Best Insoles for Red Wing Boots with Good Arch Support

red wing memory foam insoles

To get the best insoles for Red Wing boots, read this article.

Since 1905, Red Wing has been making awesome boots for safety, casual/regular wear and work. In addition, they have become so good at it such that most people ask: Are Red Wing boots guaranteed for life?

What a question! However, if you dig a little deeper, you will find that they have a pair of boots that they sell with a lifetime guarantee.

But first, as it usually happens with most footwear, you may need to exchange the stock insoles with custom ones.

If you would like to try different inserts for these boots, read this article. We will bring you a couple that work really well at giving you good arch support and keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Best insoles review

Choosing inserts for work boots is not hard since there are many of them. The only challenge is the variety. Here, we will look at just three that you can buy confidently.

1. JobSite Power Tuff Anti-Fatigue Support Work Orthotic Insoles

best work boot inserts

Good name for a pair of inserts that are made for work boot use. If you have plantar fasciitis, this is the best insert to use.

They have good arch support. Whether you have low or high arch, these inserts will give you the support that you truly need to stay long hours on your feet.

The heel cup is deep such that it “forces” your body to adopt the right posture when you are standing upright. Studies have also shown that deep heel cups prevent the occurrence of heel shock.

These inserts have also been designed with AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD odor control technology.

The material used is designed in such a way that it discourages the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungus, which are responsible for causing odor.

The material used to manufacture these inserts is quite good. It retains its original form over a long time of use. Besides, even if you have flat feet, these inserts will accommodate them.

2. Dr. Scholls Inserts for work boots

are dr scholl's inserts good

For a very affordable amount of money, you can get the Dr. Scholl’s inserts, which are good for your Red Wing boots. They come with a special massaging gel technology. This gel gives your feet super cushioning and because it does actually massage your feet, it encourages blood flow to all parts of the feet.

Whether you have flat feet, high or low arch, these soles are going to conform to your feet. They will offer you the support that you need when working long hours on yout without making you feel fatigued.

These insoles are good for all types of shoes. You can use them in casual and office shoes. However, for smaller and narrower shoes, you might have to trim the inserts.

They also have reinforced arch support so that your foot is supported in all the important areas.

Near the ball of foot area, there are ventilations that allow airflow to cool your feet. There is some support too in this area to keep your ball of foot stable and supported all the time.

These inserts are actually backed by science. Studies have shown that people who wear them can put in more work by up to 10 percent as compared to people who don’t wear such.

3. Superfeet Carbon Premium Insole

superfeet carbon insoles review

Superfeet is one of the best insert manufacturers that we have in the market today. These inserts are pricey, but from the premium material used in their construction, you can tell they will last a long time.

They are made of carbon fiber and foam, a combination that will last a long time in great shape.

Because they are low profile by design, these insoles take minimal space in your boots. Therefore, even if your shoes fit closely, these insoles will work just fine and leave you with enough room.

Thin as they are, they still offer maximum support. Even if you experience foot pain from time to time, these inserts will help you.

Best insoles for red wing boots buying guide

Image of work boot insoles

What size insoles should I buy? This is a very common question among people that want to change their stock inserts.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get the best:


While price should never be the determining factor, some inserts can be extravangatly priced, more than $50.

Others can also be quite cheap at less than $10. Just find something that is within your budget.

Arch Support

The arch area is the one part of the foot that gets overworked when you have to stand for a long time.

Therefore, arch support is the reason why we buy inserts. The good thing is that you can find an insert for flat feet, high or low arches.

Odor control

The best insoles for Red Wing boots should have some form of odor control technology. This can be in the material used or it can be in the ventilation.