How To Choose Right Size Timberland Boot

In this article, we shall show you how to choose the right size Timberland boot.

There is no doubt that Timberland is one of the most popular boot brands in the market, setting the trend for many boot makers and wearers.

Even though they have a boot for every man, woman or child, it can still be daunting to buy the right boot for the first time.

And the “information” out there on the web about buying boots does not help too much. Some will say that boots run true to size, some will say that you ought to buy them bigger at least by half a size.

Some even say that your boots should be one size bigger.

That is why we set out to find the real truth about buying the right size Timberland boot. The good thing is that the manufacturer has put out enough guidelines for length and width.

Keep reading to see the Timberland sizing guidelines for men and women as well as other truths about how to size these boots.

Timberland sizing chart for women

Because Timberlands are engineered using American sizes, it can be a challenge for people from the UK, France, Germany and other countries to buy their boots.


Using the Timberland sizing chart for women allows you to convert the American sizing to your countries measurements.

In the charts, you can find the regular adult sizes, children’s sizes, customized sizes and PRO sizes.

Actually, you can measure your feet in whatever measuring units you use in your country. For instance, in the USA, they use the imperial system, so you can measure your feet in inches.

In the UK and most of the EU, they use the metric system, so if you are from there, you will have to measure your feet in centimeters.

Thankfully, Timberland does not leave anyone out. That is why their sizing chart for women brings the sizes in both measurements.

In any case, converting one measurement to the other is not too hard. One inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters.

But we don’t want you to crunch the numbers. Rather, just follow the guidelines below to find the right size for your shoes.

Timberland provides a chart that brings you the US size and the corresponding UK and EU sizes. Basically, you just need to know your shoe size to order a pair of boots comfortably.

The shoe width matters as much as the shoe length. In many cases, shoe width is indicated by certain letters.

In another article, we discussed the meaning of C D in shoes. It is the width. Different letters mean different width sizes for men and women. For instance, the letter denoting medium width for men’s boots might mean large or extra large for women.

Women’s timberland boot sizes for US

In the USA, Timberland women’s boot sizes start at 5.5. This is in inches. In footwear lingo, it is considered small. It is a good size for girls as well as petite women.

The good thing about Timberland shoe sizes for women is that they increase by 0.5. From 5.5, you will go to 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 and 8.5. The larger sizes such as 7.5, 8 and 8.5 are good for most men.

In the European Union, the sizes start at 35.5, which is 5.5 in the USA, 36 is the same as 6, followed by 37, 37.5, 38, 38.5, 39 and 39.5.

In Japan, sizes start from 22, which is the same as USA’s 5.5. From there, just increase the size by 0.5. In Brazil, the size starts at 33.5, which is equal to US 5.5 and then the sizes increase by 0.5.

In the UK, the size starts at 3, which is equal to the USA’s 5.5 and then it increases by 0.5.

The biggest size for women’s boots that Timberland carries in the US is 11, 42 in Europe, 28 in Japan, 9 in the UK and 41 in Brazil.

Timberland men’s sizing chart

If you ask men, they will tell you that Timbers run true to size. Well, mostly they do. Of course, there will always be one or two saying theirs did not fit as advertised.

USA66.577.588.599.510........................ 16
UK5.566.577.588.599.5......................... 15.5

Generally, men’s sizes in the US start at 6, which is good for teenagers or short men. From there, the sizes increase by 0.5 to 16.

In the UK, the sizes start at 5.5 increasing by 0.5 to 15.5. In Japan, the sizes start at 24 and so forth.

Overall, when buying a Timberland boot, just refer to the sizing charts so that you buy a good fit. Also, they come true to size, so you do not need to buy a size smaller or larger.

Regarding the Timbers running true to size, small or big, we shall look at that in more detail in the upcoming section.

Do Timberlands run big or small?

If your boots are too small and narrow, they will be very uncomfortable and it will be hard to spend the whole workday in them.

Likewise, if your work boots fit too loosely, the boots might start chafing the back of your ankle, causing serious blistering.

Before you go for snug fitting boots, they too might not be the best choice for you. When you stay on your feet too long, they tend to expand because of the blood flow and gravity. Therefore, snug fitting boots will eventually hurt.

So, just what is the right sizing for Timberland boots?

Different Timberland boot models may size differently. The general consensus out there is that Timbers run true to size, that is, according to most men.

However, there are more dynamics involved than just size. That is why we can say that some Timbers run true to size yet some do not.

Running true to size is not just about the length. It also applies to the width. Some can run too narrow and others can run too wide.

Do women’s Timberland boots run bigger?

Not necessarily. Timberland is a gender-centric brand. Thus, all women’s models are engineered to meet the women’s feet needs. Women have narrower and smaller feet, and that is why all female Timberland models run narrow.

But just as it applies to men’s boots, different models can fit differently. For instance, the PROs might run a bit bigger than the Heritage boot. If you are a woman with large feet, the PROs would be much better for you than most other models.

Since Timberland does not make unisex shoes, it is best to know your feet size well before you place your order. If you have narrow feet, look for women’s Timbers that run narrow and vice versa.

What size of Timberland boots should I get?

Apart from knowing your right boot size, it is also important to know how to size different models of Timberland boots.

If you are looking for the perfect working boot, the PRO is your best choice. It runs big, so you might want to order a half-size down.

If you are getting fashion boots such as women’s Courmayeur Timberland boots, you should get your normal size because they run true to size.

For men, the White Ledge Waterproof Ankle Boot runs true to size both in length and width. Order your true size.

How to fit your Timberland boots

The best way to fit your boots is to ensure that they are comfortable snug, which means that if you place your foot right in the middle of the boot, the toes will not touch the front and the heel will not touch the back.

If you have a foot condition such as bunions, you should make the boot a little bigger and wider, in such a way that you can wear it without bunions touching the boot walls.

Image of Do Timberlands run big or small

If you have bought new boots and you feel that they fit too snugly, do not return them just yet. Sometimes, new boots need some break in period and once the newness is gone, they start fitting you comfortably.

Read our article on how to break in boots and choose an appropriate method. Also, note that if the boots fit too tight when they are new, breaking them in might not do much good.

If you do not know your boot size, take a piece of paper, a ruler and pencil. On a flat surface, draw a mark against the big toe and the heel. Measure the two points and probably add a half an inch.

That is your boot size.

What is the difference between Timberland wide and medium?

The difference between wide and medium for Timberland boots is the same as with other shoes. And the difference is just small, about ¼ of an inch.

The wide width is wider than medium width. The difference in the widths is seen at the toe area or the entire toe and ball of foot area.

If you could measure the medium width shoe against that of the wide width shoe, you will notice that the wide width is bigger.

While this difference seems negligible, it is very vital. You should measure your feet at the widest point (ball of foot area) and then add some allowance for a thick pair of socks.

If you order an exact size for your Timberland boots, they will probably fit too snugly and they might be too uncomfortable.

To wrap this up, the difference between Timberland wide and medium wide is 1/8 to ¼ inch.

Do Timberlands do wide fit?

Some people ask: Are Timberlands good for wide feet?

The engineers catered for many needs when designing these shoes and boots. So yes, there are medium and wide fitting Timbers.

If you have wide feet, you will find a fitting boot. In fact, most of the Timbers models come wide especially for men. However, some men have narrow feet and so there are a few boot models to suit their needs.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Size Timberland Boots

How to choose the right size Timberland boot can be a very rewarding experience if you know what to look for.

The size is the utmost consideration, perhaps coming even before the price consideration. Since these boots are not unisex, it is best to order according to your gender.

It is also best to choose according to your actual foot size, and since one foot is bigger for many people, measure that.

Remember to measure the width too and add a good allowance for wearing thick work socks. That way, there will be a minimal break in period since the boots will just have minimal “newness snugness.”

Enjoy your Timbers!