How Much Height Do Shoes Add?

How much height do shoes add, and does it even matter?

Quick answer: shoes, sandals, sneakers, and boots will add a height of 0.5 inches to 2.0 inches, sometimes, even higher.

Here, we are really not considering stilettos, pumps and other high heeled varieties of shoes, mostly for women. We are looking at regular boots, shoes and sandals.

I am a short man, so I am intrigued by height and I fuss about it a lot. Whenever I am buying a new pair of shoes, I mull in my mind … this heel, will it give me an extra inch or two? The more (without looking ridiculous, of course) the better!

Do shoes add inches to your height?

Well, yes  they do. Even the flat sandals that you wear to the beach do add some inches. It is just that it is too small to notice.

Boots are the real deal when it comes to adding inches. If they come with a thicker sole, that’s even better because then, they can add even more than 1 inch to your height.

Here is a small table to show you the inches that different shoes can add to your height:

How much height do shoes add

Women have the bigger advantage when it comes to adding to their height from shoes. They can choose to add up to 5 inches, or higher!

For the regular shoes and boots, you are most likely to add just a couple of inches utmost. For instance, a cowboy boot can have a 2-inch heel, and that would elevate you a bit.

However, in line with the size of the heel, the thickness of the sole also matters a lot! Thus, thicker soles such as you would find in hiking or walking boots do seem to add more height than dress shoes.

As you have seen, different types of shoes add different heights. The bottom line is that all shoes add height.

How much height do dress shoes add

First, dress shoes are the type of shoes that you would wear to work, to a wedding or other formal occasion. You can wear them with a suit, a pair of chino trousers and so on.

Secondly, dress shoes come with different heel heights. The most common ones in the market have a heel size that measures 1 to 1 1/8 inches.

Dress shoes do not always have to come with slim soles. Some come with fairly thick soles, and this can enhance your height.

The good thing with these shoes is that the height they add stays intact because they do not sink in with your weight.

They come with sturdy but comfortable soles, unlike sneakers. These have soft thick soles that can sink noticeably when your weight sits on them.

If you would like your dress shoes to add noticeable weight, order such shoes. Believe it or not, the JOTA shoes that you can order on add a full 3 inches to your height.

This height is hidden in the outer heel that measures 1.75 inches while the rest 1.25 inches are inside. It will not feel like high heels and it will be very comfortable.

If you are a short man, these shoes and other similar ones can be a godsend to you. Imagine being 5 foot 7, and then being able to add 2 to 3 inches to your height. Awesome!

How much height do running shoes add?

How much height do running shoes add

If you feel too conscious about your height, you can incorporate some additional inches in all the types of shoes you wear.

This includes your running shoes. As you will see, some come with thicker soles. Such can add an extra inch or two to your height.

Bear in mind though … These shoes are light in weight and they do sink in more than other shoes. Therefore, if a pair of running shoes has a 2-inch heel, it’s going to sink into about 1.6 inches when you wear it.

If you check on, you will find shoes labeled as height increasing men’s/women’s running shoes.

Consider a pair of running shoes such as Conzuri V2 Cloud Runners that you can buy on

They can add an extra 2.4 inches to your height. Well, at least that is what the product description says.

Realistically though, the .4 inches is going to sink in. so you will have about 1.8 to 2.0 inches remaining.

You might also find running shoes that are thicker than that, but most have thinner soles.

Do Hoka shoes make you taller?

Do Hoka shoes make you taller

Hoka shoes are made by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which had its foundations in France. Going by the user reviews left for these athletic shoes on different platforms, this seems to be a very popular brand name.

It is simple to see why. The most outstanding feature of these shoes is their thick soles. This is also what brings the question of: how much height do Hoka shoes add?

These shoes are going to add 1.14 inches to 1.3 inches for men. The Hoka shoes designed for women can add 1.1 inches to 1.2 inches for women. Of course, you can expect this height to reduce a little as the shoes sink in under your weight.

You can use these as running shoes, because their thick soles make them sturdy, supportive and protective even when you are running rough trails.

They are also breathable, so you have good air circulation when you are running, to prevent excessive sweating.

How many inches do Nike add?

How many inches do Nike add

Nike is one of the most popular brand names for sneakers out here in the market. They make them for children, women, as well as men.

There are different Nike shoes in the market. Generally, they can increase your height by 0.5 to 1.5 inches. You can find pretty thick sneakers in the Nike lineup.

They are not only comfortable and super protective, but they also add an inch or two to your height, making you look taller.

Nike produces many shoes in different series. Some are for basketball, while some are for running. However, none adds to the height as the AirMax series for men and women.

The Airmax lineup was created for running. As happens with all running shoes, they come with thick soles for protection.

When the soles squeeze in, they will add about 1.5 inches to your height. This is a lot of height, noticeable too!

How much taller do Lebron 17 make you?

In any list of basketball shoes that make you look taller, you are going to find one or more Lebron shoes. If there is just one, it will most likely be the Lebron 17.

These shoes do indeed add extra inches to your height, about 1.5 inches. However, when the sole settles properly to your weight, it will lose about 0.4 inches in the heel area. Realistically, these shoes add 1.2 inches to the heel and 0.9 inches in the forefoot area.

How much taller do LeBron 19 make you?

When the Lebron 19 was introduced to the market, the only problem was poor traction. Apart from that, it performs great indoors.

All of the Nike Lebron shoes will add 1 to 2 inches to your height. Remember, there are Lebron 19, 18, 17 and even 16. When ordering one from Amazon, find out the individual features of the shoes you want to wear.

Do cowboy boots make you taller – 30

If you are short, you should wear cowboy boots with pride knowing they are going to increase your height by 1 to 2 inches.

However, please note that cowboy boots were specifically designed for horse riding, so they had higher heels. Therefore, if you are buying cowboy boots for walking, they might come with smaller heels.

There are many cowboy brands with high heels. If height is important to you, order your boots from Check the product descriptions there to find out the size of the heel.

Precisely, look for mens height increasing cowboy boots. It can be hard to find the true cowboy boot with a high heel because this way of life and work has been fading with time.

A boot such as Cuadra Western Boot for men that you can buy on has a heel height of 1 3/8 inches.

This is not too high, but the good thing with these boots is that the sole does not settle in. It is very firm so it will add the entire thickness to your height.

Women’s cowboy boots favor them a lot because they come with higher heels than those of men. They can increase a woman’s height by 1 to 3.5 inches.

Women’s western boots are also more fashionable, with slimmer and higher heels. They are designed in such a way that you can wear them with long socks, leggings, and other types of outfits.

If your cowboy boots run bigger, you can get a pair of Protalus or Superfeet insoles. They have some degree of thickness, which will also contribute to making you taller.

How much height do elevator shoes add?

How much height do elevator shoes add

Elevator shoes can make you look taller than you really are and no one has to know because they are so comfortable.

These shoes come with inserts that are integrated into the structure of the shoes. They are mostly made of Polyurethane but some brands might use different materials.

These inserts are wedge-shaped and they sit in the sole. They are comfortable and even if you wear your elevator shoes for long moments, the wedge will never press against your feet.

Elevator shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Some can come in the form of ankle boots and some come in the design of dress shoes. You can choose what suits your fancy or needs.

If you feel apprehensive about your height, wear these shoes. You will look tall enough and this can boost your confidence a lot.

Elevator shoes can increase your height with an extra 0.5 to 3 inches. This is quite a wide range and some elevator shoes can increase your height by 1.5 inches, 2 inches and so on.


We could go on and on looking at how different types of shoes increase your height, and by how many inches.

Boots give you the biggest height increment while dress shoes for men can give you about 1.25 inches of height increment.

However, the real deal for increasing your height is the elevator shoes. These look so cute and they can give you a height increment of 0.5 inches to 3 inches.