Best Walking Shoes for Sciatica

When you have hip pain on one side, it could be a problem with your sciatic nerve. In that case, you might need to buy the best walking shoes for sciatica .

However, you need to get a diagnosis first. After that, you can check for the best walking shoes for sciatica. The sciatic nerve branches from your lower back and goes down each leg. With age, work or accident, you might experience some changes in your spine. These can cause the sciatic nerve to be pressed thereby causing pain, usually along one leg.

If this is the case for you, there are select shoes that can help you with such pain. Usually, with such a condition, walking can be a nightmare. That is why you need to wear shoes made for just such a condition.

Thankfully, today, there is special footwear for almost every condition associated with the lower limbs. Keep reading to see the best shoes for sciatica sufferers .

Please note that these walking shoes are not a remedy for sciatica. Rather, they will only help you walk. Therefore, they are not intended to replace the assistance of a medical specialist.

Best Shoes for Sciatica Problems | Reviews

Like with many other footwear products, you will find so many shoes for sciatica and they all claim to be the best. Therefore, it can be too hard to choose a really good pair. Here, we have done the footwork for you. Read on to see the shoes that you can buy if you are a sciatica sufferer.

1. Skechers D’Lites Shoes for Sciatic Relief

best walking shoes for sciaticaSkechers is one of the most renowned brand names for work shoes such as you can use in jobs that require you to stay on your feet all day long. They make some nice shoes for restaurant jobs, massage therapists and other service jobs. As it turns out, they also make nice shoes for sciatic relief, especially the D’Lites walking shoes that we are reviewing here.

People who have used these shoes say that walking on them feels the same as walking on pillows. This kind of plush feeling is what you need to cushion your inflamed sciatic nerve against impact and shock when walking.

The thick rubber sole absorbs all the shock before it can get to your foot and leg. Not only can you wear these walking shoes for sciatica, but you can also wear them for plantar fasciitis, heel pain and other types of foot pain.

Leather and synthetic upper

The upper of these shoes is made of a combination of leather and synthetic material. The leather strengthens the heel and toe box areas while the synthetic material makes the shoes breathable and light in weight. Compared to other meshed walking shoes that we have reviewed here, this one does a good job of keeping water out in case you are caught in the rain.

Very cozy interior

On the inside of these shoes, you find an air-cushion insert. That is why some people say that they feel as if they are walking on pillows. Whatever shock the thick outsole cannot absorb is going to be absorbed by the air-cushion insert. You can also use these shoes for training in the gym on the treadmill. If you have Achilles tendonitis, these shoes are going to

These shoes run true to size. If you are 7, order a 7 and they will fit perfectly. However, if you will wear them with a pair of socks, you could get them a half size bigger. If you walk long distances daily, these shoes are as supportive as any that are made for sciatica.

2. New Balance FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker for Women

best new balance shoes for sciaticaThese are without doubt some of the best New Balance shoes for sciatica. By design, they come in bungee lacing, which is easy to replace with the regular types of laces if you do not like it. In addition, they also come in more than 30 shades and models. No matter how diverse your taste in walking shoes is, you will find something under New Balance.

Very comfortable

Every step that you take in these shoes is rewarded by a comfortable and luxurious feel. This is as result of the New Balance Memory Sole Insert. It makes these shoes very responsive to every step that you take.

Besides, these shoes also respond to the natural gait and roll of your foot. This is a daily-wear pair of shoes for women to work, for daily strolls and for at home chores.

Rubber outsole

The outsole is made of rubber. It has a bouncy feel to it and the good thing is that it is thick enough to protect your foot from shock and impact. Whenever your foot lands on the ground, the sole absorbs most of the impact while the midsole cushioning absorbs the rest of the shock from the impact.

The REVlite midsole is a firm yet comfortable, responsive and lightweight cushioning. It keeps your foot comfortable all the hours that you will be wearing your shoes.

Breathable upper

The upper of the shoes is made of synthetic material in the form of a meshed design. It is breathable and it keeps your feet comfortable and dry throughout the day.

Besides, it also contributes to the overall less weight of the shoes. Weight is the last thing that you want on your best women’s shoes for sciatica because every step can be an experience of excruciating pain.

When you get the right fit for your shoes, it will hug your feet snugly such that you will feel as if you are wearing a pair of booties. Besides, these walking shoes look really good and this is something that most women hold in high appeal.

If you experience foot pain of any sort, you need a pair of shoes that is going to relief the same, fit snugly and comfortably all the time and provide shock relief.

3. ASICS Gel-Contend 4 Men’s Running Shoe

best work boots for sciaticaThe reason why we have ranked these shoes here is that they have a nice comfy sole. It absorbs all the impact that your feet experience when you are walking. Any jerking or jarring in your movement can give your sciatic nerve some serious pain. These walking shoes are going to prevent that.

Snug fit

Unless you happen to have too wide feet, these shoes fit like a glove. They envelope your feet in such a way that they feel as if they are massaging your foot.

The heel cups cradle your heels nicely, giving you stability with every step that you take. The gel cushioning is very comfortable for your feet. To reiterate, it is a super shock absorber such that impact and shock never get to your feet.

Moisture-wicking ability

These shoes have a thin sockliner that helps to wick away the moisture from your feet. Combined with the breathable upper of the shoe, your feet always have fresh air flowing over them and therefore they do not sweat too much. This sockliner is also removable in case it gets to a point where you don’t need it.

To go back to the outsole again, it is made of rubber. It also has nice treads that serve to give you proper traction on different surfaces. Therefore, you can use these shoes for sciatica relief for different activities including running, walking and even hiking. Just make sure you hike on trails with easy to moderate difficulty rating.

You will choose your favorite color and style from about 20 options. That is as wide as the variety gets. Lastly, you will love the long tongue which helps to keep debris out of your feet when you lace up.

These shoes run true to size especially for the length. The width might be a bit wanting, so many people with wide feet do not find them suitable.

4. Merrell Encore Q2 Breeze for Women

good walking shoes for sciaticaMerrell is a famous brand name for camping and hiking shoes. Therefore, you can always trust this brand.

The Encore Q2 walking shoes are quite simplistic by design. Being slip-on, they lack the bells and whistles that many other walking shoes come with. However, they are easy to wear and get off. By design, these are crocs. You can wear them when you want to go to the grocery or when you just want to rest easy around the house. They are light in weight, which is good for people with different types of foot and leg pain, including sciatica.  

Meshed Upper

The upper of these shoes is meshed for breathability. It lets in enough air to keep your feet cooled even when you are walking in hot summer sun.

If you are caught in a shower, they will let in water for sure. However, when you want enough air on your feet all day long, these are the clogs to wear. The upper is made of synthetic material. It is comfortable on your skin too. The leather collar is padded with faux leather for extra comfort.

Air cushion midsole and heel

In case you are wondering how this pair of clogs is going to help give you relief from sciatica, the secret is in the air cushion mid sole and heel.

These absorb all the shock from the impact of your foot landing on the ground when you walk. Besides, the way the sole is designed is in such a way that it keeps your foot aligned in a natural posture when you walk. In addition, the shoe also comes with a nylon shank which helps to enhance the natural alignment of your foot.

Mesh lining

The interior of these best shoes for sciatica pain is lined with a meshed material that makes it super comfortable and breathable. Besides, this lining also comes treated with antimicrobial Aegis treatment to reduce foot odor. It makes the interior of the shoes unfriendly to bacteria that cause odor and fungi attacks.


The outsole is synthetic but with stick-on rubber. It offers nice traction over different surfaces. When combined with the comfortable air-cushion heel and midsole, you get a comfortable pair of shoes that never allows the shock to get to your feet when walking.

5. BIRKENSTOCK Arizona Shearling

can shoes help with sciaticaAre Birkenstocks good for sciatica pain? This is a very common question. Admittedly, Birks are some of the most popular sandals in the market for people with different types of foot pain. Therefore, it is almost guaranteed that you will find a pair of their shoes in any list of shoes that can help with sciatica.

The Arizona Shearling sandals are made of leather and the sole is made of rubber. They are flat in design, which is recommended for many walking shoes for sciatica. The sole offers a good grip on different types of surfaces. Besides, it is rugged in design and as you walk, the sole conforms to the shape of your foot.

Because the outsole is in a layered design, it absorbs most of the shock so that there is none getting to your foot to trigger pain. Hands down, this is one of the best women’s sandals for sciatica. Since the year 1774, this Germany brand name has been making shoes that exceed expectations.

At first the cork insole or top layer of these Birkenstock sciatica shoes feels a bit rigid. That is because they need some breaking in. However, as soon as that is done, these shoes start to conform to the shape of your feet. Besides, a rigid sole can help with sciatica because you do not want your foot to sink in certain places.

The open heel and open toe design of these sandals makes them breathable all the time. However, they are only good for warm, dry weather.

Buying Guide for Best Walking Shoes for Sciatica

There are hundreds of the best walking shoes for sciatica. Some are sold at very cheap prices and some are quite extravagant. It can be a bit daunting to know what to choose for your feet.

Image of best women's shoes for sciatica

Here are a few things you need to know to guide you to buying the best shoes for sciatica nerve pain:

Flat sole

Shoes or even sandals for sciatica should have flat soles. You need to keep your foot in as natural an alignment as possible. It is recommended that you walk when you have sciatica pain because it can help.

To do that, you would need the best walking shoes. However as much as you need flat soles, they also need to be flexible enough to respond to the natural motion of your feet as you walk. They should also be supportive.

Basically, what we are saying is that your shoes should be integrated with a technology for shock absorption. This can be in the form of EVA foam insoles or others.

Comfort is very important

The one thing that you need most when you are in sciatica pain is comfort. Therefore, you should look for shoes that have air-cushion midsole and heel areas for extra comfort. The shoes absorb all the shock from your impact of walking and you do not feel any pain. If the feet are comfortable, you will get some relief from sciatica pain.

Another thing that determines comfort is the breathability of the shoes. The more breathable they are the better. That is why most of the best shoes for sciatica sufferers that we have reviewed here come with meshed upper. It allows enough air in all the time. This prevents the formation of odor, blisters and fungi attacks.

Ample foot support

When you wear your shoes, you want the body weight to be spread evenly across the entire foot. Therefore, you don’t want the heel, ball of foot area or any other part of the foot carrying more weight than necessary.

Get shoes that have integrated arch, heel and metatarsal support. Some of the features that enhance support include gel mid sole, air-cushioned heel and so on.

Again, nylon or steel shanks can help stabilize the feet and keep them aligned all the time. If you have an inflamed sciatic nerve, you will feel excruciating pain if your weight is not evenly distributed across the entire feet.

 If you have a condition like plantar fasciitis, support is paramount. It will keep the foot in a natural alignment, which in turn also means that the hips are aligned. This helps to relief leg and foot pain when you are walking.

Size and Fit

The best shoes for sciatica problems need to come true to size so that you don’t have to break them in over a long time or return them.

Check the sizing charts provided by different suppliers. If you wear number 8, it should fit you comfortably with some room to spare. You should also check your width size so that you order appropriately.

Some shoes feel too stiff when they are new and that is alright. However, that should disappear with time when they soften up. Therefore, there will likely be a short break-in period for your shoes. Don’t wear them to walk long distance straight out of the box.


The best walking shoes for sciatica come in all sizes, models, styles and so on. No matter how unique your taste in shoes is, you will find a good pair that will meet your needs. From the best sneakers for sciatica pain to the best sandals for sciatica, you can take your pick for pain relief.