Best Work Boots for Welders

The best work boots for welders are designed to keep your feet safe from heat and protect the metatarsal area from falling objects.

Since you deal with heavy metal pieces when you are in the welding business, there are so many risks involved.

One of the best ways to mitigate some of these risks is by wearing the right gear and shoes are simply the topmost consideration for welding gear.

Because welding can also have lifelong health ramifications, it is advisable that you approach the issue of safety from all angles. You should teach yourself about all the welding safety measures.

Back to the issue of the best welding boots, you should choose yours based on two premises:

  • That they will keep you safe from fire and falling things
  • That they will keep your feet supported and comfortable through the working day

Now, with those two factors in mind, go ahead and read about our choice of boots for welding.

They are many but we have handpicked these few based on their features.

Best Work Boots for Welders Reviews

The good thing when choosing safety shoes for welding is that you do not have to look far, because the most popular safety shoe brands have a welder’s boot. From Timberland, Wolverine to Dr. Martens, you will be spoiled for choice. Or will you?

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance: Best Timberland welding boots

Best Timberland welding bootsThis heavy-duty welding boot has also found a lot of use in the construction industry. But then, no surprise there because Timberland has a long tradition of making incredible safety boots. The Endurance model comes with the following features:

Rubber sole

This pair of boots comes with rubber soles. They are anti-slip, oil-resistant and abrasion resistant. They will keep you stable on your feet while you are in the workshop.

Even if you work in the field in the mud, these boots will protect you. The outsole is also thick enough on both the heel and the met area. However, being rubber, it is thick without adding on unnecessary weight.

Full grain upper

The upper of these boots is made of full grain leather. It will protect you from hot weld that may splatter onto your feet.

Also, full-grain leather is easy to keep waterproof, with mink oil. The rusty look of the upper of these boots makes them look real rugged and masculine.

Met Guard

This is the super protective feature of these work boots. The metatarsal guard comes from MetGuard.

It is made of inlay panels that do a good job of protecting your feet against falling objects. The met guard is designed in such a way that it flips over when you are wearing the shoes and then you secure it by passing your shoelaces in the eyelets located at the top.

Anti-fatigue technology

This is a work boot so you expect to wear the shoes for long-standing hours. To help you, Timberland has incorporated their anti-fatigue technology in their PU midsole that returns energy back to your feet.

The midsole is also a super shock absorber so if you have heel pain or plantar fascia, you will feel protected.

Comfortable to wear

These boots are so comfortable to wear. They are not heavy and they require a very short break-in period.

Finally, they also come with an anti-puncture metallic plate that runs for the full length. You are assured of ultimate protection

Any downsides?

There have been complaints that the metatarsal guard is not as good as it should be with some people saying their boots broke apart in less than 12 months, so you might want to handle it gently.

2. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge

Best Work Boots for WeldersIf you are loyal to the brand and you would rather go with Dr Martens welding boots, you are lucky because they bring a model that is specifically made for welding.

Even from a glance, you can tell that this is a Doc Martens because of the telltale yellow thread running around the shoes. But since it takes more than signature thread to make the best work boots for welders, keep reading to see its features:

Safety toe cap

Safety is the second name for these boots as you can tell from the safety cap. The industrial steel toe is designed to protect you from 15kn of compression and much more force of impact.

In addition, the boots come with integrated electrical hazard protection. This boot is perfect for working in a busy welding workshop.

Leather upper

This pair of boots is made with 100 percent leather upper. By design, this is an ankle boot. The leather looks rusty in design and the metatarsal guard is the same color.

When you are applying a waterproof conditioner on the boots, you can also apply the same on the metatarsal guard.

The metatarsal guard is made of steel and then it is covered in leather. It is designed to absorb a huge impact and force ensuring that none gets to your feet.

High quality insole

For your comfort, Doc Martens has included a pair of high quality removable insoles in these boots.

These are Smartmask PU-cushioned insoles, which are designed to offer your feet support in the heel, the arch and ball of foot area.

Most people find these inserts comfortable enough. However, if you do not find it cozy enough, you can use custom Protalus or Superfeet insoles.

Air-cushioned outsole

One of the reasons why Dr Martens and Birkenstock shoe brands are so well known is their groundbreaking outsoles.

Birks use a special conical sole. The Docs come with an artificial sole that has air-cushions in its design. They absorb the impact that comes from walking very well.

You will also notice that these Dr Martens welding boots come with an elevated heel that is 1.5 inches. If you have heel pain, the elevation in the heel is going to give you great support.

This outsole is also water and oil-resistant. Also, it is slip-resistant. To support the shock absorption that this sole comes with, the boots come with a welted construction footbed.

This offers balance and stability, which are qualities that you need when walking or standing for long hours.


The only downside that most people have complained about is that the toe box is too tight. Since this is a steel toe, you ought to order a shoe width that is larger than what you wear.

3. Ariat Sierra Wide Steel Toe Work Boots

Ariat Sierra Wide Square Toe Steel Toe Work Boots reviewDespite their lack of the added metatarsal guard that most other welding work boots come with, these Ariat boots for welding can help you in your day-to-day work. They have other protective features, which make them enough for the job at hand.

Steel toe protection

With a steel toe cap, your feet are protected from falling objects. It won’t do this as well as shoes with metatarsal guards could but it is better than no protection at all. Besides, what you lack for protection from falling things, if you stumble against metal and other things, your feet will be protected.

Slip-on design

These work boots come in a slip-on design. This is how Ariat makes most of these boots since they mostly offer western work boots.

There is a benefit to the slip-on design though and one of them is that the shoes are so easy to get off.

Should some hot weld spatter find its way into the shoes when you are at work, you can pull them off faster than any damage can occur.

To be specific, Ariat has used what they call the U-turn Entry System. The boots are so simple to wear yet they fit so well at the same time.

Ariat’s own comfort technology

It is not unusual for boot makers to incorporate their own special kind of technology and Ariat is not any different.

For instance, these boots are built with ATS technology. It specifically keeps you comfortable and your foot well supported on all the three vital areas (ball of foot, arch and heel) throughout the day.

For walking or standing for long hours, you need boots that give you the ultimate comfort and support and these ones do that and more.

Leather upper and man-made sole

These are leather boots made in the unfinished design. They look ruggedly awesome and from time to time, you should give them a touch of conditioner to make them waterproof.

The size of the boots from the arch is 10 inches, so they are not really ankle boots as they are higher.

The outsole is synthetic, designed to absorb all impact when you are walking. The heel is elevated, so you will enjoy better heel protection.

Combined with ATS technology, your feet enjoy great support and comfort all day. Do not also forget that these boots come with a wide toe box so you will feel quite relaxed in them.

Any downsides?

The only downside that we should note here is the lack of metatarsal guard, so your metatarsal area lacks the protection that it ought to have.

Also, these boots mostly run smaller, so you would do better to order a full size larger than you wear.

4. Iron Age Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boot

Iron Age Men's Ground Breaker Work Boot reviewIron Age makes some of the best industrial welding boots with protective full grain leather upper, metatarsal guard and a high quality synthetic sole. If you work as a fitter, or you work with heavy pieces of metal, these boots are going to give you enough protection. Here are some of the features:

Steel toe cap and met guard

These are downright the most important features of the best work boots for welding. You will also notice something different about the design of these shoes.

The metatarsal guard is actually part of the shoes, so it is nigh impossible for the guard to fall apart. It is made with a steel plate that is covered with leather.

You will have enough protection from falling objects. After tying the boots, pass the shoelaces through the two eyelets at the top of the metatarsal guard.

In addition to the metatarsal guard, the boots have a steel toe cap. Thus, you are protected from above and from stumbling against things.

Comfort and support

For comfort and stability, there are two things. First, the boots come with an EVA footbed, which is very comfortable and breathable! This footbed gives you good arch support, so these boots will be comfortable to wear even if you have flat feet.

The shoes have a high quality, breathable lining. It has the ability to wick away the sweat so that your feet stay dry and comfortable.

Outsole and leather upper

These work boots are perfect for welding because they come with a heat-resistant outsole. It is made with deep lugs (made of rubber), which will keep you steady on different types of surfaces.

In their design, the soles have a spongy heel (made of rubber) that keeps your feet supported all day long.

The leather upper is made with black, full-grain leather. It is tough and it will not be penetrated by spatter of hot weld. Occasionally, give it a polishing touch to make it waterproof and more durable.

5. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand: Best wolverine welding boots

Best wolverine welding bootsIn addition to the Ariat boot that we reviewed earlier, even this model from Wolverine lacks the metatarsal guard, but that does not mean it is not a good pair of welding boots. It comes with other safety and comfort features as you will see here.

Comfort, safety and support

It is no secret that Wolverine makes some of the most comfortable work boots. They come with a comfortable interior with breathable lining and a good footbed. If you do not like the stock inserts, you can go ahead and use others for extra comfort.

You will feel the cradling of the heel cup and the extra support that you get at the arch and ball of foot. If you are a work boot person, you can spend many standing hours in these ones without feeling fatigued.

For safety, these boots have a steel toe. It will protect you against hitting your feet on metal and things. Please note that a boot without metatarsal guard is not a good option for working with heavy metal pieces.

High quality leather and anti-slip sole

Wolverine uses full-grain leather in their boots and this one is not any different. They are easy to polish and keep waterproof. By their design, you can also wear these boots casually if you are a boots person.

The outsole is anti-slip on different types of surfaces. In welding workshops and on factory floors, they keep you on your feet even in spills.

These boots have a welt construction bonding the sole and the upper. This can make a replacement of the outsole easy, should the need ever arise.

Best Work Boots for Welders Buyer’s Guide

There are so many welding boots in the market. But before you choose, make sure that it meets the criteria we will discuss below:

Image of What kind of boots should a welder wear

Heat resistance

This is the number one quality that the best boots for welding must come with. The hot welding spatter can cause fires easily. However, some come with Kevlar material, which makes them pretty much fireproof.

While the fireproof boots can be expensive, they are the best deal, but such can be hard to find. In some cases, you will find that the boot is just heat-resistant, which is good enough.  The soles should be heat resistant to keep your feet comfortable and cool through the working day.

Before you buy a pair of boots, make sure it comes with a good PU footbed because such an insole also prevents the passage of heat to your feet.

What kinds of boots should a welder wear? With or without laces?

Whether you wear boots with or without laces depends on your taste entirely. Most of them come with shoelaces but a few come without in the slip-on design.

The best choice would be boots with shoelaces, or perhaps or not. The reason for this is that it’s mostly the laced boots that come with metatarsal guards.

Considering the dangers that you might be exposed to, shoes that have shoelaces can catch fire easily. Thus, it is best to keep checking your work environment to ensure there is no immediate risk of fire.

Overall, the best welding boots should have steel toecaps for the extra protection of your metatarsal and toe area.

Can you weld in rubber boots?

It is not advisable to weld in rubber boots, unless they are regular leather boots with rubber soles. Otherwise, rubber boots with cloth upper such as the police or the army wear are not heat resistant and they can easily catch fire from hot spatter.

Most of the welding boots that we have looked at here come with rubber soles or rubber lugs. Thus, there is nothing particularly wrong with using rubber shoes when welding. Just ensure that the upper is made of full-grain leather.

Metatarsal guards and toe caps

A metatarsal guard is super-protective from falling things. In a welding workshop, there could be falling pieces of metal as well as the risk of hitting your toes against metal pieces on the floor.

The best metatarsal guards are designed with steel plates, which are then covered with leather. They are then attached to the shoes and are designed as part of the larger shoes. Some metatarsal guards can also be made of different material such as carbon fiber.

Every welding boot should come with a steel toe cap or a carbon fiber one. The latter are almost as strong as steel, but they cannot take the same compression force from a falling object.

Thus, it is best to go for welding boots with steel toe caps.

While many people would prefer the carbon fiber toe caps because of their light weight, it would be better to get the heavy-duty steel ones. They offer better protection from heavy pieces of metal.

The price

Mostly, we advise our readers not to worry about the price too much. If the features are good and they justify the price being asked for the safety boots, get them. However, even the most feature-rich welding boot should be priced within reasonable limits. Mostly, welding work boots can cost anywhere from $70 to $200.

Best Work Boots for Welders FAQ

Knowing the right safety gear is always such a challenge. Thus, if this far you have not fully made up your mind about what welding boots to buy, these frequently asked questions might help you.

What boots are good for welders?

These are Timberland PRO Endurance, Dr. Martens IronBridge and Wolverine Men Floorhand. These all have steel toe caps, thick heat-resistant souls and other features. They are super protective and they give good value for money.

Why do welders wear cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots are made with full-grain leather, rubber or synthetic outsoles, nice slip-on design and some even come with steel toe caps.

Besides, these boots look awesome and there is no problem with looking good when you are at the workplace. Cowboy boots are very protective, comfortable and chic.

Which type of footwear offers the best protection when welding or cutting?

The most important thing in footwear for cutting and welding is protection. Thus, look for boots that come with metatarsal guards and steel toe cap.

The upper should be made of full grain leather, which offers better protection than other types of leather.

Are Doc Martens good welding boots?

It seems you can get a pair of Docs for just about anything, including welding boots. For instance, the Dr. Martens Ironbridge are some of the best, most comfortable and supportive boots for welders. These boots are available in full-grain leather with stylish brown colors.

Are Wolverine boots good for welding?

Not all Wolverine boots are good for welding, but the Men’s Floorhand model is quite good for welding. They have a high shaft for ankle support, easy slip-on design and they are made with tough full grain leather.

Final Thoughts

Your search for the best work boots for welders stops here, with the few options that we have handpicked for you.

The most important thing is heat resistance. This is available in the form of polyurethane insoles. They keep your feet protected from the heat.

We would recommend that you get the Timberland PRO Men’s Endurance. It fits the bill very well and it comes with the Timberland PRO insoles, which offer ultimate comfort and support.