Best Birkenstocks for Plantar Fasciitis

What are the best Birkenstocks for plantar fasciitis? There are so many of them.

Keep reading; that is what we are going to find out here.

When you search for the best sandals for plantar fasciitis on the internet, there is no doubt that you will find the name Birkenstock coming up. There is a good reason for this.

Are Birkenstock sandals good for plantar fascia?

In a past article, we looked at whether Birkenstocks are good for flat feet. We agreed that indeed, they do give flat feet a respite. In the same spirit, we are now going to look at the reviews of a few Birkenstock shoes that we can use for plantar fasciitis.

Okay, while there are Birks for flat feet and plantar fasciitis, the two conditions are quite different. You see, flat foot is a condition while plantar fasciitis is an ailment.

If you feel the bottom of your foot, you will feel a thick band of muscle. It runs from the toes to the heel. This one is called plantar fascia.

However, due to walking or running a lot, you could stretch it a bit extremely. In that case, some minute tears can occur in the tissues. These become inflamed and therefore, you develop plantar fascia.

But since life must go on, you look for the best shoes or sandals to help you recover. When your plantar fascia is inflamed, you cannot wear regular sandals or shoes. You need the best walking sandals for plantar fasciitis.

Keep reading, we will bring you four of the top rated plantar fasciitis sandals.

Reviews of the Best Birkenstocks for Plantar Fasciitis

Can Birkenstocks cause plantar fasciitis? Most people ask this common question online. However, the answer is that by their design and engineering, they help you get relief from plantar fasciitis rather than make your plantar fascia inflamed.

1. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals

Best Birkenstocks for Plantar Fasciitis

This one happens to be one of the most bought Birkenstock sandals for men and women. However, that alone is not enough to make you buy a pair of sandals. Therefore, you want to consider the features that it comes with. Keep reading.


The first and perhaps the most notable of all features that these sandals come with is the anatomically correct footbed that is made of EVA. Therefore, this footbed conforms nicely to the shape of your feet. The softness of the sole and the ergonomic design is going to help your plantar fascia condition.

If you have worn other sandals before, you will realize that these ones give you more toe room. Therefore, you will not even struggle to step forward because they have a raised toe bar that gives you a good grip.

In addition, this also enhances the balance and a more natural foot alignment. Of course, when you have a swollen plantar fascia, you need to step in the most natural way possible.

There is another very important benefit from the raised toe design. For instance, it enhances the circulation of blood in the feet. Of course, when you have torn and inflamed tissue in your feet, you want to get the necessary nutrients to them.

This can only happen with proper blood circulation. In that regard therefore, you can say that these are the healthiest sandals in the market.

These sandals also come with a heel cup that not only cradles your heels, but it also keeps your foot aligned in the most natural way. In addition, it also has good arch support. Therefore, all the areas of your foot that need support have it, including the ball of foot area.


We could go on and on about the features and the benefits of these sandals to a person who has plantar fasciitis. However, they also have some disadvantages. For instance, when you get wet, your feet keep sliding in the sandals. Therefore, even tightening the straps is really not going to help.

2. BIRKENSTOCK Women’s Mayari Sandals

best birkenstock style for plantar fasciitis

The one thing that you will love about the Mayari sandal from Birkenstock is that it is very comfortable. However, most of the Birk sandals are very comfortable and that is why they are so popular with men and women. Keep reading to see more of the features that you will enjoy from Mayari sandals.


First, we must mention the cork footbed that is mainly designed from cork to encourage foot health. In addition, it is engineered to be anatomically correct. Therefore, this means that it conforms to the shape of your feet, encompassing them in such a way that it almost feels as if it is massaging them.

And there is more to the footbed design. For instance, the footbed also has a nice suede lining. In addition, the footbed also has contours that help the shoe to conform to the shape of your soles.

Most people also love these sandals because the leather straps are held together at the top by a metal buckle. In addition, they are adjustable. Therefore, should you want to relax the grip on your foot, it should be simple enough.

At the front of the sandal’s footbed, you are going to find a little raised toe bar. The idea behind this is to give you proper grip as you step forward. Therefore, with an inflamed plantar fascia, you are not going to push your foot muscles too much to find the grip.

Actually, it is as if these sandals are made to just walk and carry you along with them.


There are more features to these sandals and obviously, they are made to be the best sandals for plantar fasciitis. That notwithstanding, they also have their downsides, just like any other product. For instance, some users have complained about durability issues, with their Mayari Birkenstock sandals starting to come apart with a few months of use. While this appears to be on isolated cases, it is still something to worry about.

3. Birkenstock Women’s Arizona-Birkibuc

which birkenstock is best for plantar fasciitis

While the title says women’s, these are unisex sandals. But that is just a by the way. The real deal about them is that these are good sandals for plantar fasciitis. Keep reading to see some of the features that these plantar fasciitis sandals come with.


You might love the simplistic design of these sandals. After all, life is hard enough. Add to it the misery that comes with an inflamed plantar fascia. Therefore, the last thing that you want to deal with is a complicated pair of shoes or sandals for plantar fascia. These ones are just so simple to wear and remove. They have just two leather straps with metal buckles on top.

One of the things that most people love about Birks is their nicely engineered soles. Therefore, if you have been asking: are Birkenstocks good for plantar fasciitis? The answer is yes because the soles make them great. They are made of cork, which is a synthetic material. However, it holds up nicely even when you wear it often.

At first, when they are brand new, the soles will feel a bit hurtful to your feet, especially with plantar fasciitis. However, after breaking them in, they will start to get very comfortable on your feet. The soles are engineered in such a way that their contours conform to your feet nicely. Therefore, when you wear them regularly, they start to feel as if they are part of your feet.

These sandals run true to size. Therefore, you can order your regular size and it will be good. In addition, the sole is so soft such that it is a delight to wear them. On the same note, they come with proper arch support. You will definitely feel it, but not in a pushy way. Therefore, it will not aggravate your plantar fascia pain.


Despite the nice features, some things could be improved. For instance, they take a bit long to break in. Therefore, a week or so after unboxing them, they will feel a tad uncomfortable.

4. Birkenstock Women’s Florida Sandals

which birkenstock footbed is best for plantar fasciitis

When you have plantar fasciitis, you want a pair of sandals that fits nicely, without your foot necessarily having to feel the sides. The Birkenstock women’s Florida sandals give a comfortable and roomy feel. Therefore, if you want shoes to help your feet recover fast, get these sandals.

Here are some of their features


The best sandals for plantar fasciitis must have good arch support because it is going to help you heal. In addition, good arch support also prevents your plantar fascia from stretching. However, the bad news is that not many sandals offer arch support. But the Birkenstocks do!

The soles of these sandals come in a contoured design. This design is quite comfortable on the feet. In addition, instead of pushing against the feet, it conforms to your feet.

The ergonomic design makes the feet quite comfortable. Therefore, it can help with the healing process because the contours have a massaging effect on the feet. In addition, the Birks come with soft and comfortable footbed.

The straps of these Birks are made of synthetic material. A few years ago, they used to be made of leather. However, most users say they enjoy them even so. Besides, the straps are adjustable with a strong metal buckle that will not rust even when exposed to the elements.

If you should get muddy, dipping these sandals in water and scrubbing them out will return them to almost new status.


These are the best women’s sandals for plantar fasciitis. However, they have some disadvantages too. For example, there are so many counterfeits. Therefore, if you do not buy from reliable sellers, you could end up with a pair of duds whose comfort is nowhere near what the authentic Birks offer.

Features That Plantar Fasciitis Sandals Should Have

The Birkenstocks’ style that makes them the best sandals for plantar fasciitis is characterized by features that most other sandals lack. These characteristic features are:

A) They enhance the natural alignment of the foot

Image of sandals for plantar fasciitis

The last thing that you really want to experience when you have plantar fasciitis is to wear a pair of sandals that forces your foot to twist. Therefore, you will be glad that these men’s and women’s sandals for plantar fasciitis help to keep your foot straight.

B) They have heel support

 Birkenstock makes good sandals for heel pain. Of course, when you have an inflamed plantar fascia, heel pain is going to be there. Therefore, you will be glad that these sandals for plantar fasciitis also support the heel, keeping it free from pain.

C) They have soft sole

Most users are full of praise for the soft soles of the Birkenstock sandals. They are so soft such that you can wear them with swollen feet and you will hardly feel them. In addition, the sole has contours. They support your foot and at the same time, they help the sandals’ soles to conform to the shape of your feet.

D) They have nice arch support

It is rare to find good arch support in sandals. However, some of the best sandals for high arches and plantar fasciitis come from this brand name. In addition to the arch support, they also have a deep heel cup that helps the foot stay in its natural alignment.

Basically, the footbed of these sandals for plantar fasciitis are made to promote the health of your feet.  In fact, they are also very comfortable for hiking and walking.

When you have plantar fasciitis, it is a good idea to walk around as much as you can. This enhances blood circulation to the feet. In addition, it helps you to heal faster. Luckily, the Birkenstock sandals are made for walking.

Comparing 4 Best Birkenstock for Plantar Fasciitis

 ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1best walking sandals for plantar fasciitisBirkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals-An anatomically correct EVA footbed
#2Which style of Birkenstock is best for plantar fasciitis?BIRKENSTOCK Women's Mayari Sandals-The cork footbed which encourages foot health
#3Is Birkenstock Eva good for plantar fasciitis?Birkenstock Women's Arizona-Birkibuc-A simplistic design with a cork sole
#4which birkenstock footbed is best for plantar fasciitisBirkenstock Women's Florida Sandals-Good arch support and they conform to your feet

Conclusion and Recommendation

The hiking sandals for plantar fasciitis from Birkenstock are not intended to replace other treatment if you need it. Therefore, you should first ask your doctor what they recommend for your condition.

In addition, having the best sandals for plantar fasciitis does not mean you should overwork your feet. Therefore, take care not to walk around so much because your feet need the rest. It will help in their recovery.

Finally, if you are looking for the best Birkenstocks for plantar fasciitis, we would recommend that you choose the Arizona Essentials Eva sandals. They have nice heel cups, soft footbed and they are good for hiking.