Can You Put Boot Liners in the Dryer? Never!

Can you put boot liners in the dryer and are they going to be safe?

This question is very popular with people who wear winter boots. In another article, we said you cannot dry steel toe boots in a dryer. In fact, you cannot dry any types of leather boots in the dryer.

Whenever you come from hiking, snowboarding, or any other excursion that requires wearing liners, remove them, clean them as soon as possible and dry them. This will prevent the breeding of bacteria inside the liners.

If your boots don’t have removable liners, clean the boots and dry them using a boot dryer. That way, they will dry thoroughly to prevent the formation of mold on leather boots.

Can you put snowboard boot liners in the dryer

Can you put snowboard boot liners in the dryer

Always bear in mind that liners for snowboard boots are designed to be used in the cold weather. The fibers used might not withstand direct heat from the dryer.

This is why it is a bad idea to dry them in the dryer. The heat is going to deform them. They will lose shape, shrink or lose their structural integrity in other ways.

Snowboard liners can also be joined by glue in some places. Subjecting this gum to dryer heat can cause the gum to start disintegrating. These liners are made of a combination of fleece and foam, which are joined using gum.

If you check our post on: can you put converse shoes in the dryer, you will see we mentioned the same thing. The dryer heat causes the disintegration of the gum joining the upper and the soles.

Can you put kamik boot liners in the dryer?

Kamik is a well known Canadian brand name for different types of footwear for men, women and children. In their stable, they have a huge collection of snow boots and their accompanying boot liners.

Boot liners can be removable or fixed and Kamik makes both of them. However, if they are fixed, it is recommended to avoid drying the boots in a dryer. Thus, the liner itself will not find its way to the dryer.

If they are removable such as the Kamik Zylex 8mm Removable Liner made of polyester. It also has a thermal foil design that traps the heat and prevents it from escaping. Generally, do not put these liners in a dryer because the direct heat can affect them.

How can you dry your boot liners?

how to dry boot liners

If you cannot toss the boot liners in the dryer, how best can you dry them especially during winter when there is no sun?

First, these liners don’t need direct heat. Therefore, you can remove them from the shell of the shoes, clean them and place them a safe distance from direct heat.

Secondly, you could also use a boots dryer to dry these liners. This dryer helps because it does not produce direct heat.

It warms the air around the liners and this dry air draws out the moisture from the liners. Even then, it is best to use the boots dryer as the last option, and don’t leave the liners in too long.

Thirdly, if you do not have a boots dryer, place the liners a distance from the fireplace and get the fire going. You can place them on a rack so that the fire warms the air around them and the dry air draws moisture.

Conclusion: Can you put boot liners in the dryer?

The general consensus is to avoid putting liners in the dryer all along, to maintain the integrity of the gum used to join them.

If you are totally flustered over what to do with your Sorel boot liners, reach out to the manufacturer, and ask them how you should dry the liners.

Just remember, direct heat will warp the liners and they will lose their structural integrity. This can shorten their lifespan a great deal. However, make sure to clean them properly first because they collect bacteria from your feet when you sweat.