Golden Fox Boots Review: Best Models

In this Golden Fox boots review, we are going to look at a few of their most popular models. These boots come with some outstanding features. Anyway, the Golden Fox company has been making work and casual wear boots since 1970.

Since they have many models and it might not be possible to look at all of them here, perhaps we should review the Golden Fox Moc Toe Boots. On second thought though, we shall look at a second model – the Golden Fox 6″ Boondocker Service Boot Pro.

Unlike the Moc Toe that has a wedge sole, the Boondocker Service Pro has a regular sole. Keep reading to see why you should consider buying either of these two boots.

1. Golden Fox Moc Toe Boots review

Golden Fox Moc Toe Boots reviewThese are downright the most popular boots from Golden Fox and looking at their features, it is easy to see why. We shall see whether it gives good value for money.

Full grain leather upper

These boots come with a full-grain leather upper, and the size of the shaft from the arch is 6 inches. Thus, this is an ankle work boot. The leather looks so good with its rusty color, so you can wear the boots with skinny jeans or boot-cut jeans and they will look awesome on you.

For extra comfort, you will notice that the boots have a nice padding on the collar. Even the tongue is padded. If you have to lace the boots tightly, your feet will still feel comfortable.

PU wedge sole

This boot does not come with a rubber sole, but polyurethane soles are also good enough. It is water-resistant, oil resistant and slip-resistant. Since these are wedge soles, they leave no marks and that is why these boots are used in construction.

Polyurethane soles are very good at absorbing shock, perhaps even  better than leather or rubber soles.

These boots also have a steel shank. It helps you to maintain stability, balance and posture when you are climbing ladders and heights.

High quality construction

The construction of a work boot determines its durability a great deal. In this case, you are going to get the best value for money because these boots have a high quality welt construction from Goodyear. You can resole them so easily if the sole breaks.

Memory foam insole

These boots come with removable insoles. If you would rather use your own custom insoles such as Protalus or Superfeet, you can use them. If you choose to just use the stock ones, you will appreciate the wicking ability that gets the moisture away from your feet, keeping you dry and comfortable.

How the Moc Toe boots fit

If you have wide feet, especially at the toes, you will appreciate the fact that these boots are very accommodating in the toe box area. Also, these boots are easy to break-in since they do not fit too tightly.

2. Boondocker Service Boot Pro Review

Boondocker Service Boot Pro ReviewWhere the Moc Toe model of the Golden Fox boots is mostly basic in style like a military model, the Boondocker Service Boot Pro is a very good-looking model that you can wear for work as well as with jeans for style.

Leather upper

The Boondockers come with a leather upper for durability. The color is rustic although many people keep asking whether Golden Fox has black ones. Because the collar is not padded, these boots do seem to tuck well inside jeans or chinos. They are 6 inches high in the shaft from the arch.

Heat-resistant outsole

These shoes are built with a heat resistant outsole that can withstand heat levels of up to 200°F/93°C. This makes them very good for use in hot jobs such as laying asphalt. If you are looking for the best boots for asphalt, these could be it.

The sole is made of crepe, a kind of rubber, which is very comfortable and supportive. The heel is elevated, so these boots can also help with plantar fascia or heel pain. This sole is also oil and slip resistant, so these shoes are pretty safe to use in different industries.

Comfort and Fit

Golden Fox boots are known for their comfort. Thus, even without a lining, the boots will keep you cool and comfortable. If you do get smelly feet, ensure you wear the best socks for stinky feet.

From different sources online, people say that these boots run a little big. You might want to order a half size down.

The boots break in easily, conforming to your feet in no time at all.

3. Golden Fox pull on boots Review

In addition to their casual shoes, Moc Toe and King Rock brands, Golden Fox also has pull on boots. In fact, they have a cowboy boot that is called Forest Hunter Western Boot. It comes with a pointed toe.

Image of golden fox pull on boots

They also have the Men’s Leather Wellington Rigger Work Boots for farm and construction work. They also have the 12-inch Wellington Wedge boot. Mostly, the Wellington series of boots comes in the pull-on design.

Golden Fox Boots Review FAQ

Buying a new pair of work boots can be a daunting experience especially if you are trying a brand for the first time. If you do not know much about Golden Fox boots, these frequently asked questions and their answers might help you:

Are Golden Fox boots true to size?

Most of the models do run true to size while some run a half to a size bigger. However, this makes the boots roomy enough and the break in process is easier. Besides, you can always add custom inserts to fill in the volume a bit.

If you also wear thick work socks, they are going to help a lot. Please note only a few models run bigger. Most run true to size. For instance, the Moc Toe runs true to size.

Where are Golden Fox boots made?

Golden Fox boots are made in California, USA. Established in 1970, this company has been making handmade boots in a chic and cool style. They make work boots designed to last a long time. Besides, the incorporation of features such as Goodyear welt construction make the boots easy to resole if the need arises.

In addition to the Golden Fox brand, they also have the King Rock brand. In addition, they also make western boots such as the Forest Hunter pull on boot.

Conclusion for Golden Fox Boots Review

There is a Golden Fox boot for just about anyone in the market, made after a longstanding tradition of handmade boot designs.

The boots come in different designs. Some are in the lace design while others are in the pull-on design. Some also come with wedge soles and others with regular soles.

You will find boots with high as well as low shafts. The western boots measure almost 12 inches from arch to the boot opening.

Definitely, the Moc Toe 6 inch wins for construction work and casual wear.