What Are Logger Boots?

What are logger boots and when you can wear them?

There are different types of boots. Some are very popular because we see them all the time. Casual boots are indeed popular with people as are the regular work boots. However, most people don’t know logging boots because they are specifically made for logging.

So what are logger boots?

These special boots come with all round protection for your feet. This means that the toes, heel and even the sides of the feet are protected from tree stumps, rocks, and rolling logs. The boots also have tough, rugged soles for extra support. This is very important because the logging conditions are not so friendly. Other features that you will find in logger boots include ankle support, arch support with steel shank and many more.

If you work in the logging industry, then you know that this is an accident-prone industry. Therefore, even the authorities are very strict when it comes to the choice of gear. In other words, you want to wear logger boots specifically. Not factory boot, not oil boots and certainly not law enforcement boots – you must wear logging boots!

Are logger boots good for your feet?

Logger boots are good for your feet if you are in the logging industry. They are made specifically for comfort and protection. Because of the imminent danger of falling branches and logs, these boots are sturdily built to help your feet keep safe all the time. Therefore, any boot that keeps your feet protected is good for you.

Are logger boots good for construction work?

Yes and no? There is a reason why these are called logging boots. The reason is that they are waterproof. They are also large and more comfortable. You can use these boots in the woods, in the forest. At the same time, you may also use them for wading into swamps and keeping crawlers and creepers out of your legs. Most importantly, you can use them for protecting your legs from injuries that can come as a result of stumbling on stumps.

On the other hand, construction work requires a different set of boots altogether. They are heavier because of the steel toe and they are not waterproof. They are water-resistant because you are not exposed to moist conditions when you are in this industry.

The same way that you cannot use construction boots for logging, you should also not use logger boots for construction work.

Are logger boots heavy?

Weight is a very important consideration when it comes to logging boots selection. However, the answer to the question of whether logger boots are heavy is no. They are not. They do not have steel toes and that helps keep the weight to the minimum. Instead, the toe area is made of reinforced leather. That way, the boot is protective but it still retains minimal weight to enable you climb trees if you need to, or scamper out of danger fast.


What are logger boots and are they similar to construction boots? You have seen the answer to this question. Logging boots are useful in the forest. They come with high quality material to keep them light in weight yet very protective from the hazards in the industry.