How To Stretch Boot Shaft – 3 Effective Methods

If your cowboy boots feel too snug around the calf area, it is time to give them a stretch. Luckily, how to stretch boot shaft is so simple so you do not even need to take them to a cobbler.

And it is safe too. If you do it carefully, you are not going to affect the quality of the leather. You see, leather is flexible to a certain degree and so you can stretch it out to fit more comfortably.

In this short article, we are going to find out how to stretch cowboy boots around the calf. Keep reading!

How to stretch leather boots around the calf

In the past, we have looked at different ways in which to stretch leather boots. However, we have never looked at how to stretch calf of boots. It is not too hard, nor is it too different from the methods of stretching the foot area of your boots.

Here are a few methods that are very effective:

1. How to stretch boot shaft with a stretcher

This method is similar to that of using a shoe stretcher tool that you can buy on the online marketplaces. We have stretchers for the foot area, you know, when the shoe is pinching your heels or when the shoes are pinching your toes.

In this case, we have stretchers that help to widen the shaft of the boots. The mechanics of all shoe and boot stretchers are the same. First, you adjust them manually. Secondly, they expand sideways. Thirdly, they are very effective.

In this case, buy a boot leg stretcher that is within your budget. You can measure the diameter of your calves so that you can know how wide you can stretch the shaft of the boots. That way, you are going to enlarge the boots shaft to the right size since you don’t want to make them too large lest they start spiraling down your legs.

After expanding the boot shaft stretcher, you should leave it in the boots for several hours. When you wear the boots, you will notice that they fit more comfortably.

For the high boots, you will find tall boot stretchers.

2. How to enlarge boot shaft with leather stretcher spray

You will need to buy your leather stretching spray. You will also need a pair of thick socks. How much can you stretch the calf of leather boots using this method? It works when you just want to stretch the boots a little bit. It is very effective.

You need to spray the inside of your boot shaft with the leather stretcher. After it soaks in, wear the boots with your thick socks on. You can read about the best socks for cowboy boots to see what you can buy. Even if you do not have a thick pair, you can wear two pairs.

Let the boots stay on your feet until the leather stretcher evaporates. When it does, you will find that the boots start fitting more comfortably around the calves.

3. The water and leather conditioner method

This is the third and the last method that we are going to look at here for how to stretch cowboy boots shafts.

It is messy, but if it can help to stretch boot shaft, it is worth trying. You will need a large basin or you can use the sink. You will also need a leather conditioner.

Image of how to stretch cowboy boots around the calf

Soak the boots fully in water and let them stay submerged for about 10 minutes. When leather absorbs water, the fibers become more flexible and they can stretch easily. Flexible fibers make it easy for how to stretch leather boots around the calf.

Remove the boots from the water and wear them with thick socks. This is going to be a bit uncomfortable. Let the boots stay on your feet until the moisture evaporates from the shaft. When the shaft is dry, apply the leather conditioner around the shaft and let the boots stay until the conditioner evaporates.


Those are the three simple methods that you can use for how to stretch boot shaft. You can use the method that is most appropriate for you. Besides, you can also take the boots to a cobbler to help you in how to stretch boot shaft.