How Long Are Boot Laces? 27 to 72 Inches

If you are a boot lover or you wear work boots daily, you must have asked at one time; how long are boot laces?

Well, that is a fair question!  And here, we are going to find out just how long your boot laces are.

Of course, the length of the laces depends on a few things and one of them is the number of holes, also called eyelets. As the holes (eyelets) increase, the shoe laces increase in length.

So, What length of laces do I need? The general rule is that three eyelets require a 27 inches while 8 eyelets require up to 72 inches. Here is a tabular presentation of common boot lace sizes:

3 to 4 eyelets – 27 inches/69CM

5 to 6 eyelets – 35 inches/90CM

6 to 7 eyelets – 54 inches/137CM

7 to 8 eyelets – 60 inches/153CM

8 to 9 eyelets – 72 inches/183CM

9 to 10 eyelets – 81 inches/206CM

10 to 11 eyelets – 100 inches/254CM

11 to 12 eyelets – 120 inches/305CM

More than 12 eyelets – 160 inches/407CM

Because of the attention that boot makers invest in their work boots, chances are that the boot laces you get the first time will break long before your boots are due for replacement.

In that case, you will need to buy new laces. You will need to know the proper length of your boot laces before you order new ones.

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Keep reading to see everything you should know about boot lace sizes.

How long are Timberland boot laces

If you buy a pair of Timberland boots, for instance, the PRO Endurance model for men, you will get good value for money.

However, one bane of these boots is that while they last so long, it is not in their entirety because in most cases, the boot laces seem to wear out faster than other parts of the footwear.

Popular Timberland boot laces

The most popular Timberland boot laces are 47 inches long. But there is no particular length of boot laces that is specific to a certain brand name. It all depends on the size of the boots as well as the number of eyelets.

If your boot has 4 pairs of eyelets, it will most likely have 36-inch laces. That way, you can comfortably tie them and have some length to spare.

If your Timberland boots come with 6 pairs of eyelets, they will come with 45-inch shoelaces. If the boots come with 7 pairs of eyelets, 54-inch shoelaces are going to be long enough for them.

And it does not even stop there! Sometimes, you can have boots that come with 8 pairs of eyelets, they will come with 63 to 72 inches of boot laces. If there are more eyelets, you can get longer laces.

Buying the right boot laces for your Timbers is not enough. You also have to know how to tie them. When you are ordering the laces, make sure they are from Timberland. You can buy them directly from the company or from online marketplaces such as

What are Timberland boot laces made of?

Timberland boot laces are usually made of a blend of man-made and natural fibers. For example, it is possible to find 54-inch laces that are made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent cotton.

Alongside the laces, you will find a description for the boots that they would fit. For instance, 54-inch laces can even fit boots with 8 by 2 eyelets.

How long are Keen boot laces?

Keen is one of the biggest brand names for adventure footwear. If you need something for hiking or backpacking, you are probably going to end up with a Keen, or Merrell.

As usual, we would advise you to get Keen replacement shoelaces for Keen boots and shoes. Luckily, all of these boot companies make great replacement laces, same as the ones that you bought your shoes with.

For as little as $7, you can get very good replacement boot laces to give your boots a new leash of life. Keen brings you universal and unisex replacement laces for lifestyle boots. This means you do not have to look too hard for the right laces. Just count the number of eyelets on the boot and order accordingly.

The most important thing is to follow the shoe laces chart and guide. You do not want to order replacement laces that are too short since they will not help you. Also, you do not want to make them too long such that they trail on the ground even after tying them up.

Different people have different ways of measuring shoe sizes. The same applies to the shoe laces. For instance, in many shoe lace charts, you will find that the vendors give length measurements in inches and in centimeters. This should make things easier for you.

If you do not know the type of replacement laces you need, you can always send a picture to the seller and they will help send you the right laces.

How long are Chukka boot laces?

Chukka boots have their own special kind of chic and cool. They are ankle-length and they come in full-grain leather, suede or nubuck leather uppers. They also come with rubber or synthetic soles.

These boots have got so many things going for them, but the reason why we are here is to know whether you can get replacement boot laces for them. If you can, how long are the laces?

One thing that you will notice about the Chukka boots is that they come short, ankle length. Also, you will notice that they come with two, three or a maximum of four eyelets.

Image of How long are Chukka boot laces

Thus, the replacement shoe laces that you are going to get for these boots are not going to be too long. Generally, if a pair of boots come with four pairs of eyelets, you will need a 27-inch replacement laces (69CM).

Since most Chukka boots come with three pairs of eyelets, the best length for replacement laces is 27 inches/69CM. You will most probably not need any other length.

Now, in some sources, you will find information to the effect that you should use regular dress shoes laces with Chukka boots. They go ahead to recommend that you get 47-inch or 120CM shoe laces. However, for a three eyelet boot, this is going to be too long.

How long are Thorogood boot laces?

The rusty leather and the wedge soles are the two most recognizable features of the Thorogood Moc Toe boots. However, something else that you really want to note keenly is the lacing system of the boots before you order them.

There are many Thorogood boots. However, the Moc Toe is one of the most popular, so it is the one that we will go with. To know what size the shoe laces for these boots is, you need to count the eyelets.

First, you will notice that from the bottom, there are three eyelets on one side, so that is six. After that, you get three pairs of fast-lacing metal hooks and then at the very top, you get another eyelet.

Image of How long are Thorogood boot laces

In total, this makes it all of seven pairs of eyelets. Now, if you have a pair of boots with 7 pairs of eyelets, you should make the shoe lace length 60 to 63 inches/ 152 to 160 CM. That should be long enough to cover the entire boot and leave you with enough lace to spare.

If you do not want to buy generic replacement laces, you can always order the same boot laces that came with the Thorogood Moc Toe boots.

These are usually 60 inches long. They are the same laces that come with the boots from the factory. For instance, there are Thorogood American Heritage boots. These are made of Taslon material. Taslon is a woven polyester material that is strong and durable.

The good thing about buying the replacement laces from the company itself is that there is no second-guessing the colors. You are going to get the real deal. Besides, the 60-inch laces from Thorogood are so cheap, costing barely $4.00.

How long are Chippewa boot laces?

On the longer side, Chippewa boot laces come at 72 inches long and on the medium and shorter side, they measure 54 to 63 inches.

Chippewa boots are long, with shafts that sometimes extend above the ankle and get close to the calves.

The Chippewa logger boot comes with 9 pairs of eyelets mixed with fast-lace metal hooks. You can see why you might need up to 72 inches of boot laces or even longer.

Some Chippewa boots are shorter, for instance, the Utility Boot model comes with a 6-inch shaft. In that case, you are going to need shorter shoe laces for the job.

How do I know how long my boot laces are?

There are three sure ways to know how long your shoe laces are. The first way is to find out the measurements on the box that came with the boots or simply emailing the manufacturer and asking them.

The second method to know how long are boot laces is to measure them from tip to tip. Just stretch them out on the floor or on the kitchen counter and then put a tape measure to them from one tip to the other.

There is also a third way to know what length you need for your shoe laces. Count the eyelets!  Once you know the number of eyelets, you can then find out from online charts the recommended boot lace lengths for such eyelets.

Even the boots with the most eyelets seem to stop at 11 of them  on one side, or 22 in total. For such eyelets, the recommended length is 72 inches or 182CM.

How Long Are Boot Laces? Final Thoughts

If you have a pair of boots with many eyelets, more than 11, you definitely should contact the manufacturer to know whether they have replacement boot laces.

For most of the others though, there are both specific and universal replacement boot laces. Just make sure you order the right color.

The first place is to always look for replacement shoelaces from the manufacturer so that you can get a pair of boot laces for that specific model of boots.