What Boots Should I Buy For Asphalt Paving?

Hot, sticky, messy.

And hazardous! Definitely.

That is how most woyuld describe asphalt paving jobs. However, it is one of the most important jobs and the rewards are not too bad either. Like with any other job, proper PPE is very important.

So what boots should I buy for asphalt paving? The best boots for this job must be able to withstand high temperatures, and protect your feet from the searing heat. These boots must also be comfortable and supportive since this job involves standing for long hours.

It is very important that you protect your feet fully. Asphalt gets really hot, up to 300°F/149°C! That is high and should it land on your barely protected feet …

Before we look at what factors to consider when buying this protective footwear, let us look at three of them that you can buy and get good value for your money.

What are the best boots for asphalt?

These three are some of the best, chosen because of their features. Protection is top on the list of the things that these shoes must offer. Here they are:

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole Boot

best boots for asphaltTimberland is one of the most renowned brand names for construction footwear. With the Pro Men’s Wedge, you will get a whole lot of awesome features.

First, the upper is made of leather. Leather does not conduct heat, especially when it is as thick and rugged as this one.

This pair of shoes is specifically made for hot jobs such as road paving. With good care, these shoes will last many asphalt jobs.

The sole is thick with almost no treads so you won’t leave marks on the paving. It is also wedge shaped, something that gives the wearer the advantage of comfort. This is the most athletic work sole uou can find in the market and it is easy to agree.

Every feature in this pair is made to last a long time. Even the moccasin-style stitching is so well built it will last a long time. The only complaint about these ones is that they are too roomy. But on one hand, that can be an advantage because you would not need much time to break them in.

On the inside, you get an EVA midsole to add to your comfort. It will meet the needs of both low and high arches.

2. Dr. Martens Mens Spate Electrical Hazard boots

best boots for road constructionThe first feature that makes you realize that these shoes are good for asphalt work is the oiled leather. This will prevent the tar from sticking too much on the leather.

In another article, we saw how good Dr Martens footwear is for your feet. You can use these ones for almost any construction job. They are hardy, durable and very protective.

The sole is made of rubber. Now, this is special rubber because it has been treated such that it can withstand up to 300°C for a minute. That is quite high! It is also slip-resistant so that you stay on your feet stable and solid.

The upper is made of leather and it is waterproof. However, the outermost membrane is waterproof, but it is also breathable. You will still have some air getting into the shoes and that is what you need for hot jobs such as this one.

The interior is lined with BreatheRight lining, which has exemplary wicking capacity. Your feet will definitely sweat and if it is not wicked away, your feet could start slipping on the inserts.

3. COFRA Leather Work Boots

boots for asphalt workersCOFRA is an Italian safety shoes maker. Looking at this boot for asphalt work, it is easy to see why they come so highly rated.

The first feature that you shuld know about is the HEAT DEFENDER SOLE that is made of rubber. It can resist up to 572°F/280°C, which is quite high. Even if the shoes will resist such high heat for about 2 minutes, it is better than no heat resistance.

Besides, they can resist lower levels of heat for much longer, even up to 8 hours.  Precisely, the sole is made of polyurethane and nitrite.

But heat resistance is not all that there is to these workboots. The sole is also slip-resistant. In addition, it has a hard toecap that resists crushing. Therefore, your metatarsals are safe from falling objects.

The sole is also puncture-resistant if you step on nails thanks to the APT PLATE that is non-metallic too, making it resistant to electrical hazards. This sole is made to withstand harsh job conditions.

These workboots are also resistant to chemicals. Therefore, asphalt will not damage them. They will also resist oils, grease and other kinds of chemicals.

The insole of these shoes is heat-resistant. Therefore, you can work with coal-hot asphalt and the boots will not let the heat get to your feet. This is the stock insole so you do not need to buy custom inserts.

What boots should I buy for asphalt paving – Buying guide

When ordering your boots for working on asphalt, you need to consider the following things:

Image of asphalt paving jobs

Heat resistance

Asphalt is always hot. Therefore, you need shoes that have heat resistant outer and insoles. The leather resists heat very well and since these shoes come with thick uppers, you can wear them without a worry.

Check for a sole that is heat resistant up to or even more than 300°F/149°C.

The sole design

These boots should be flat or almost flat, with some elevation from the ground. Therefore, wedge shaped and thick soles are better.

The soles should also not have treads, which can leave marks on the soft, hot asphalt. Now you can see the essence of wearing flat-soled shoes.


The boots should meet the highest safety standards. They should also have additional safety features such as safety toes made of fiberglass. This material resists heat as opposed to using steel, which would roast your toes.

The tongue should be gusseted so that it stays snugly against your feet. That way, it prevents hot particles from getting inside the shoes.


This is very important. The heat will make the shoes expand a bit. Consider that when ordering. If they are too roomy, your foot will keep slipping inside and you can develop blisters on the heel area.


What boots should I buy for asphalt paving? These three are some of the best footwear when you are considering ultimate protection for your feet. Paving is a tough hot job and you need all the protection that you can get.