Red Wing 405 Review (Best 6″ Boot?)

In this Red Wing 405 review, we shall look at the features of this boot. Honestly, the world of boots is full of nice looking specimen. However, not many ankle boots can match the chic and classy feeling that comes with this one.

You can use this as a work boot, but it cannot be used for heavy duty stuff such as logging or metal work. The reason for that is that it does not have a steel toe. It comes with a soft toe, which would not give you much protection in case of falling logs or metals.

The 405 is just one of Red Wing 6-inch boots. This is a popular brand name. It is no surprise there because this company was founded in 1905 in Red Wing Minnesota. Therefore, if you have a bias for American made boots, the 405s will be the thing for you.

While many boot companies are known to concentrate more on work boots, Red Wing has more than enough lifestyle boots that also double as work boots. You can wear their footwear to the office, to the party and for casual strolls around town.

One of their most outstanding models is the 405 red wing 6 inch boots. Read on to see its features.

Red Wing 405 Features & Technical Details

Everything starts and stops with the features. The 405 does not disappoint at all because it comes with several important features, which we shall look at in detail below.

Design and Build Quality

This is an ankle boot. It does not go above the ankle. However, the Red Wing 6-inch work boots, which measures 6 inches from the arch still offers you good ankle support. This is a lifestyle boot which means you can wear it with most things in your wardrobe. You can also wear it to school, to church, to parties and to the office if you like.

With good care, this pair of boots is going to last a long time. Some people who have used them for motorcycle riding say theirs have lasted thousands of miles. The way this boot is designed, you can also resole it easily if the original outsole it comes with wears out.

Flat sole

By design, this is a flat-soled boot. However, the sole is thick enough, running to almost an inch in many places. It also has nice and shallow lugs that do not collect mud as you walk around. However, they give you good traction on different surfaces, water and oil.

You will also agree that flat sole boots give you a more secure footing on the ground than heeled ones. The flat sole also contributes to making this boot comfortable. You can wear it for days on end and your feet will not suffer. Because of its thickness too, you will not feel rocks through the shoes. It is a protective, practical sole.

Good Year Welt Construction

Leather work boots with Good Year Welt do not come any better than this one. However, what does Goodyear welt mean? This is the name of a leather strip that is attached to the bottom edge of shoes.

Because of the way that it is added, it can be removed easily without affecting the outsole. You can replace it with another one if it is worn out.

Its main purpose is to make the shoe stronger. This strip of leather is like the bridge between the upper and the outsole. Therefore, if there is need to resole, it is so easy to detach the sole and add a new one.

Waterproof Leather Upper

The upper of these boots is made of full grain leather. By using full grain leather in these red wing 6 inch work boots, they are easy to waterproof. Actually, these boots are also waterproof, so you can wear them in the rain without worrying about getting your feet wet.

Image of red wing 6 inch boots

They have been treated with the Red Wing waterproofing membrane. It might need restoration in future, but it will be well worth it.

In any Red Wing 405 review, you will find that these boots are also referred to as Red Wing 6-inch boots. This is for a reason. They measure 6 inches from the ankle. Don’t worry though because even if you use them for hiking with a heavy load on your back, they still give you good ankle support.


This pair of boots is comfortable on both the interior and the exterior. The stock footbed is quite good. It is a Texon insole.

Simple research can show you that Texon insoles are made with polyester fiber (non woven and impregnated). They make the ball of foot area a bit rigid, which is good for support.

The insole also offers good arch support and it can help a person who has low arches. However, if you have flat feet, would need to order customized insoles for flat feet.

Red Wing 405 Pros

  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Very easy to replace outsole thanks to welt construction
  • Waterproofed and oiled
  • Good for use in construction works thanks to its unmarking sole
  • It is very comfortable to wear for long hours


  • Today, the Red Wing 405 that you buy may not be made in America. Most are made in China and Vietnam. Therefore, they come with different materials for insoles, etc.
  • The Red Wing 405 price is a bit steep

Who Should Buy The Men’s Traction Tred 6 Inch Boot?

Do not be surprised if you read a Red Wing 405 review and find it referring to this boot as Men’s Traction Tred 6-inch boot. It is more or less the same thing.

Anyone who is looking for a fashion boot that they can wear to work and with casual clothes should get this one. However, you can also buy it exclusively as a work boot since it comes with good oil resistance, is waterproof, can be used in the oil/gas industry and can also be used for concrete laying jobs.

You can also buy this as your cold weather boot, not cold like winter, but fall. It has a good lining that keeps the feet warm in bad weather.


To buy or not to buy these Red Wing 6 inch work boots? If you love the laidback style of these boots, if you would like to wear them for work and for casual use, you should definitely get them. As you have seen in this Red Wing 405 review, they do have many appealing features.