink oil has not been spared.

Image of mink oil

Therefore, your first task is to buy the best, recommended mink oil for boots. You can check on popular online marketplaces such as Kiwi mink oil is the most popular brand, but there are other options that you can try.

 Step 2: Clean Your Boots

Mink oil for boots is a type of leather conditioner. Before you can apply it, you need to give your boots a thorough cleaning.

To get rid of the superficial dirt such as dry mud, first scrape it off with a plastic knife or a blunt knife. You can then clean the shoes with a damp cloth. You could also clap the boots against each other over a wide piece of cloth or a dustbin to remove stuck mud.

Even you have not worn the boots for some time and they look clean, they are not. You need to give them a wipe down with a damp piece of cloth so that you can remove any dust and grease.

If the boots are truly dirty, perhaps you should take this opportunity to clean them up. You can even immerse them in water completely and scrub them out. That way, you will also get rid of any other ineffective waterproof layers on the surface so that you can apply a new one afresh.

Let the boots dry completely in the air before you can commence applying mink oil for leather boots. It is best that you dry the boots in air unless it is winter. However, you can always use a store-bought boot dryer.

Step 3: Applying The Mink Oil Waterproof

It is now time to apply your mink oil waterproof layer. This is easier than it sounds and it need not take much time.

The first thing to do here is to read the instructions for use as advised by the manufacturer. You should follow those instructions if you want to get the best results.

You need a clean piece of cloth to apply this product on your boots. OK, you can also use a soft bristled brush.

Since the product comes ready to use, no mixing is required or preparation is needed. Just fold the piece of cloth and dab it onto your shoes, starting with one section, say the toe area.

Apply the mink oil in circular motions. You will have to be very keen so that you apply it as amply and thoroughly as possible.

Do this section by section until you are done with one boots and then you can proceed with the second one.

Pay special attention to the joints because that is where water is most likely to get inside the shoes. You can apply a second layer of mink oil along these areas to make them completely watertight.

It is important that you apply a thin layer over the leather so that you avoid clogging the pores. In fact, clogging the pores of the leather is one of the reasons why people say that mink oil made their boots hard.

Besides, if the pores are clogged, your boots will not be breathable and your feet can sweat crazily in hot weather.

Image of mink


That is it for how to use mink oil on boots. If you have suede boots, you may be asking: can you put mink oil on suede. The answer is yes. Suede is also leather and it needs to be made waterproof.

You just need to clean the suede boots, then take a clean sponge or cloth and use it to apply your mink oil on the boots. It is pretty much the same process as we have outlined for full grain leather boots.