Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot

clark bushacre vs desert boot

Looking for a new pair of chukka boots now that winter is over? Your possible options have to include the Clarks Bushacre and the Clarks Desert Boot. Either one is a better choice for the warmer season, since the chunky winter boots just don’t go well with the rest of your spring outfits.

Picking your chukka boots from the Clarks brand makes a lot of sense, as it has been in the industry since 1825. That’s less than 50 years after the colonies got independence, and 36 years before the outbreak of the US Civil War. Clarks is a British boots brand that has been around for almost 2 centuries now, so you know they’re doing something right to survive all this time.

That’s pretty evident when you look at the Clarks Bushacre and their classic Desert original. Both are high quality suede leather footwear, and no one will fault you if you just get them both. But if you’re only going to get one, then you have to do your part and make the right choice. Doing that starts by paying attention to our Clarks Bushacre vs. Desert Boot comparison.

Breaking it Down

Clark Bushacre vs Desert Boot Reviews

How exactly will we compare these two leather boots? Which factors will we consider?

Of course the price is important, but that won’t be listed here. The simple reason is that the price of each model may vary depending on which seller you get it from. Then there’s also the fact that both the Clarks Bushacre and Original Desert boot come in different versions, and each variation can come with a different price.

So let’s just say that these models have a rather similar price range, and move on. If you are interested in finding more on their price, a simple Internet search will tell you all you need to know.

However, the boots do differ based on a number of other relevant factors. So if you’re considering between these two brands, these are the important points. Let’s focus on these factors: their history, the overall look, the sole, and the comfort level.

1. The History

If you are evaluating these two boots based on their history, keep in mind whether you are looking for a more classic style, or a modern look.

Clarks Desert Boots Review | History

The fact of the matter is that when the Clarks brand was founded by brothers James and Cyrus Clark, they started out manufacturing slippers and rugs. The boot-making history of this brand actually began with their Desert Boot, which was launched in 1950.

The history of the Desert starts with Nathan, who was a descendant of James. He was serving in the Royal Army Service Corps back in 1941, and he was in Burma when he encountered veterans from the battles in North America. These soldiers were issued ankle-height soft suede boots with crepe soles, and Nathan was adamant that they needed to make their own version of it.

So that’s what they did. The sales weren’t all that impressive until Esquire magazine featured a rave review on the Desert Boot which praised its casual versatility. It soon became popular, and it didn’t hurt that it was affordable, elegant, and had heroic roots. They soon became very common among the Beatniks of the postwar era, with lots of people wearing the same style that intellectuals such as Jack Kerouac displayed.

Clarks Desert Boots Review | History

Even now the Clarks Desert Boot is still regarded as the most important product that the brand has ever made. It’s a true classic, and it remains popular even after almost 70 years.

Clarks Bushacre 2 Review | History
The Clarks Bushacre boot is comparatively newer, and it was released in 2005. Yet, it also became one of the brand’s most popular boot models. This was because the designers of the Bushacre simply took in the best features of the original Desert, and then upgraded it for the new 21st century. You can say that it’s the descendant of the Desert Boot, and fans of the Bushacre regard it as an improved model.

2. The Overall Look

What kind of design can you expect from these models? What kind of impression are you projecting?

Clark Desert Boots Review | Look

The look of the Desert Boot is both fashionable and simple. It’s this simplicity that has made it trendy regardless of the era. It can also go with any clothing style.

From basic black jeans all the way to a more formal look, the Desert Boot is very versatile. It’s a chukka boot, and this means they’re an ankle-cut boot that’s best for the spring and summer seasons. The boot was originally made with breathable and unlined suede, but now they can be made from many other types of materials. The boot also features a 2-eyelet lace upfront.

It’s a chukka boot, and this means they’re an ankle-cut boot that’s best for the spring and summer seasons. The Desert Boot was originally made with breathable and unlined suede, but now they can be made from many other types of materials. The boot also features a 2-eyelet lace upfront.

Some do say that on the whole, the Desert Boot seems to have this more “casual” vibe.

But overall, the most notable thing about this boot’s look is probably just its classic appeal. If you like wearing products that have a strong history behind them, then this is the look you would be going for with this boot.

See how they ‘look’ when on someone’s feet, as shown on this video.

Clarke Bushacre 2 Review | Look
You know how sons can look like their fathers a lot? You can say that about the Bushacre and their Desert original predecessor. They’re very similar in looks and style. They both have the minimal seaming and streamlined look along with the rounded toe. Both models hit at the mid-ankle mark. But some say that the Bushacre projects more of the “classic” look of the chukka.

Needless to say, despite the minimal differences, they are certainly different enough to project an effect on their look and appeal. Boot aficionados can spot the differences, so it is still important to pick the boot that best suits your tastes.

Check out this Bushacre shoes’ video:

The Looks Winner

It’s a tie.

Again, it’s more about your own preferences. The Desert Boots do project a more casual, everyday vibe while the Bushacre may be more appropriate for dates. They are so similar that it really does come down to which you like best.

3. The Sole

This is perhaps the most major difference between the two models. The outsole is crucial because it dictates your traction, and it also affects the break-in period before the boot becomes well worn.

Clarks Desert Boots Review | Sole
On the Desert Boots, you’ll find the heavy plantation crepe soles. These are made by layering latex rubber. So what you get for the sole is a wavy textured bottom. It’s a bit heavier, but it’s gummy so it offers better traction.

The advantages of this sole are that it’s very flexible, so your foot’s movements aren’t hampered. It also offers terrific shock absorption. You can use this the whole day, and it will soften over time.

The disadvantages of the crepe rubber sole include the need for a break-in period for the soles to soften, though this is admittedly minimal. The lighter color also reveals wear more easily. It’s also heavier.

Clarks Bushacre 2 Review | Sole
This has the kind sole that you’ll find in any other pair of dress shoes. It’s made of modern rubber, and it’s lightweight and durable. There’s no need for the break-in period. This makes it more suited to formal occasions. It doesn’t have that gummy feel like in the Desert sole.

The Sole Winner

How much traction do you need?

Go with the Desert if you’re just on your everyday business that includes going outdoors.

But if you’re attending a party or staying indoors for work, then the sole of the Bushacre is more formal and should suffice.

4. Comfort

If you’re not comfy, then you can get foot aches. Plus, you may be discouraged from wearing the shoes.

Clarks Desert Boots Review | Comfort Level
These have a smooth leather lining that makes the Desert Boot very breathable. It also features a cushioned insole that absorbs a bit of the shocks. However, needless to say this is a very old style of leather boot. It may lack some of the modern features that have been developed in the years since this boot was released.
Clark Bushacre 2 Review | Comfort Level
The Bushacre boots have synthetic lining. If truth be told, it pretty much works like the leather lining in the Desert Boot. However, it lacks the shock-absorbing foam in the foot-bed.

The Winner for Comfort

Hands down, it’s the Desert Boot.

The shock-absorbing foam makes a huge difference for your comfort levels. This is one of the most important features in comfortable boots, and the Desert boots win here.

FAQs for Clarks Bushacre vs Original Desert

These leather boots two are children of the same mother. However, they are not the same. People ask various questions hen considering to buy either of the two. Here they are:

What’s the difference between Clarks Desert Boot and Bushacre?

The main difference between these two boots is the soles. Bushacre has a rubber sole while the Desert boot has a crepe sole. Crepe sole is good for light outdoor use while rubber soles can be used for heavier tasks. Such are also light-yellow in color. If you use crepe shoes for too long on concrete and roughly paved roads, the soles wear out faster. Therefore, for regular wear, Bushacre boots would be great.

Are Clarks Desert boots worth it?

These leather Clarks desert boots are definitely worth the cost that you will pay for them. However, they are for casual wear which you can wear with cargo pants, jeans and other casual outfits. This brand makes the most popular chukka boots. Chukka boots are ankle height. The Desert boots are good for hiking, but because of the crepe sole, these shoes can wear out faster on rough pavement and trails.

Another thing that you might consider about these leather boots is that they look sharp. If you need a masculine-looking pair of boots, these ones look the part. You should have at least a pair in your wardrobe.

Are Clarks Desert Boots good for winter?

You can wear these boots in dry winter conditions. Since the uppers are made of suede, they are breathable and very comfortable. However, on the flip side, these boots do not perform very well in wet weather. Therefore, yes, you can wear them in the winter but if there is wet weather, it will soak in the water. the crepe sole is waterproof and has some traction but in wet conditions, it could be wanting.

Final Recount

That is it for Clark Bushacre vs Desert boot. The Original Desert has a longer history and is super comfortable. The upper is made of leather and the sole offers better traction.

The Bushacre boots are more modern, and at the same time they offer a somewhat more formal look. The soles don’t need breaking in either, and they can seem to last a bit longer without getting too worn.