How To Keep Thigh High Boots Up

If they have been sliding down your calves, you need to know how to keep thigh high boots up.

This is a common problem because thigh high boots are wider near the top of the shaft. Since your legs taper down from the thighs downwards, your thigh high boots keep sliding downwards.

This destroys your image for your boot day. However, since you are reading this article already, that is the end of your troubles.

Since thigh high boots sliding down is a phenomenon that has been troubling many a damsel for a long time, today, there are so many ways to get the boots to behave and stay in place.

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How to keep suede thigh high boots up

If your thigh high boots just cannot stay in their place, don’t worry. You can take care of them using the following means and they will stay right in place:

Using fashion glue

Fashion glue is very popular with women who love thigh high boots. You can order yours from

This glue is also so simple to apply. All that you need to do is note where your thigh high boots reach, which is probably somewhere on the thighs.

Apply a generous amount of this glue on the thighs and then give it some time, a few minutes, to set. After that, wear your boots and press them against the glue. They will stick and the good thing is that the glue does not harden.

When you need to ,get the boots off, just pull them gently off the area with the glue. Do not tug them too much because the glue might cause minor skin injuries. Also, pull them off your feet, by wriggling out of them.

To remove the fashion glue from your skin, soak a piece of cloth or towel in warm water and apply it on the glue. It should come off cleanly.

Try folding the boots at the top

But then … they might not be thigh high. However, we mean just fold the boots a little bit, you know, like an inch or so. That will make them tighter since you have just added the volume to the leather.

You will also feel the boots become tighter around your thighs, so they will not slip down again. Please note that this technique only works with boots that are not fitting too loosely.

Thick socks might help

If the boots leave a very small space between them and your legs, you can try wearing a pair of thick socks.

You can also wear two pairs of socks if you like. However, if the socks feel too smooth, the boots might eventually start sliding down your thigh. So only wear socks if the space between the skin and the boots is not too big.

If you do not want to wear socks at all, take a pair of old socks and cut the upper part. That band can then go to your thigh to hold onto the boots. It is odd for real, but no one will know what you are wearing.

Textured tights or leggings

Textured tights or leggings are not smooth to the touch. Therefore, they can do a good job of holding the boots in their place to prevent slouching.

You can then make a fashion statement by wearing a short denim or corduroy skirt over the leggings.

This method will mostly help during the cold weather. You probably don’t want to cook your legs in leggings and boots in summer.

Add boot straps

You can order read bootstraps from the online marketplaces or you can use Velcro tape and glue to make yours.

If you decide to use the DIY option, you will have to sew the elastic straps to the top of the boot using simple stitches.

Take the boots to a cobbler

If you are not sure that you will do a good job keeping your thigh high boots on your legs, you can go see a cobbler and they will help.

Mostly, they will add boot straps at the top. They can also use other methods like reshaping the top of the boots to help make them tighter.

How to keep boots from slouching in closet

One of the reasons why your thigh high boots slouch around your legs is that you let them slouch when they are in the closet.

But there are simple ways to prevent that. Thus, before you toss them into the closet, do the following:

Stuff them up

Look around you and you will see so many old clothes,towels and newspapers that you can use to stuff up the boots and keep them straight.

You can also use pool noodles, which you can buy for a few dollars on Amazon. Cardboard tubes also do a great job of preventing your tall boots from slouching.

You can even stuff the boots with your flip-flops. They will prevent slouching, but since they are not rounded, they will just hold up the boots shaft without maintaining the rounded shape.

How to store thigh high boots

There are so many things that you can do to keep your thigh high boots in good shape while in storage. There are also some things that you cannot do such as drop them on the floor anyhow.

Store them in the upright position – After stuffing your boots, keep them on the floor, in the upright position.

Use a boot rack – If you have many boot types, investing in a boot rack can help keep them well. You know they do not come cheap.

Get boot inserts – use store-bought boot inserts to prevent yours from slouching. This is very important. You can also use the stuffing methods we have mentioned here.

Boot hangers – Hanging the boots means they stay straight in the shaft area. That way, even when you wear them, they are not likely to slouch.

How to keep thigh highs up without glue

Well, if you do not want to use body adhesive for how to keep thigh high boots up, you can try the other methods.

These include wearing thick socks, textured leggings and stockings, and adding boot straps with elastic loops and Velcro.

Image of How to keep thigh highs up without glue

You could also take the boots to a cobbler so that he or she can add the straps at the top for you or use other means to shrink the shaft so that they do not slouch.

How do you make boots stiff again?

There are some ways to make leather boots stiff again. Try these:

Apply paraffin wax – If they are leather boots, applying paraffin wax on their surface is going to help a lot. It creates a waterproof layer and it also makes the boots stiff again.

You need to clean the boots first and after the boots are completely dry, you can apply a thin layer of wax. Let that settle, dry, and then apply another layer. This should do the trick.

Stuff your boots before storage – Make a habit of stuffing your boots before you take them to storage. This is going to help them retain their shape and they will not slouch at the top.

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up

Slouching boots are a nightmare for every thigh high boot lover. And they do look a bit awkward too.

However, if you realize that their stiffness is gone, all is not lost. Just use some of the methods that we have discussed here to make them stand again.