Best Law Enforcement Boot Reviews

best law enforcement boots

Is there a harder job than policing? I do not think there is. This is why law enforcement people need the best gear. If you are in the business of law enforcement, emergency service or you are a security guard, you need the best law enforcement boot.

When you know you will spend many hours on your feet, you need a comfortable pair of boots. The police do such a serious job of making us safe. However, their job requires them to stay on their feet for too long. It also requires them to be fast on the move. That is why they cannot use just any pair of boots in the market. They have to use special law enforcement boots.

If you have been admiring the tough looking S.W.A.T boots, be happy because here, we will review 5 security officer boots.

Here is a table summary of these boots

ImageNameTop FeaturesPricing
#1Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Boots-Very breathable
-Have a cushioning insert
#2security officer bootsSmith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Boots-Affordable
-Gusseted tongue to keep debris out
#3bates tactical boots Bates Men’s GX-8 8 Inch Waterproof Boot-Truly waterproof
-Has a high shaft for support
#4magnum boots usaMagnum Men’s Stealth Force 6.0-Rated airport safe
#5under armor tactical bootsValsetz RTS Tactical Boot-Very light
-Good grip on all surfaces

Best Security Officer Boots Reviews

1) Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Boots with side zip

maelstrom boots reviews

Tactical boots do not come any better than the Maelstrom Men’s Tac Boots with side zip. First, the build and design of this boot is just out of this world. For example, it has a lace and zip combination to keep it on your feet under all circumstances. It also looks stylish on your feet.

The upper part of the boots is made of a combination of leather and synthetic material. These two are fused together so well such that they look like one continuous piece. Both the nylon and the leather part are designed to last a long time. Durability is one of the chief considerations in the best law enforcement boot. The leather part of the boot is made of full-grain leather. It is easy to polish and it stays intact for the longest time.

The shaft is 8 inches, which is just about enough for all the ankle and arch support that you may need. These boots come in different colors, so you may choose what appeals most to you from tan, black and so on. The boots are truly waterproof, and they also come true to size. You just need to know your size and that is what you will get.

Any tactical boot is as good as the exterior sole. Here, you will love the high quality, rugged and slip-resistant rubber sole. Again, these soles are super quiet on the floor. You will love the performance of this sole on different terrains.


  • These boots are quite breathable thanks to the nylon part
  • Nice cushion insert makes the boots very comfortable
  • You get 12 months limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Side zipper is well made and high quality
  • Solid toe box and heel area give the boot a long-lasting good shape


  • Fragile laces might break within months

2) Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

security officer boots

Smith & Wesson is not a very new name in the market and since it is synonymous with high quality, you can be sure that these tactical boots are not going to disappoint. This is the best law enforcement boot and it has many trademark features to back up that claim. These include the rubber sole, which is not only quiet, but it is also rugged and really good for different terrains.

The upper part of the boot is quite rugged and durable. It is an incredible blend of synthetic and leather. The synthetic part is made of nylon while the leather part is full grain leather. This choice of materials is very good for different reasons. One of the reasons is that the boots are so breathable, perfect even for those days in summer. The boots are also waterproof and very comfortable. You feet feel safe and secure in the boots.

The sole is a marvelous piece of engineering. One of the things that it does so well is offer you a perfect grip on different surfaces. It is designed to have the smallest loss of traction on smooth, rugged as well as dirt and rocky terrains. If you want a pair of law enforcement boots for all seasons, get these ones. The exterior sole is made of rubber, which literary conforms to the shape of your foot and to your gait, so it will not crack.

On the inside of the boot, you get an EVA mid-sole. This one is quite comfortable. It hugs your foot, making you as comfortable as possible for a long time.


  • A gusseted tongue helps to keep the debris out
  • Steel shank has been added to make the boot sole more durable
  • Breathability and comfort when wearing these boots
  • The price is so affordable


  • Some people have reported the thread coming off the seams after some use

3) Bates Men’s GX-8 8 Inch Ultra-Lites GTX Waterproof Boot

bates tactical boots

When you are on the beat, you want a pair of boots that is really good, but at the same time, you so not want it to be too heavy for your feet. That is exactly what you get with the Bates Men’s GX-8 Ultra Lites. This is a waterproof boot, which means you can chase a suspect through swampy areas without worrying about your feet.

These boots upper is made of a blend of synthetic and leather. You get the best of both worlds. Both parts, that is, the leather and synthetic part are waterproof, so do not worry about water getting inside the shoe even when you are caught in the rain.

The sole is rubber! This is very important for a law enforcement officer because rubber soles hardly make noise on any type of floor. Of course, you do not want your footsteps to alert a suspect when you are chasing one. Super quiet and lightweight, these soles are perfect for a man or woman who is always on the run. The sole is also slip-resistant, really rugged and high quality.

On the inside, you get incredible features. One of them is the EVA midsole. This one is very supportive and the important thing is that it lasts a long time. When you wear these boots, you feel comfortable, confident and courageous. Believe it or not, a pair of boots can inspire all those feelings.


  • Good enough to last you about three years
  • They are truly waterproof
  • Light in weight
  • They are high shaft in design and very supportive too
  • You do not need to break in the boots, you can wear them out of the box


  • Check the size chart. Some people have said the boots are not true to size

4) Magnum Men’s Stealth Force 6.0 with Side Zip

magnum boots usa

You know it is truly meant for law enforcement if it has the word “stealth” in its name. Now, the Magnum Men’s Stealth Force is not only good for law enforcement, but it is also good for many emergency services.

This pair of boots is made with leather. Unlike many other boots that come with textile/synthetic and leather combinations for the tops, this one comes with an all-leather upper part. These boots will also clear metal detectors even at the airport, so if you work there, you do not have to worry about having to set the alarms buzzing.

The shoes come with a rugged and anti-slip rubber sole. I guess this quiet sole gives this pair of boots the name Stealth. You will also notice that this boot is unique in that it has both lace and a high quality YKK zipper on the side. When it is all laced up and zipped up, you can be sure nothing will pull it off your feet.

This is not really a full-shaft design, but it is more of a mid-top design. It gives excellent arch support though, something that is paramount when you are running in your boots. The boots are also waterproof since they are made of leather. However, some water can seep in through the zipper.

Do these boots last? That is one of the questions that most people ask. The answer is yes. With good care for your leather boots, these can last even more than 5 years, with almost daily wear.


  • Built to last – some have lasted even five years
  • All-leather upper is truly waterproof
  • Easy to maintain
  • The soles are really quiet on almost all floors
  • They have been rated as airport safe


  • You have to break them in before you wear them
  • Zippers might let in water

5) Valsetz RTS Side Zip Tactical Boot by Under Armour

under armour tactical boots

There are many things to look forward to in a tactical boot such as this one. Being made by one of the most popular brand names in the industry, you can be sure it does not disappoint. First, this pair of boots is made of synthetic material on the upper part, something that makes it really strong and super breathable. It is perhaps more breathable than even the shoes that come with leather and textile part. There is a bit of artificial leather on the upper part though, especially along the sole.

This is not a high shaft boot, but it still packs some oomph and it will give you good ankle and arch support. The shaft measures to the mid-ankle part. In fact, the shaft part of the boot has been designed with UA ClutchFit technology which is almost like a second skin in the way that it wraps around your feet. You also feel super comfortable with the boots on and you can perform your law enforcement duties with confidence.

The exterior sole is made of rubber. It has great treads, which makes it really useful for different types of terrains. Another thing you will note is that the rubber sole tends to bend very well with the upper part of the shoe, thanks to the excellent welding technology.

These boots are light in weight. They are the perfect pair to have on your feet if you are going to chase after suspects. Another thing that you will love about the boots is that they are airport-safe. The tongue is gusseted so that it can keep the debris out. Another thing that you will love about these boots is that they just feel so good on your feet, practically hugging them.


  • Quite light on the feet
  • Micro-G foam for the insert cushions enables you to launch fast when running
  • These boots are very breathable
  • Rubber sole offers good grip on all terrains


  • Can let in water in a serious shower
  • The price is a bit steep

Buying guide for best law enforcement boot

What do you focus on when you are buying tactical boots for your use? This can be a hard question for the first time buyer. After all, there are so many boots in the market. All of them claim to be the best.

Even some of the fakest boots masquerade as the best, top of the cream in their league. In this section, we will show you everything you need to know about the best law enforcement boot. That way, when you order a pair online, you will be confident that you will get good value for your money.

A) Comfort of the law enforcement boots

Comfort takes the top spot in the list of things to look for in tactical boots. After all, tactical jobs require you to spend many hours on your feet. You do not want to feel like taking off and tossing your boots away after a few hours.

Comfort actually applies to all shoes and boots. Your feet are already taking enough punishment carrying all of your weight as it is. Why subject them to confinement in horrible boots?

What are some of the features that enhance comfort? Here they are:

i) Cushioning

You need good cushioning in your boots. This not only applies to the insoles, but to the lining as well. Poor cushioning will cause blistering your feet, especially if you have to run in the heat. A pair of boots that keeps rubbing against your skin causes serious blistering, making your feet look like roasted lobster. EVA foam insoles are a great deal right now, so make sure your boots have these, or something similar.

ii) Breathability

Long hours in your boots may lead to the development of odor and sweating excessively. Your tactical boots need some form of breathability. If you work in the heat, look for boots that are part leather and part cloth because cloth is more breathable than leather. As a priority, consider boots that incorporate cloth, mesh, leather and even rubber in their construction.

B) Material and construction of the boots

This is the next big consideration when you are buying law enforcement boots. The combination of leather upper and a rubber sole is still the in thing. However, there are many other options, one of them being the synthetic soles. Just as we mentioned in the part for comfort, get the best material combination of leather, textile, rubber and synthetic.

Look for weatherproof and abrasion-resistant material. Such may cost you more money, but it is better to pay a higher cost and get better features than pay a lower cost for fewer features.

Image of best law enforcement boots

C) Weight of your boots

Weight may not be big a deal for other boots, but it is a very important consideration for the best law enforcement boots. After all, if you are a police officer or a security guard, you never know when you will be required to run. That is why you should avoid boots that are too heavy.

The lighter a pair of boots is, the longer you can stand, walk and work in them. There is no specific weight for your tactical boots, but something that weighs less than 500g or thereabouts would be appropriate.

D) Great support

A few areas of your foot and leg need good support especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. One of these areas is the arch. This is the arched area, between the forefoot and the heel. If you do not have enough arch support in your boot, it may cause the band of muscle connecting the toes and the heel to hurt too much when you walk or run in steep places.

Another form of support is ankle support. The size of the support matters. If you have weak ankles, get a pair of boots with high ankle support. If you use your boots for hiking steep trails, having enough ankle support is paramount.

E) Safety features

Check for features such as reinforced toe areas. These protect your toes incase you stumble against an object. Unlike the factory work boots that require steel toe boxes, for the law enforcement boots, you just need a reinforced toe area. A steel toe box would add extra weight on the boot, and we said you have to keep the weight at a minimum.

Reinforced toe box saves many people from foot injuries. Because of the hard state of the toe area, you must make sure that there is some space of clearance between the end of your toes and the wall of the boots. That way, even when your foot moves forward a bit, you will not be in any danger of hitting your toenails against the boot.

Anti-slip soles keep you well grounded even on slippery surfaces. Whether you get a pair of boots with rubber or synthetic soles, make sure it has rugged treads, it is light, water and oil-proof.

The upper part of the boot should be strong and durable. It should not allow water in, mud or other stuff that might make the interior too slippery for you.

Make sure the boots have superb laces that will not come off when you are in movement. A well-secured pair of boots is safe for your feet.

F) The size

Choosing the correct size for your law enforcement boots is very important. It must be just the right size – neither too big nor small.

When the boot is too big, your foot will move a lot inside, and this poses the danger of your toes hitting against the toebox.

Needless to say, if the boot is small, it will press your feet on the heels, the toes and even the sides. There is no need to buy boots that you will need to pack with ice through the night to enlarge them.

If you have wide feet, look for law enforcement boots made for people with wide feet. For narrow feet, there are many boots for narrow feet. If you are in security management or law enforcement, you might have to run. You need snug-fitting boots to run fast.


After reading this article, what is your best law enforcement boot? As you have seen, there are quite many of them, so you will be spoilt for choice. Our top choice would be the Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Boots with side zip. It has won the hearts of many with its features, durability and incredible design.