How To Wear Cowboy Boots With Skinny Jeans

Before writing this short post on how to wear cowboy boots with skinny jeans, I decided to do a random check on Google, about skinny jeans.

So I went ahead and searched for “skinny jeans fashion.” And to my surprise, the first result was from Elle Magazine, about how skinny jeans are dead, already!

Well, that looked controversial, because everywhere around me in my town, every girl seems to be in skinny jeans.

How then can they be dead?

In any case, even if the skinny jeans silently fade out, there will always be those diehards who stay in the past. If this is you, you will be glad to know how to wear cowboy boots with skinny jeans.

In another article, we looked at how to hide cowboy boots under jeans. In the article, we also mentioned that you can wear skinny jeans with boots.

Here, we will cover that in deeper detail!

Keep reading!

How to wear ankle cowboy boots with skinny jeans

Many people ask: Do skinny jeans go with cowboy boots? Well, as a matter of fact, the two go together very well.

But there is a whole way to the style, so you really need to be very deliberate about it. There are two important things to consider here.

One of them is that the boots shafts only reach to the ankle. Thus, most people wonder whether they should wear their skinny jeans tucked into the boots or fold them just above the boots opening.

Can you wear skinny jeans tucked into ankle boots?

Absolutely! But this depends on how long the skinny jeans are. If the jeans reach somewhere above your ankles, and you are wearing ankle length cowboy boots with them, well, you might not tuck  them inside the boots.

Also, there are skinny jeans and then there are very skinny jeans. If they are snug-skinny, you know, as if they are a second skin, the jeans will go easily inside the boots. So that should not be a problem at all.

If the jeans do not fit like a glove on your ankles, they will bunch up when you try to force them into the cowboy boots.

The last thing that you want with your skinny jeans is to get them bunched up and wrinkly inside the boots.

Fold the jeans to just above the shaft of the boots

Girls who love to wear their jeans this way with their ankle boots look really cool and chic. First, set the boots outside your leg without wearing them.

You want to see how they measure up against your ankle, and take a silent note of the place where they reach.

You can then commence rolling up or folding up the jeans to just the right place, you know, where the boots will reach.

You can then wear the jeans if you were folding them outside your legs or just slip-on the boots if you were folding the boots when they were on already.

Do cowboys tuck their pants in their boots

This is one of the most-asked questions on the web. A long time ago, in the days of the Wild West, cowboys would tuck their jeans in their boots. They did this to prevent the jeans from snagging on brush as they rode their horses.

The modern cowboy takes care of cattle in well planned and managed ranches, so there is really no need for that.

Thus, you will find that many of the cowboys today get boot-cut denims, which cover the boots almost to the heel.

Boot cut jeans are designed in a tapering manner from the thighs downwards, falling a little outwards towards the opening.

Another option is to wear straight jeans that stretch all the way down in a straight design. These are popular with cowboys because they are not too tight. Besides, they make it easy to swing one leg over the horse when riding.

If you need to wear your cowboy boots to an official occasion, you need to wear the boots inside your pants. However, since cowboy-ing is real hard work, most wore their jeans tucked into their boots.

Do cowboy boots go under or over jeans?

This depends on a few things. One of them is why you are wearing the boots. If you are wearing them for culture, you can wear skinny jeans with the boots and tuck the pant legs inside the boots. You can also wear skinny jeans folded right above the opening of the boots.

If you want to attend a formal event wearing the boots or you are wearing a semi-formal pair of pants such as chinos, you cannot tuck them into the boots. You need to wear trousers over boots.

Image of Do cowboys tuck their pants in their boots

If you are wearing cowboy boots for work, you will have to wear them with the jeans tucked inside the boots so that you can keep the debris from getting inside the boots.

If you wear skinny jeans, they will definitely have to go inside the boots. If you wear boot-cut jeans, they will go over the boots. If you wear straight jeans, you choose whether they will go inside the boots or over the boots.

How to wear cowboy boots without looking country

It is possible to wear cowboy boots without looking western or country. Here are a few ways to rock your western boots without looking, well … western:

Wearing boots with a dress or skirt

This is for women, and girls, obviously! You need to keep the dress and the skirt short. Matched with neutral colored boots, they would be a good match for summer. Wearing boots and short skirts will never go out of fashion.

Shorts and cowboy boots

Shorts are cool, chic and naughty! Mostly, women go for this cool style. You should wear jean shorts with cowboy boots. The jean short and cowboy boots combination is simple yet it makes a very strong statement. This is a good outfit for summer and it never seems to go out of fashion.

Distressed jeans and western boots

This is yet another way to wear cowboy boots without looking western at all. Distressed jeans are also referred to as ripped jeans because they are ripped across the knee or thigh sections.

Again, this is a favorite for many women, who like to wear skinny ripped jeans. You can wear these jeans and fold them over the boot opening.

Skinny jeans and western boots

Skinny jeans will never go out of fashion. When you wear them tucked inside the shaft or you fold them over the boot opening, they make you look real cool!

Conclusion: How to Wear Cowboy Boots with Skinny Jeans

Wearing cowboy boots without looking western is possible, but you have to be very deliberate about it. Jeans shorts, ripped jeans and skinny jeans definitely carry the day and they seem to go very well with these boots.