Can You Put Converse Shoes In The Dryer?

Can you put converse shoes in the dryer or should you air-dry them until they are ready to wear?

Another question that people ask is: Can you put converse shoes in a washing machine? And the answer is yes.

You can follow the guide that we wrote on how to clean mesh shoes since the process is more or less the same.

So, back to the topic of the day: can you put converse sneakers in the dryer? NEVER PUT YOUR CONVERSE SHOES IN THE DRYER. The heat from the dryer is going to warp the rubber sole and fibers of the canvas top. It will also affect the gum joining the soles and the top. 

Converse sneakers look incredible, especially when you wear them with casual outfits. They are also affordable, and trendy. On the flip-side, they require special care when cleaning and drying them.

Can I put converse shoes in the washing machine?

Can you put converse shoes in the dryer

There is no better or faster way to clean your converse shoes other than using the washing machine. However, to clean them in the washer, do the following things:

Remove the superficial or sticky dirt

Take a brush with medium-hard bristles and brush the shoes thoroughly if they have sticky mud on them. You can also clap them together so that the dirt falls off.

After that, you can take a dirty towel and rub the shoes thoroughly. This will take off all the sticky dirt and it will make the shoes easier to clean in the washer.

You can also use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt. Check the treads too because they are notorious for hiding mud and pebbles. Try to bend the sole a bit so that you can remove the dirt easily.

Remove the shoelaces

Do not toss the shoes into the washing machine with the shoelaces still on. Remove them. You can also clean the shoelaces in the washer.

You can tie them on one eyelet of the shoes so that they can clean together. You can also clean the shoelaces alone by following the instructions in this article.

Pre-treat any stains on the shoes

White converse shoes can be notorious for keeping stains and if you do not work on them, the stain will always show.

Before you clean the shoes in the washing machine, you can pre-treat these stains. To do that, use a soft brush, dip it in hydrogen peroxide and scrub over the stain as many times as it takes to remove it.

This is only advisable for white converse shoes. Hydrogen peroxide might affect the color of your shoes if you use it on colored shoes.

If the shoes are colored, use regular dishwashing soap to try and remove the stains. However, even then, if you are unsure of the ingredients used to make the soap, test a little of it on a small part of your shoes. If there is a discoloring effect, don’t use that soap.

Put the shoes in the washing machine

In some sources, you will find information saying you should not clean your converse shoes in the washing machine. However, if you know the right settings to run your washing machine at, this should not be a problem at all.

First, add a small amount of mild detergent in the washing machine. Do not use detergents that contain harsh chemicals.

For the cleaning settings, use the gentle cycle and quick cleaning options, with low temperature. That way, the shoes will not be tossed around too much in the washer.

Do not throw the shoes directly into the washing machine. Put them in a mesh bag first. You can also use a few towels to pad the drums so that the shoes are not tossed around too much.

Can you put converse sneakers in a dryer?

Can you put converse sneakers in a dryer

After cleaning the converse sneakers whether in the washing machine or by hand, you wonder whether you can dry them fast in the dryer.

Or perhaps it is winter and you do not want them to dry indoors over several days. Sometimes, there is just that single pair of sneakers that you must wear – your favorite.

The temptation to toss the shoes in the dryer for fast drying action is really high. But just don’t do it! The manufacturer says to air-dry these shoes for a good reason.

Why you should not put converse shoes in the dryer

The main reason for not putting your converse shoes in the dryer is to avoid damaging them. The heat can make the rubber soles warp. It can also affect the fibers.

And that is not all because the heat from the dryer also affects the glue that’s used to hold the sole and the upper together. If this is affected, the shoes could start falling apart sooner than anticipated.

In summer, avoid keeping the shoes in the sun for hours. The key thing is to prevent drying them in direct heat. Even in summer, please dry the shoes indoors. It might take longer, but this is best for them.

Too much sun can cause UV damage to the shoes such that they start losing their color. If you are afraid of the shoes losing their shape, stuff them up with paper.

Stuffing them with paper can also speed up the drying process. It will absorb some of the moisture from the interior of the shoes.

Just remember to keep changing the paper stuffing to enhance the drying process.

How to dry your converse shoes in winter

Winter is a tough time for cleaning converse shoes, or your leather boots. You cannot set them to dry outside because the air is too cold. They would take forever. For boots, you can always use a boot dryer.

For converse shoes, somehow, you have to find a way to air-dry them, even in winter. Here are a few things to try out:

Firstly, use clean towels to try and absorb some of the excess moisture from the canvas. You can wrap and press them for a few minutes with the towel, or you can even use paper towels to dab the water out.

Secondly, Use paper to stuff the shoes because it will not only preserve the shape, but it will also absorb the moisture. Keep changing the paper to enhance the drying process.

Thirdly, once you have removed the excess moisture from the shoes, place them in front of a fan. The shoes will dry faster in moving air.

Fourthly, instead of placing them at the fireplace, keep them inside the house and get the heat going. That way, they will dry from the moving air, rather than the direct heat.

Remember, moisture moves from a place of high concentration to a place of low concentration. Therefore, if the wet converse shoes are surrounded by dry air, it (the air) will absorb the dampness.

What happens if you put converse in the dryer?

What happens if you put converse in the dryer

Nothing good will come out of putting your converse shoes in the dryer. This is going to shorten their lifespan a great deal.

Since converse shoes have a canvas top and rubber soles, they are joined together by gum rather than thread.

When exposed to the dryer heat, the integrity of the gum is going to be compromised and the shoes will start falling apart sooner than later.

Also, dryer heat warps rubber soles and they might not regain their original shape. Also, direct heat compromises the integrity of the fibers. That’s why the manufacturer warns against using direct heat to dry the shoes.

But …

Can you put converse in the dryer on low heat?

You cannot put the converse shoes in the dryer even in the lowest heat because it is still direct heat. The best way to dry the converse shoes is to air-dry them at room temperature, in a place that has enough air circulation.

If you want to dry the converse shoes fast, you should place them in a place that has moving air. If you have a fridge, place the shoes behind the fan so that the moving air from the fan can dry them.

You could also place the shoes before a fan so that the moving air can pull the moisture with it.

How to dry converse shoes fast?

How to dry converse shoes fast

So we have said you cannot dry the converse shoes in direct heat, in front of the fireplace or the clothes dryer. How can you dry them fast, especially during the cold season?

Use a shoe dryer

Shoe dryers such as the KOODER Boot and Shoe Dryer that you can buy on are not just good for boots. You can also use them to dry other shoes.

The reason a shoe dryer is good is that it does not point direct heat at the shoes. Rather, it makes the air circulate all over the shoes, thus drying them from all dimensions.

Remove the shoelaces and the insoles and then place the Converse sneakers upside down. Keep checking them so that you can remove them as soon as they are dry.

Use raw rice

Raw rice is the unsung hero of drying items, so you can try it on your shoes, if you can afford to waste that much rice.

Pour rice in a box and then place the shoes on top, so they are in direct contact with the rice. Cover them and let them stay for a few hours. The rice will soak the moisture from the shoes fast.

Keep the shoes on the rice for as long as they need to stay there. You can also stuff the shoes with newspapers to maintain their shape and help absorb moisture.

Conclusion: Can you put Converse shoes in the dryer?

Instead of using the dryer to dry your Converse shoes, use the other methods such as newspaper stuffing and rubbing, using a fan, fridge fan, raw rice and so on.

Direct heat can damage and shorten the lifespan of your converse shoes. While it is okay to clean them in a washing machine on a gentle and fast cycle, it is not fine to dry them in direct heat.

These shoes may look simple in design, but with good care and maintenance, they can last a long time. They can last up to two years with regular wear.