How To Clean Clark Desert Boots

In this article, you will learn how to clean Clark Desert boots.

Now, Clark Desert boots have a long history, stretching back to the World War II.

I guess that is why they never lose their alluring appeal.


With time, they fade. If this happens, the first thought to cross your mind is to discard them and get another pair.


Since you just need time on your hands, you can clean the boots and give them a new leash of life. It is also not too hard, as you will see here.

Keep reading to see the step-by-step process cleaning process for the shoes.

How do you take care of Desert boots?

There are more than three methods to use to clean your boots. These include:

  • Method for cleaning beeswax leather Clark boots
  • Removing water stains from your boots
  • Clean with a suede brush
  • Cleaning with a suede eraser

Method for cleaning beeswax Clark leather boots

First, to use this method, your Clark Desert boots have to be made of beeswax leather. This kind of leather is soft and flexible and it is durable for a long time. Now, since some of the Clark boots come with this kind of leather, it is important that you know how to clean it.

You will need a clean rag, a cleaner and perhaps a soft brush. Inspect the shoes visually and remove any hard dirt that could be lodged on the soles. However, you can use a blunt knife of a plastic scraper to scrape the dirt away on the outer sole.

If the shoes have wet mud, it is best to wait for it to dry up first. Dry mud is easier to remove than wety mud.

When the boots are just dusty, you do not to clean them too much. Just use the clean rag to wipe the dust off the boots. Check the boots for persistent stains that need deeper cleaning. If you notice some, you should use a recommended leather cleaner, which you can buy online.

Image of clean Clark desert boots

If you have been in the rain with these shoes, wipe them clean and then air-dry them in the shade. Do not expose them to direct sunshine because the leather can start cracking. Alternatively, you could use a boot dryer if they were soaked.

It is always good practice to recondition your leathe boots after cleaning them. When you use the right products such as beeswax, you can create a thin membrane that makes them waterproof and preserves the leather at its finest.

How to remove water stains from your boots

When your boots have water stains, they will require some more work. Therefore, you will need to get old newspaper, rags or small towels and water.

How to remove the stains

To clean the boots, just dip your towel in the water and then squeeze the extra water out. You can then use the damp rag to wipe down the boots so that they feel damp. If the shoes feel too damp, you can use the second rag or towel to soak up the extra water.

Take your old newspapers and stuff them into the shoes, of course, after crumpling them into newspaper balls. Now, just let the shoes dry in an airy place. You can dry them in the sunshine too, but make sure it is not too hot.

When dry, check whether the water stains are gone. If there are some remaining, you should repeat the process again.

Once done, waterprof the shoes with a recommended spray. This will prevent the formation of water spots the next time that you are caught in the rain.

Cleaning Clark Desert boots with a suede brush

Please note that this method is only applicable for people with suede Clark boots. Therefore, if you own beeswax leather boots, refer to our section for how to clean the same.

Buy a high quality suede brush. It will not only last a long time, but it will also make it easy to clean your boots. It especially helps in the removal of stuck dirt and dust. In addition, we know that dirt particles get inside the suede, so you have to us a brush to brush them out. With a brush, you will also feel motivated to brush your shoes often therefore leaving them in superb condition all the time.

In addition to the brush, get old newspapers. You may also need rags or towels if the shoes have water spots. To remove these, refer to the section where we discussed how to remove waterspots.

Brush the shoes thoroughly to get the dirt stuck in the pores out. If you have a hard bristled brush, use it gently so that you do not damage the boots. After brushing the shoes, stuff them with the newspapers and then use a wet towel to clean them on the outside. This should get rid of any dirt left after brushing.

If the boots have a lot of mud, let it dry up completely. It will be easier to remove that way. You can even use a butter knife to scrap the mud out and then commence with the brushing.

Let the shoes dry in the sun.

To make the cleaning job easier, ensure that you brush them frequently, as often as you can. That way, the suede material will never accumulate too much dirt.

Cleaning with a suede eraser

Suede eraser is also used on nubuck leather and it is a very effective stain remover. It never fails to clean the Clark Desert boots.

The suede eraser is used when there are stubborn particles trapped in the pores of the suede. It looks like an oversized eraser, so you have to hold it and rub gently to remove any scuffs. When you are done, you can brush gently to remove the particles.

Note the areas with stubborn stains. You can work on these with your eraser. Usually, it is recommended that you only use the eraser when every other method has failed to clean the stain.


The four methods that you have seen here are very effective for how to clean Clark Desert boots. Do not wait too long because your shoes can accumulate a lot of dirt and they can develop stubborn stains. Clean them as often as you can.