Best Socks for Stinky Feet

Do your feet throw a stink every time you remove your shoes? Worry not because here, we bring you the best socks for stinky feet. They will help!

On your feet alone, there are more than 250,000 sweat glands. If your feet are exposed to the lowest amount of heat, they can produce copious amounts of sweat.

In any case, you are not alone in the stinky game because in the USA, about 36 million people aged 21 years and older experience foot odor. In fact, a good number of them experience horrible foot odor.

At one time or another, you are going to experience sweaty feet. It can be after standing for long hours in the daylight heat or it could be after walking or running a long distance.

On your feet, there are good and bad bacteria. When your feet sweat, the bad bacteria mix with the sweat. The mix of sweat and bacteria causes foot odor.

As you can see, you have now identified one of the causes of foot odor – sweaty feet. This means that if you can prevent your feet from sweating, you will control the nasty smell.

And that is why you are here to see the best socks for stinking feet! Keep reading.

What kind of socks help stinky feet? Reviews

The right socks will help with smelly feet. However, the wrong socks can cause a seriously nasty smell from your feet. Socks to help with smelly feet are engineered differently.

Here, we shall look at a few of them:

1. Dickies Mens Dri-tech Moisture Control Socks

Best Socks for Stinky FeetThese work socks are from a beautiful legacy of making work gear, for almost 100 years. For an affordable amount of money, you can have a pack of these socks and they will help you to prevent your feet from making a stink after wearing shoes for hours.

Here are the features that they come with:

Dri-tech Moisture Control and Breathability

What sets these socks apart from the others is that Dickie’s has incorporated the Dri-tech moisture control. For this, the socks have fibers that control moisture from your feet.

They do this by wicking the sweat away from your feet. If your feet stay dry, they will not smell as much as they would if they stay with the sweat.

These socks are so breathable. They come with ventilation channels that enhance the flow of air in and outside the shoes. More airflow keeps your feet cool and dry all the time.


Made with cotton 70 percent, polyester 28 percent and spandex 2 percent, these socks feel thick and comfortable, perfect for wearing with work shoes. You can machine-wash them, so keeping them clean should not be a problem at all.

Comfortable and durable

These socks are very comfortable. First, they are thick, so they are also durable. Secondly, they have extra padding on the full sole region. When combined with the right insoles, they give your foot the right support and comfort the entire day.

For durability, these socks have reinforcement on the heel and the toe areas. This helps them to last long. These are the areas where socks start wearing away.

These socks also have arch compression, which is the same thing as arch support.

This enhances stability and balance when you are walking. If you are looking for the best anti odor socks, these are the real deal.


If you have big feet, you will find these socks fitting a bit small. Some people have also complained of the socks slipping down their feet. These are small downsides that are not deal-breakers.

2. Smartwool Men’s Crew Hiking Socks

Best sock material for sweaty feetYou can use these performance socks for adventure. Of course, wool is the go-to material for socks designed to combat foot smell. They are designed for heavy usage, in instances where your feet will sweat.

Here are some of these socks’ outstanding features:


If you wear closed leather shoes, your feet will sweat more than when you wear open shoes. The same applies to the socks.

Breathability is a very important factor for keeping your feet from sweating excessively. While the socks are breathable, they are also durable.

Smartwool Men’s Crew Hiking Shoes are made with Indestructawool technology. This technology enhances both durability and breathability. You will enjoy good airflow on your feet.


The socks are made with a blend of merino wool, nylon and elastane in the ratios of 69, 30 and 1 percent respectively.

Elastane helps to make the socks elastic so that they can hold onto the ankle well. The inclusion of nylon keeps the socks light and it enhances the drying time.


These socks are very comfortable especially because they come with a seamless toe design. In addition, they are designed with a 4-Degree Elite Fit System, which just means that they have a flex area at the ankles. Thus, it is hard for them to lose their elasticity and fit even with time.


These socks come with light padding on the sole, which enhances your foot’s comfort when you wear your shoes.

Even if your shoes come with a light stock insole, you will appreciate the extra padding that the socks come with. Most adventure socks come with padding on the sole, and these ones are not any different.


While these socks are great for sweaty feet, they do not fit true to size. Actually, there have been complaints that the socks fit a size or two too small. So you might want to bear that fact in mind before you can order a pair.

3. Under Armour Women’s Essential 2.0 No Show Socks

Do socks help with smelly feetThese ones are made with the best sock material for sweaty feet and we will show you why, in just a moment.

If you would like a pair of shoes that you just need to wear and forget about, get these ones. Being targeted at women, Under Armour makes these available in so many colors.

Keep reading to see the features:

Material blend

These socks are constructed with a blend of Polyester, Nylon, Spandex and other fibers in the ratio of 90%, 6%, 3% and 1% respectively.

The result of this blend is that you get a pair of socks that does something very special for sweaty feet. It wicks the sweat away from the skin.

When your feet sweat, the moisture does not linger on the skin. It is soaked up by the fibers and it is then dispersed as these socks are fast-dry.

They are thin

Thick socks are a no-go zone for people with sweaty feet because they will encourage even more sweating. These ones are so thin that you barely remember that you are wearing socks.

The benefit of wearing thin socks is that they do not make your feet too warm. This is what you need because too much warmth in closed shoes makes the feet sweat. However, because of their thin profile, they are just good for summer. You would need a warmer pair for winter.

They come with arch support

There are socks that come with arch support, which can help someone with flat feet. Of course, it is not as supportive as what you would get in Protalus or SuperFeet insoles, but it is better than none at all.

If you need these socks for running, walking and jogging, you will find that the socks enhance your comfort and it eliminates foot fatigue.

Comfortable fit

Fit is very important for socks. That is why Under Armour has spared no effort to make these socks as comfortable as possible. They are short, ankle socks and they do not slide down even when you run. They also have heel contours that enhance how they fit.


These socks are light and short. They are good for the warm seasons only and you can only wear them with sneakers.

4. Toes&Feet Men’s Anti-Odor Socks

What kind of socks are best for stinky feetThese are quick-dry socks, also keeping them clean should not be hard at all. The price of these socks is low, so you can buy at least three pairs so that you can exchange them. Since these are light socks, they are best for wearing with sneakers in the warm seasons only.

But first, here are the features that they come with:

Moisture wicking technology

These shoes come with moisture wicking technology. When your feet sweat, the moisture does not stay on the skin. Thus, the bacteria that mix with sweat to cause foot smell do not thrive.

Because of the combination of cotton, spandex, polyester and nylon, these socks dry fast when you wash them. You can also machine-wash them.

Breathable and arch support

These socks come with a compression arch that enhances stability and balance. On the top part of the socks, they are made with a breathable mesh design.

This is quite a combination as your feet get good airflow all the time, especially if you wear these socks with breathable mesh shoes.

Anti-odor effect

These shoes have an anti-odor effect integrated into them. And that is not all because it does not last a long time.

While most of the other socks usually control odor by breathability alone, these ones have built-in anti-odor effect, usually silver.

Besides, it does not wash off even with regular cleaning and it will last as long as the socks will last.

Best Socks for Stinky Feet Buying Guide

There are tens, probably hundreds of the best anti odor socks in the market. Choosing a pair or two can be hard at first since they all claim to be the best. However, do not sweat it.

Image of Do socks help with smelly feet

Here are a few factors to help you buy the right anti-odor socks for smelly feet.

Best sock material for sweaty feet

Mostly, when people think about the best materials for anti odor socks, they are asking what they should choose between natural and synthetic fiber socks.

The best option is synthetic fiber because it is perfect for wicking moisture. Since the fibers are blended, look for polyester, cotton or wool socks but with a good percentage of nylon.

Comfort features

Today, socks manufacturers come with many comfort features. For instance, you should consider buying socks that have padding on the full foot. This keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Other features include arch compression, which enhances stability and balance when you are walking.

Arch support will work well with good insoles and it might even help you if you have flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

Socks thickness

If you are buying socks for winter, they need to be thick and at the same time, breathable and they should have moisture wicking technology.

For summer, for running and jogging, the socks will be thin. However, even the thin socks should have reinforcement in the toe and heel areas.


The price is not a major determinant of the type of socks that you buy. However, there is no need to pay $60 for a pair of the best anti odor socks when you can have the same for $30.

Perhaps you could consider buying more than a pair, say, about three to six pairs. Before you worry about the price, look at the features.

Best Socks For Stinky Feet FAQ

Buying a pair of socks looks like an easy job, until you start considering the features closely. If you are still not sure what types of socks are best for smelly feet, these questions and answers might help you.

Do socks help with smelly feet?

Yes. Anti odor socks are designed with silver and other anti-odor material that does not wash out even with frequent cleaning.

Even if your feet sweat profusely, the socks wick away the sweat and keep your feet as fresh as possible throughout the day.

Why do my feet smell with socks?

When your feet sweat, the bacteria mix with the sweat and cause odor. They will smell even when you have socks, unless you wear socks that are specifically designed with anti-odor material. To help control odor, you must get the best sock material for sweaty feet.

How do I stop my feet from stinking so bad?

First, you need to change your socks so that you wear the ones that come with wicking technology.

Secondly, you can also get socks that are breathable so that there is more airflow on your feet. Other things that you might want to try include wearing open-design shoes for better airflow.

What kind of socks are best for stinky feet?

There are many kinds of good socks for stinky feet. However, the very best ones come with padded foot, breathable top, arch compression, heel and toe reinforcement and integrated odor control.

Final Thoughts on Best Socks for Stinky Feet

Smelly feet can cause you a serious embarrassment because you can clear the room just by removing your shoes.

However, like many other foot issues that we address here, there is a solution. It is in the best socks for stinky feet.

Our number one recommendation for you is the Dickies Socks with Dri-tech Moisture control, which you can buy on These will keep your feet dry and comfortable for a long time.