Moc Toe vs Plain Toe Boots

What is the difference between moc toe vs plain toe boot designs?

Well, actually, we should start by asking what moc toe and plain toe means, before you can make up your mind what would type of boot be best for you.

Now, Moc toe or plain toe is all about the design of the boots, to appeal to different tastes and to meet diverse needs.

In any case, these two are not the only boot styles available in the market. There are many others such as cap toe vs plain toe boots, moc toe vs round toe, square toe vs round toe and so on. There is no shortage of boot toe styles, including steel toes. Whatever your taste is, there is something for you in the market.

However, in this particular article, we will look at the plain toe vs moc toe style of boots, to help you get one that meets your needs and/or taste.

Moc Toe vs Plain Toe Style of Boots

You are reading online, checking boot reviews here and there so that you can know the best boot to buy. You find a mention on plain toes, round toes, moc toe and so on. This is your first boot and you narrow down your search to two styles: Moc vs plain toe. What should you go for? Here, we clear the confusion for you:

Moc Toe Boots

What are moc toe boots?

You will know these boots by the shape of their toe area and the stitching. The boots have a narrow toe design and some of them might look as if they are designed for getting into the stirrup and all.

Image of Moc toe boots

However, that is not really true. These boots are mainly for casual wear and work. They are not good for riding.


However, this toe design owes its origin to the Native Americans footwear that was made from animal, mostly buffalo skin. This was the Indian moccasin style shoes. Light in weight, flexible, quiet and very comfortable, it is easy to see why the Native American adapted so well to his environment.

Sometimes, the moc toe boots come with a raised seam on the top. This seam goes around the toe box area. Some of the popular Red Wing Boots come with this design. Owing to this design, the moc toe does not come with a single piece of leather stretching around the toe box. It comes with two or more panels, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing than the plain toe.

Today, the word “Moc” in moc toe comes from the word moccasin. This style of boots is in the moccasin style.

This style is mostly used on work boots. There is a reason for that – flexibility. Because of the stitching, these boots are very flexible on the upper part, which is what you require if you are going to spend many hours on your feet.

These boots look incredibly good. However, they also have a vintage look to them and therefore, they exude a cool chic. Even if they are work boots, they have a casual look about them.

Good with casual outfits

These boots are not only good for work, but they can also be useful to wear with casual outfits such as jeans and cargo pants. They make good footwear for the outdoors.

You could also wear them with slim fitting pants and they will look great on you. You can also wear them with a fitting shirt, untucked and with the sleeves rolled up. That will be a casual look to kill for. If you could keep stubble on your chin… well, you will exude an irresistible masculine stature.

Plain Toe Boots

Plain toe boots look slightly bland as compared to their moc toe counterparts. Well, in many sources, you will see that these boots are also referred to as round toe boots. Don’t worry. Basically, the two terms can be interchanged.

Image of plain toe boots

The Design

Plain toe boots have a single piece of leather without any extra paneling, flowering or other additions to the design. Therefore, if you care about aesthetics, they may not be your kind of thing. This does not mean that these boots are ugly. They are just simplistic in design.

These boots can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can wear them with dress pants. You can also wear them for work, hiking, motorcycle riding and much more. Of course, it takes much more than the toe area design to choose a good pair of boots.

What to wear with the plain toe boots

You will definitely enjoy the versatility that these boots come with. Whatever is in your wardrobe can go with them. They are made to look good in every kind of pants.

Whether you are a jeans type of person, a chino man or you fancy some other sort of material, these are the one-fit-all boots. They do incredibly well with any types of slacks.

You can also wear these boots to the office, you know, like dress shoes. They look great with a power suit and today, many power men wear round toe/plain toe boots with their suits.

Moc Toe vs Cap Toe

This seems to be a popular comparison out there on the web. There is a good reason for it. The two boots look too good to ignore.

These boots are referred to as “cap” because there is an extra piece of leather that is used on the toe area for reinforcement. Therefore, they are extra strong in the toe box area.

You can wear cap toe boots with casual slacks such as jeans and chinos. You can also wear them with material trousers, formal suits and basically anything that you want to wear them with.


After reading this write up on moc toe vs plain toe boots, you can make up your mind what to buy. Both designs look incredibly good. However, moc is mostly suited for casual wearing while plain toe is good for almost all occasions.

Tell you what; it is best to buy both designs. That way, when the occasion to wear the more embellished Moc toe comes, you will have them ready. When you need to wear boot styles to the office with a formal suit, the plain toe boots will come in handily.