How To Dry Boots In Dryer

Air is king for drying boots.

However, a time comes when you must learn how to dry boots in dryer.

Air-drying is recommended, but it is not always practical. Even in wet weather, you still have to clean your work, casual or even hiking boots.

By air-drying them in winter or the rainy seasons, you could wait too long.

But you can get out of that little quagmire by using a dryer for the job. In the upcoming sections, we will show you how effective it can be.

Can you dry work boots in the dryer?

The answer is yes. However, there is no call for celebration yet. This is not a regular dryer. Rather, it is a special boot dryer.

If you are a boot person, get this “appliance.” You will be glad you did. It is so simple to use, so maintenance-free and best of all, it is very effective,

Back to the question, you can dry your footwear on their special dryer. You may or may not use a clothes dryer for that.

The tumble dryer cannot get damage from drying shoes. However, your shoes can sustain damage. It is for that reason that it is recommended that you do not dry the boots inside.

In addition, it is recommended that you never dry your boots under direct heat. Therefore, you should not use a hair dryer, blow dryer, heater, campfire and other similar heat sources. They can cause your soles to warp. They can also damage the upper of the shoes.

What is the best way to dry boots? – A boot dryer

Without reiterating about air-drying the boots, we can say that the best way to dry the shoes is to use a boot-dryer.

When you dry your expensive pair of cowhide, you want them to come out intact just as they would when you air-dry them. It is quite possible to create a simulation of the normal air, and give the shoes a good air-drying experience.

The shoe dyers work by warming the air around the shoes. Therefore, it does not dry your shoes directly. It first heats the air and then the hot air evaporates the moisture from your footwear.

Since boot dryers work silently, you can hardly hear any noise. It is quite possible to leave yours running through the night as you sleep. It will not disrupt your sleep. In the morning, you will find your shoes dry and ready to wear.

The good thing is that this boot dryer is good for all types of shoes. You can use it on textile, suede, leather and even cloth shoes. It is also safe on materials such as rubber, fleece, canvas, neoprene, microfiber and even vinyl!

One of the most popular dryers that you can use is Peet boot dryer that you can buy on The fact that it sells with a warranty of 25 years shows just how confident the manufacturer is in the product.

It consumes so little electricity and since you do not dry shoes daily, you will hardly feel a bump in your bills.

How do you dry boots at home?

Now that we have established that you can buy a dryer specifically made for drying footwear, how do you go about the process of drying your boots at home?

It is simple. Just follow the steps below:

Clean the boots thoroughly

If the boots are already drenched, check them for mud and other types of dirt. The problem with drying a pair of dirty shoes is that they can easily form unsightly water spots.

Therefore, clean the pair in water, rinse until the water you rinse with is clean. Alternatively, you can clean them under running water in the sink and then leave them to dry overnight.

If there are visible stains, remove them. If you do not remove the stains, when you dry the shoes, they will still remain with the stains and they will be even more visible when the shoes dry up.

Dry the excess moisture with a towel

Take a clean towel and soak up the excess moisture in the shoes. There is no way that you are going to put your shoes on the dryer when they are dripping water to the floor and expect them to dry overnight. However, when you use a towel, you leave them just damp. That way, when the drying machine starts warming the air around and inside the shoes, the dampness will evaporate faster.

Since rubbing the shoes with the towel may fail to work, you should wrap the boots with a towel end to end and leave it for a few minutes to soak up the water. Repeat if necessary until they are no longer dripping water to the floor.

How to use the boot dryer

This is not a complicated piece of equipment. It is very simple to use it. All that you need is to turn it on. Ensure that it does not do more than 2 horse powers for the best drying experience.

Insert the ends of the dryer into your shoes, all the way to the toe area. That way, when you turn it on, it will dry the shoes thoroughly inside and outside. The dryer has stable base so even if the shoes are heavy, it will never topple over.

When everything is well set up, switch it on and go to bed. Most likely, the shoes will be dry by the following morning. This can however depend on the level of the dampness.


There you have it … you have seen that how to dry boots in dryer is quite easy and stress-free. However, the most important thing is the amount of time that it saves you.

You can have the boots drenched wet in the evening and you can wear them dry and comfortable the following morning. You can even clean the boots with water and find them dry the following morning.

With long warranties, this dryer is probably a one-off buy in your lifetime but you have to take good care of it.