How Do You Store Shoes In A Small Space?

If you live in a modern two apartment, you know any space that you can save is very welcome. So how do you store shoes in a small space?

Shoes take a lot of space, mostly because you cannot store them on top of the other because that would crumple them and cause damage.

How do you keep shoes in a small flat? It is best to have a small drawer, shelves and other storage means in almost every room to store your shoes. That looks more organized, allowing you to deal with minimal space without clutter.

Shoe racks are not the only storage options for shoes. They are bulky and they take up a lot of floor space. In this article, we are going to explore other smart ways for storing your work boots and all types of shoes.

Remember, if you store your shoes badly, they will develop mold.

Where Do You Put Shoes In An Apartment?

If you do not keep your shoes organized in your apartment, you will have them scattered all over. Here are various ways in which you can store shoes nicely in your house, to save space.

Have a small shoe drawer close to the door

Most people love to spend their indoor time barefoot in the house. They prefer to wear their shoes when going out.

That is why you need a small drawer standing by the doorway, not of the main house, but of the bedroom or of your dressing room.

You can also choose a small drawer that comes with a storage space on the top. This one can hold your personal items such as watches, keys and chargers.

A good small shoe drawer that you might want to try is the Haotian FSR78-W,(  which you can order on It has one or two drawers, so you can choose what is most appropriate for you.

It also comes in white color. It is very good for any kind of interior décor. Also, this drawer is flippable by design. What happens is that when you arrange the shoes in the drawer, you can flip them upwards to keep it locked.

We recommend you get the two-drawer option because it can carry more shoes, say, even more than 10 pairs.

Space-saving shoe rack

Shoe racks will never be out of fashion. Today, they come in all sizes, styles and designs. No matter how diverse your taste is, you are going to find a good shoe rack to store your shoes in an orderly manner.

If you choose well, you can get a small shoe rack that will look really good in any space. For instance, you can get the LITA Bamboo 4-Tier Shoe Shelf Foldable Bamboo, which, as you can see is a 4 tier, meaning it has four storage shelves. (

It can fit up to 20 pairs of shoes, so it can pretty much carry all the shoes for at least two family members. Foldable by design, when you do not need it, you can just fold it into a small and compact size for storage and transport.

Image of where do you put shoes in an apartment

This is a nifty shoe rack that you can store in almost every small space in your home. This can be in the kitchen, bedroom or even in the closet.

It is made with bamboo and cleaning it is so simple since there are no corners or crevices to worry about. Just give it a wipe down with a damp piece of cloth and you will be good to go.

What can I use instead of a shoe rack?

If you need some other form of shoe storage apart from shoe rack, you will be amazed at the options available in the market. Here are two that you must try if you have a small space at home:

Stackable boxes or shoe organizer

Stackable boxes are just that, storage boxes for shoes that you stack on top of each other easily. They save on your space while giving you a more robust, better and affordable storage option for small spaces.

The stackable boxes are very safe. There is no danger of them toppling off because they click into each other. You do not need any tools to assemble these boxes or to remove them.

Once you start a box, it becomes part of the major component. The entire “cabinet” becomes stable on its feet and it never wobbles.

Most of the stackable shoe storage boxes are made of a frame and transparent material. This has its many benefits. For instance, it helps you to find the shoes that you want to wear fast, without wasting too much time.

You do not have to make your cabinet of stackable boxes too high. You can keep some of the boxes aside and shove them under the bed or other furniture. Since the shoes are enclosed inside, it will be hard for them to collect dust.

If you are interested in this chic, cool and interesting form of storage, you might want to try the Pinkpum Shoe Boxes, which are made with a clear plastic material. They are 12 in number and they click into each other safely and securely.

It is transparent and very beautiful. Each of the shoe boxes has a door to the front so reaching your shoes is not a problem.

You can order the Pinkpum Shoe Boxes Clear Plastic Stackable from (

You can stack these boxes into any shape that you like or depending on the space that you have available. If you collect sneakers, you can stack these boxes in different shapes to enhance your interior décor.

Small shoe cabinets – Shoe storage idea for bedroom

If you like to keep your shoes out of sight, do not shove them under the bed. Rather, you can get a small to medium-sized shoe cabinet that will not take too much space.

If you want to keep it in the bedroom, doorway or other space. No one will know what is inside!

Shoe cabinets also come in different designs. For instance, you should consider getting one that has sliding doors, which you can also lock to keep your shoes secured.

Since we are looking at shoe storage options for small spaces, the sliding door cabinets would be awesome.

If you have some more space to spare, you might consider getting a cabinet that has doors that open outwards.

Some of the cabinets also come in a flippable design so that when you have stored the shoes in the drawer or compartment, you can flip it upwards so that the shoes stay out of sight.

You might want to buy the Baxton Studio FP-01LV-Espresso Studio Coolidge on ( . This high quality shoe cabinet is made of wood and it comes with four storage compartments.

You can store tens of pairs of shoes. The top space of the cabinet should not go to waste. It is large enough for flower vases and other items.

The only small downside with some of these cabinets is that the height of the storage shelves inside is fixed. Therefore, it might not be possible to store your cowboy boots.

How do you arrange shoes in a small closet?

Arranging shoes in a small closet is an art. If you do not arrange the shoes properly, they are going to consume more space than they should.

Here are a few tips to help you fit many shoes in a small closet:

Store the shoes depending on how often you wear them

Snow boots, stilettos and other shoes that you do not wear too often should be the first ones to go to the highest and furthest ends of the closets.

The shoes that you wear more often should be near the front where you can reach them easily.

Keep the shoes according to their styles too. For instance, boots should be stored together. Sneakers should go to their compartment and pumps should stay in their own place.

Do not keep the shoes on the floor

The temptation to toss the shoes on the floor of the closet is going to be there, but don’t give into it. Sooner than you know, you might start heaping them up in one corner.

If you do that, it is hard to find the shoes that you would like to wear when everything is so disorganized. When you arrange the shoes off the floor, you are going to create more space.

Don’t cram too many shoes in the closet

A smart person realizes when there is no more space for more shoes in the closet. After all, it can only take so much.

If you find the need to get extra storage for your shoes, get it. You also need the space in your closet for other things.

If you need extra storage space, you can get one of the drawers or cabinets that we have reviewed here.

Keep your boots in the upright position

Boots should never be left lying on their side on the floor because that is going to damage their appearance. It is also going to take too much space. Always store your boots in the upright position in your closet.

To prevent the boots from flopping, stuff them up with old rags and newspapers. This is going to keep them stiff and in good shape.

Hang some of your shoes

You can hang your open shoes, sandals and those that come with straps. In fact, using improvised hangers is one of the DIY shoe storage ideas for small spaces. Most of the time, we forget to make use of the vertical space.

To do this, you need to get some wire hangers and just cut the bottom part and coil it sideways. That way, you create an opportunity to hang a pair of sandals, one on each side of the hanger. Just make sure that the improvised hanging hook faces upwards.

Image of How do you arrange shoes in a small closet

You can then keep your hangers in the same way that you keep them when hanging clothes, only that this time, it is shoes.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have seen just a few tips for: how do you store shoes in a small space. You can try many more ideas, as long as they can work with the available space.

You have also seen a few storage cabinets and drawers that you can buy. These are going to make organization so easy.

They are also so good looking, so you can store your shoes anywhere and they will look so nice for your décor.

Finally, remember to only keep the shoes that you need. Over the years, we tend to accumulate too many shoes, some we even don’t wear. Sort them out and give away what you don’t need.