Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle Insoles

powerstep insoles

Well, as it turns out, buying a great pair of boots or shoes is not enough. You might need to buy insoles. Most of the time, stock inserts are no good. That is why you are reading this article on Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle.

While these inserts may look the same from a casual glance, they are different. Last time, we looked at Protalus vs Superfeet and we saw just how different they are. Even these two models are not really the same, but they are medical-grade.

How long do powerstep insoles last?

Well, since these inserts are under the same brand name, we might as well try to find out how long they last. Generally, Powerstep insoles are quite well made and they last a long time.

But you know the thing with inserts is that they can only last so long, especially if you intend to wear them with your work boots and spend long hours standing.

Therefore, if your insoles can give you a great service for 8 months to 1 year, that is good value for the money.

OK, some sources say that they should be replaced every 6 months. Well, it depends on you entirely, but we also know insoles that last a couple of years while still maintaining their shape.

Which Powerstep insoles for plantar fasciitis?

One of the things that have made this brand name so popular is that it makes medical-grade inserts. Therefore, if you have plantar fasciitis, there is an insole, just for you. Specifically, some of the insoles that they make for plantar fasciitis include Pinnacle Full Length and Maxx.

Powerstep ProTech is also good for Plantar Fasciitis. It can help to reduce your foot pain. Of course, we will discuss more about these inserts later.

What is the difference between Protech and Pinnacle?

If they were the same thing, they would be referred to with the same name. However, they are different. To understand their differences better, we shall look at each of them separately.

1. Powerstep Protech Insoles

Image of Protech insoles

This one is a full-length insert that comes with some important features. First, it is available in men and women’s sizes. Secondly, this insole is designed in such a way that it gives your heel comfortable cushioning. And that is not all because it also offers full foot support for the wearer throughout the day.

This is a medical-grade insole and a lot of work and research has gone to it. That is why it is able to offer firm support throughout the day. It has a double layer cushioning, which gives the user comfort throughout the day.

The heel needs further cushioning. Therefore, this insert has a PORON heel pad that offers the extra cushioning.

If you have plantar fasciitis, this insole is going to help you. It helps in reducing the pain that comes with this condition. The arch support is incredible and when it is combined with the heel support, the insoles become quite supportive.

This insert can also help you if you have ball of foot pain, heel pain of on other pain in your feet. However, this does not mean that you should not consult a doctor. All we are saying is that these insoles can give you proper support whether you use them in casual shoes, work boots or other types of shoes.

2. Powerstep Pinnacle Insole

Pinnacle has many insoles under the brand. These include Plus and Maxx. Like the Protech, this one also offers full-length models for both men and women. At the same time, these insoles can also address common foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.

Image of Powerstep Pinnacle inserts

One of the things that many people love about these insoles is the metatarsal support pad that supports your ball of foot area. If you experience ball of foot pain, this is the best insole to buy because it will help alleviate it.

This insole also features integrated arch support. Whether you have high/low arches or are flat footed, this insert meets your needs. It is a medical-grade insole that you can use in your shoes to correct some foot issues.

The insole is made of foam. It also comes in double layering for extra comfort and support. However, the top is also covered with a microbial fabric. Its work is to reduce the chances of your feet becoming odorous. This fabric also lowers friction between your feet and the insoles. That way, your feet will not break out into a sweat every time you walk around.

In comparison between Powerstep Protech vs Pinnacle, the latter seems to address more feet issues than the former. It removes arch, heel and metatarsal pain. If your feet get sore, this is going to help alleviate all of those issues.

Which is better between Protech and Pinnacle?

The search for the best insole from the same brand name can be hard. However, between these two, if you get sore legs from standing too long, you should go for the Pinnacle. If you experience heel pain, you should go for the Protech because it has a mechanism for alleviating that.

There is no winner or loser here. This is a comparison between two equals.