Best Insoles for Flat Feet Work Boots

It would be double tragedy to have flat feet and lack supportive insoles that are made just for such kind of feet. And that is why this review article on the best insoles for flat feet work boots is going to help you.

While there is a lot of information on the internet about the best work boots for flat feet, alas, there is not all that much information about the best orthotic insoles that a person who has flat feet can wear with their work boots.

Flat footedness is a prevalent condition in the USA and more than 30 percent of the entire population has flat feet.

It is not reversible either. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to manage it in the best way possible. One of the ways to manage the condition is to wear orthotic insoles for flat feet.

Keep reading as we look at a few orthotic insoles that you can use to give reprieve to your flat feet especially if you spend many hours working on your feet, in your work boots.

1. Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles – Best for Flat Feet

best insoles for flat feetFor less than $20, you can get this pair of insoles that offer incredible arch support to your flat feet. Above all things, this is a very comfortable pair of insoles. You can wear it with your work boots especially if you have to spend many hours on your feet.

Get relief from foot pain

When you have flat feet, pain is a common occurrence. Your feet experience a lot of stress and you cannot walk long distances because of the pain.

Arthritis feet and bunions are also very common for such people. Because of the poor weight distribution, your heels also suffer too much.

Therefore, you need to support your feet as much as you can so that they can adopt a natural roll when walking.

Pronounced arch support

The main thing that you need when you have flat feet is arch support. You also need a proper heel cup because it can help you improve stability. In addition this insole is said to offer support to the inside and outside of the foot. Basically, we can say that this is a full foot support insole.

Enhance comfort and reduce heat

If you wear work boots daily, you know how hot your feet can get. They can be all sweaty in some seasons.

This is why you need an insole like this Walk-Hero that has been made with Eva material. This material not only absorbs most of the shock when you are walking, but it also offers relief and it keeps you feeling cool all along.

When you are not at work and you want to hike, you can change these insoles from your work boots to your casual, hiking or other shoes. The best shoes inserts for flat feet do not come any better than these ones.

2. EASYFEET Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

best work boot insoles for flat feetEASYFEET has been known to make some of the best orthotics for flat feet. You will no doubt experience this when you try the pair that we are reviewing here.

High arch support and pain relief

These are high arch support insoles and there is a reason for that. When you have flat feet, you are going to experience pain in the arch area because it is not supported.

These shoe inserts are also podiatrist-recommended. They can help with heel pain, arch pain, pronation issues, lower back pain and many more.

Versatile use insoles

You will not find a more versatile pair of flat feet insoles in the market. You can use these ones for sport, walking, casual wear, work boots and even office wear.

You can even wear these insoles with skiing, golf and other sporting shoes. With flat feet, you are always limited to what sport you can partake.

These inserts offer best support for flat feet and they open up a world of possibilities for you.

High quality material

These insoles have been designed with high quality material. The base is made of TPU while the top layer is made with PU. The top layer is for keeping your feet cool as well as reducing friction.

For comfort, stability and performance, these insoles are designed with a gel forefoot area. This area also has minute air cushions that absorb impact as your foot lands on hard surfaces.  

Lastly, you will be happy that you can trim these flat foot insoles in case they do not fit. They are also covered with a 12-month guarantee. They say that if you don’t like the insoles, you can return them for refund or replacement.

3. Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics 

best insoles for flat feet walkingDr Scholl’s not only makes some of the best supportive shoes for work, casual wear and office, but they also make podiatrist-approved insoles. This article would do a great injustice if it were to lack a Dr. Scholl’s insole for flat feet.

Good orthotic insoles for heavy people

There are many good things to write home about these insoles. For example, they are made to be used by people who weigh more than 200 pounds.

If you are weighty and you have flat feet, then you know that this is quite the lethal combination. It can cause back pain, terrible foot pain and eventually, injury that can render you immobile.

Good low arch insoles for all shoes

These orthotics for flat feet are very versatile. You can wear them with your running shoes, your work boots, casual shoes and even sneakers. The best thing though is to buy a pair of these insoles for each of your footwear because some boots run large.

When you spend many hours standing, you will experience muscle fatigue easily and your legs will feel sore. If you have flat feet, you will experience these symptoms much more than a person with proper natural arches. These insoles can help you overcome these problems easily.

They will keep you cool

The insoles have cloth top that helps keep the feet cool. It also reduces friction when walking. Dr. Scholl’s recommends that you replace insoles every 6 months. If you do not, the arch support will be gone and you will start experiencing pain.

4. NAZAROO Shoe Inserts for Flat Feet

best insoles for flat feet runningIf you have flat feet, you need a pair of shoe inserts for flat feet. They should be engineered with enough arch support to help you with plantar fasciitis. They should also be able to give reprieve from heel and foot pain. If you are looking for such, NAZAROO shoe inserts for flat foot will offer you all of these and more.

Medical-grade inserts for flat feet

NAZZAROO says that these are medical-grade inserts for flat feet. Therefore, they can help to correct the posture of your flat feet when you are in your work boots.

Please note that in most case, the flat foot condition is not reversible. However, with an insole that supports both the inside and the outside of the feet, it can help reduce the pronation issues of the foot.

Multiple layer insole

The footbed of the insole is made with layers. The topmost one is a cloth layer that provides comfort and reduces friction.

As a result, this layer keeps the feet cool because no friction means no heat is generated. Coupled with a breathable upper of your boot, you are going to experience comfort throughout the day.

Full foot support

Because of the integrated foot support that these boots come with, your feet have all the support they need to help keep you upright for as long as you want.

When the arch area of your foot is supported, it does not experience too much pressure. This also reduces the pain that is associated with over or under pronation issues.

Cradling heel cups

Arch support is not the only requirement for insoles made for flat feet. You also need good heel cups because they help in enhancing stability as you walk. The heel cups of these insoles cradle your heels comfortably all the time.

You can use this pair of orthotic inserts for flat feet for different types of shoes. You can wear them with sneakers, running shoes, work boots, flats and many more. Instead of exchanging insoles from one type of footwear to the other, we recommend that you buy at least a pair for each pair of shoes. That way, you don’t need to trim with scissors.

5. Physix Gear Orthotic Flat Foot Insoles

insoles for flat feet standing all dayTo close this list of the best insoles for flat feet work boots, we shall review the Physix Gear Orthotic Flat Foot insoles. This is meant to be a sport insole, but because of its firm construction and robust arch support, we find that you can use it with just about any pair of footwear, including work boots.

Helps with many foot problems

This pair of insoles is going to help with many issues associated with flat feet. It also helps people with runners knee, shin splints and even Achilles tendonitis. You can see that buying the Physix Gear Orthotic Inserts is like having a full kit for your leg and feet problems. However, it is not a treatment so you should see a doctor if you have any of the above conditions, except flat foot.

High quality structure for the insole

The construction of these insoles is incredible, to say the least. For example, the base is made of EVA foam and the top most layer is made of polyurethane material.

You will realize that the bottom layer is hard, firm and sturdy. It is deliberately designed that way to give your feet the full support that they require.

The top layer is mainly designed for comfort. It is going to keep your feet comfortable and cool throughout the day.

Non slip design makes it good for extreme activities

The non-slip design of the insole makes it the most comfortable pair for hiking, rock climbing, running and different sports. You will realize that the arch area is semi-rigid in design.

This is going to help keep your flat arch area supported throughout the day. If you spend many hours of your day on your feet, you know, such as people in service businesses like hotels, these insoles are made just for you.

Buying Guide for the Best Shoe Inserts for Flat Feet

There are hundreds of flat foot insoles and therefore it can be confusing to know what would work for you.

Image of best insole for flat feet

However, if you consider the factors that we have elaborated below, you will be able to choose an insole that will give you arch support for your flat feet, keep you comfortable and pain-free.

The price

Mostly, we find that after six months, the need to replace your insoles arises. You see, your body weight, plus the flat feet eventually make the arch support of the insoles to give up.

Therefore, there is no need to buy insoles at $50 when you can find another pair going for $14. Save your money for next time, but make sure the insole is supportive and comfortable.

High arch design

Your feet do not have an arch. That is why you experience pain when you walk. In that case, you need a pair of EVA or gel insoles for flat feet that can give your feet this support. To achieve this, most insoles are made in a semi-rigid construction.


For everyday wear with your work boots, your insoles can wear out very fast. Therefore, choose multi-layer insoles with EVA, gel or PU material. The top should be made of cloth to prevent slipping, friction and to keep you cool and comfortable.


To choose the best insoles flat feet work boots is to set yourself free from foot pain, discomfort and posture issues.

Insoles for flat feet do not cost too much over what you would pay for regular insoles. Besides, they really do help a lot.

If you are looking for the best flat feet insoles, they do not come any better than the lineup we have reviewed here.