How To Hide Cowboy Boots Under Jeans

You would think that no one needs lessons on how to hide cowboy boots under jeans, which basically is a lesson on how to wear these boots.

Most people ask: do jeans go over or under cowboy boots? It depends on where you are going. If you are wearing your western boots to formal occasions, custom dictates that you wear the pants over the boots.

If you are going to a casual occasion, you can tuck your jeans pants legs into the boots, but it is not recommended. Of course, they will be bunched up and wrinkled by the time you pull them out, but that is how to wear them.

Back to the topic of the day, how do you hide cowboy boots under your jeans? Do you wear jeans with wide bottoms? If you pull the jeans over the boots, won’t the boots show?

Keep reading. These are some of the things we are going to be looking at here.

How do I keep cowboy boots from showing?

One of the things that most western boot lovers worry about is how to keep cowboy boots from showing.

If you are looking for a way to wear boots with your pants in such a way that they will not show, you have to do it right. Thankfully, many western boots are not too thick at the calves, so you should not have too much trouble fitting them!

Unless you are doing actual horse riding work with the boots, you should never tuck your jeans into the boots, to create a proper fashion statement.

Here are a few important tips to follow to keep cowboy boots from showing through your jeans:

Choose the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots

First, there is no way you are going to make a good fashion statement if you wear any other type of pants with the boots, apart from jeans.

But do you know how to choose the best jeans that you should wear with your western boots? It is best to try the dark colored jeans. These hide cowboy boots better than the regular light blue jeans that we are so used to.

Dark and medium dark jeans are best for cowboy boots. However, even the beige and brown jeans can look incredible with the western boots.

To make the boots blend well with the jeans, make sure that the jeans are the same color as the boots if possible. If they are not, just make sure they are dark, or medium.

Wear boot cut jeans

Now, there are different types of jeans. Some of them are made to be worn with sneakers, some with regular work boots and some even with dress shoes.

And now, we have boots that you can wear with western boots so that the boots do not show through the jeans. These are called boot cut jeans!

Just as their name suggests, these jeans are cut to go over the boots easily. By design, they are narrow towards the knees but they flare out briefly towards the opening.

Image of Can you wear straight jeans with cowboy boots

If the leg opening of the jeans is anywhere between 17 and 20 inches, well, those are boot cut jeans! They go over the boots ever so easily.

Even for the boot cut jeans, make them dark colors too. That is important because the boots will match well with the jeans.

Some people ask: What is the difference between boot-cut and regular jeans? Unlike the regular jeans that are straight-cut by design, the boot-cuts flare out. Such jeans stay nicely over the boots.

Make sure jeans are fitting. Do not make them oversized because that is going to make you look awkward. It is best to keep them dark colored too because they hide boots very well.

Keep the jeans long enough – Jeans that stack

This is a very important consideration. If you make the jeans too short, they will not hide the boots very well. Thus, you want to ensure that the jeans drop all the way down up to the heel of the boots, or just slightly above it.

The good thing about the jeans dropping down to the boots is that even if they fold over some, it is still okay.

Because of the extra height of the boots, regular height jeans might look too short. Thus, it is better to make the jeans longer.

The soft folds the longer jeans pants form looks nice and rugged. Most men prefer this look. However, ensure the jeans are not too long because too many folds can make them look ridiculous.

Make sure the boots do not have a extra wide opening

If your boots have a wide opening, they might be a bit hard to find under the jeans. Because of their rigid nature, boots are going to be hard to hide under the jeans.

With a wide opening, the boots will push against the jeans, and they will be hard to hide. At the same time, it is best to ensure that the boots will still fit you.

It is best to know your shoe width size. If you have doubts about the opening size, you can measure the size of your calves. Besides, most western boot makers have a guiding chart to help you get your true size.

The reason for this is that they come in the slip-on design. Thus, you still need them to have enough space for your legs to go through and to keep your calves free and not pressed too tight.

If there is nothing you can do about the boot opening, for instance, if you have thick calves, you can get boot-cut jeans so that they don’t settle on top of the boot openings.

Make sure that the jeans do not look too bell-bottomy, as they might look too old-fashioned. Of course, boot-cut jeans will not look the same as straight jeans, but they should not look too flared out.

Can you wear straight jeans with cowboy boots?

Straight jeans are going to look incredibly good with your cowboy boots. By straight, we mean jeans that run straight and at the same width from the waist down. However, you still need to divert a little from the straightness and ensure that the jeans flare out a bit at the opening.

Straight jeans are designed in such a way that they maintain the same width from the thigh area downward.

If this is your first time buying straight jeans, they are not too hard to recognize. In another section in this article, we said that boot-cut jeans have an opening of 17 to 20 inches. However, straight jeans run narrower than that. For instance, they can have an opening size of between 15 and 15.5 inches.

To remove all doubt from your mind, ensure that the jeans are in the boot-cut design. They come in the straight design, but they do flare out a bit at the opening to allow them to go over the boots easily.

If your cowboy boots do now have such a wide opening, you can just wear straight jeans with them. Also, you can get the jeans that stack softly on the boots. This is a good style, and they do not bunch up against the boot opening.

If you are looking for information about the best types of jeans to wear with cowboy boots, you will find that some people, especially women, wear skinny jeans with them.

The good thing about skinny jeans is that they grip the ankle like a second skin, so they tuck well inside the boots. You just have to ensure that the jeans fit you nicely, reaching somewhere above the heel. It is only women who wear skinny jeans with western boots.

You might even want to wear socks over the skinny jeans, as long as they (the socks) do not stretch to the entire shaft length of the boots.

How should cowboy boots look under jeans?

Most people beginning to wear western boots ask: how are cowboy boots supposed to look under jeans?

Under tight straight-cut jeans, the boots might make the jeans a bit bunched up. In fact, the jeans might start riding on the jeans.

Cowboy boots are going to look snug on your feet, if you choose the right size. Under the right pair of boot-cut jeans, the boots will not show through the material. In addition, we have soft and hard jeans.

The soft jeans are just that – soft and more likely to bunch up as compared to the hard denims. The latter are more rigid and they stay firm on the boots. Also, they are not likely to ride up the boots.

This is why most cowboy jeans are hard denims by style. They are made this way so that they can go very well with the cowboy boots.

Whether you get the soft or the hard denims to wear with your western boots, make sure that the jeans fit. They should reach slightly above the heels of the boots, well, unless you want them to be stackable. If you do not wear fitting clothes, they will look ridiculous no matter how costly they are.

Image of How should cowboy boots look under jeans

If the hem of the jeans touches the ground when you are walking, they are too long. Also, if they get stuck under your heels when you are walking, they are also too long. The best size of jeans is when they reach about a quarter-of-an-inch above the heels.

How To Hide Cowboy Boots Under Jeans FAQ

Choosing the right pair of jeans to go with cowboy boots can be hard for a first timer. To help you, here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers. They might help!

Do you tuck your pants in cowboy boots?

No, unless you are wearing skinny jeans, which obviously would have to go into the boots, do not tuck in your pants into the boots. They will bunch up and wrinkle up.

How do you wear jeans with cowboy boots?

First, choose the hard/raw denim types of jeans, make them a dark or medium color and if you can, make them the color of the boots. also, make sure they are boot-cut by design and by length, they should reach slightly above the heel.

Why bootcut jeans are better?

Boot cut jeans are perfect for the thick cowboy boots because they come with a wider leg opening, so they stay on the boots nicely. The legs flare out slightly without looking like bell bottoms.

Are boot-cut jeans more flattering than skinny jeans?

For women, boot-cut jeans are very flattering because they accentuate the feminine figure, making her look outstanding. However, women who are a little weightier around the hips should not wear such jeans. Please note that these are the best jeans for cowboy boots.


Wearing jeans and cowboy boots in the right way is harder than it looks. However, with a few guidelines, you will know whether to choose straight-style or boot-cut style jeans. The latter are more recommended!

Whatever you choose, just ensure that the boots fit very well! The hem of your jeans should reach just slightly above the heels. Also, go for hard denims because it is harder for them to much up against the opening of the boots.