Best Socks To Wear With Cowboy Boots

To get the best socks to wear with cowboy boots requires you to do some foot work. You cannot wear these boots with just any pair of socks.

The best cowboy boot socks must offer height, which is very important if you want them to go the entire height of the boots. In addition, it is also very important that the socks have enough support, be breathable and be comfortable. If you are a cowboy, you probably spend many hours of your day in your boots.

But why should you get cowboy socks? Well, the truth is that the boots are high and since they are made from leather, they can rub against your calves, chaffing the skin easily.

You will find that these socks come in different materials such as merino wool, spandex, elastane and lycra, cotton, acrylic and nylon.

The best material must wick moisture away from your skin. That is how you can keep your feet dry throughout the day. Combined with a good antimicrobial insole, you can enjoy an odor-free day all the time that you will be wearing your boots.

With the kind of variety that you find in the market, choosing the best pair of boot socks can be a bit hard. However, we have done the footwork for you.

We bring you the best socks that you can order without fear. We also bring you a buying guide to help you get good value for money.

What kind of socks do you wear with cowboy boots?

The kind that is long, thick and very comfortable. They may seem a bit costlier as compared to regular socks, but you should always think of quality over money, any time. Here are the top 5 socks to wear with cowboy boots:

1. Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks

best socks to wear with cowboy boots

When you are buying these western boot socks, you will find that they come in black, white or gray color. You can choose what you think is appropriate for you. They also come in different sizes.

If your shoe size is in the 9 – 13 or 12 – 16 shoe size ranges. They come in a pack of three pairs so if you get it, you can last a full year without needing another pair.

Build Quality

These cowboy boot socks mens come in excellent construction for durability. As a result of this, they stay up the calf and they do not bunch or slip down your leg. As you may have guessed from the name, they are made from the US-based jeans company of Wrangler.


They are made with special blend of materials that include polyester, nylon and spandex in 80%, 17% and 3% respectively.

Therefore, they are tough, but they are also elastic enough to accommodate your calves and still retain their tightness so that they don’t slip down and bunch up. The way that you wear them in the morning straight up is the same way in which you will remove them after work.

Comfort and Support

These socks are very comfortable and they also have support features. For example, in the arches, you will feel the support in the arch area. A half-cushion has been added to the socks to offer extra support to your foot.

To enhance comfort further, these socks have moisture-wicking ability, thanks to the polyester material used in their construction. Therefore, since your feet are bound to sweat after a hard day doing ranch work, the socks wick it away from your skin.

Around the toe area, you are not going to feel the seam pressing into your toes. It has been nicely crafted such that it appears seamless. This is yet another factor that enhances comfort.

2. Gold Toe Men’s Ultra Tec Performance Socks

are you supposed to wear socks with cowboy boots

These ones are described as performance sports socks, but there is no reason why you should not use them in western boots.

They are high and will cover your calves nicely. At the same time, they have many comfort features. Like the Wrangler socks that we started this list with, these ones too are sold in 3 pairs. They also come in black, white and gray heather colors.

Build Quality

One of the most notable features that these socks for cowboy boots come with is the reinforced toe area. Because of the extra reinforcement in the toe area, some people also wear them with steel toe boots since their toe area does not wear out fast.

Comfort and support

The bottom of the socks is made with a comfort cushion. You will definitely feel the support for your arch which will be enhanced further by the arch support integrated in your insoles.  

The materials used in making these socks are cotton 82%, Nylon 14%, polyester 3% and spandex 1%. The polyester is

Because these socks are made for sports, they come with excellent wicking ability. They have been constructed with Decron hydrotec fibers. These help in wicking away the moisture from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Some people say that these socks are not good for people with really huge calves, you know, a wrestler like John Cena. They hold on a bit too tightly. If you have lean calves though, these socks are very comfortable and they do not slide down or bunch up.

3. Ariat Men’s Ariat Over The Calf Sport

what socks do you wear with cowboy boots

With extra padding on the foot area of these socks, available in extra sizes to fit even muscular legs, these are the perfect socks to wear with cowboy boots.

If you have been searching for the best socks to wear with cowboy boots, Ariat Mens OTC (over the calf) socks fit the bill perfectly. They come in a pack of three and they are available in white color.

These western boot socks also fit true to size. Therefore, if you wear boot size 12, you can order a pair of Ariat socks by the same size.

Material and comfort

These socks are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex. Cotton takes the largest share at 50%. The others take 40%, 8% and 2% respectively for polyester, nylon and spandex.

For more comfort, they have padding on the soles. In addition, they are breathable, have wicking ability that removes moisture from your feet when you sweat. It also keeps your feet odor-free all the time.

The construction is excellent. Therefore, these socks do not bunch up around your calves. They also never lose their elasticity such that they slide down your feet.

In addition, they are high enough to keep your feet comfortable from chaffing as is bound to happen when your leather western boots come into contact with the skin.

You will also note that the toe and heel areas are reinforced with extra padding. These are the areas that are in full contact with the boots and so they tend to wear out fast.

We would have wished to get shin padding with these over the calf boot socks. However, it is what it is and they are good value for money.

4. Thorlos Unisex MCB Combat Thick Padded Sock

what are the best socks to wear with cowboy boots

These are high quality western boots socks that come with extra padding on the foot. This padding has been medically-proven to reduce pain, moisture and even blisters on the foot.

The socks are unisex by design so both men and women can wear them. They are mainly available in black and olive colors and they can come in a pack of a pair or a pack of 3.


The material blend that has been used to make these socks ensures durability. They have used Tor-Lon fiber from the blend of acrylic, nylon and elastic to make these socks comfortable, strong and resilient. If you buy about three pairs, it will be some time before you have to buy another.


Comfort is very important when you are choosing a pair of work socks. Here, the manufacturer has gone an extra mile to bring you a very comfortable pair of socks.

The foot area is padded for support. It also has extra padding in the heel and toe areas since these are the places where the socks wear out faster.

Designed to be used as combat socks, you can imagine just how resilient they are. They can withstand the pressure that comes with long hours of daily wear.

The seam is not pronounced at all, so it never presses to your toes. The shin is also padded for extra protection.

Buying Guide for Best Socks to Wear with Cowboy Boots

Choosing the best pair of socks for cowboy boots is not too hard once you know what to look for. Therefore, consider the following things:

Material – As you have seen from our reviews for the best men’s socks for cowboy boots, the materials of choice are polyester, cotton, spandex, acrylic and nylon. Therefore, watch out for such materials. You could try merino wool which is costlier but very comfortable.

Length – The socks should be high such that they reach to your calves since that is where you need most protection from chaffing. Check whether they are indicated as OTC which means over the calf.

Build quality – Extra padding on the toe area, foot and heel area is very good. However, even if they do not have all that, they should have some extra padding on the foot area. If you can find a pair with shin padding, get it.

Comfort – At the very least, the best socks for womens cowboy boots should have foot padding. They should also have wicking ability such that they wick away the sweat and keep your feet odor-free.

Cost – Be ready to spend more than $10 to get the best socks to wear with cowboy boots. Of course, some are extravagantly priced and they can cost even more than $40. Buy what you can afford.