How to Prevent Shoes from Cutting Ankle

Would you like to know how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle? Well, there are several tested and proven methods. You can try whatever suits you best.

If you have bought new shoes and they cut your ankles after wearing them, it is time to do something. It could be that you followed all the guidelines to make sure you are buying the right shoes. However, they still hurt. This can be quite irking. Shoes should protect your feet, not hurt them.

Shoes biting your ankle is a rampant problem. You might think this is a small matter. However, when you check a resource such as Quora, you will see just how many people encounter the same problem every now and then.

Ways for how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle

Here are several things that you can do to stop your shoes from cutting the ankles:

Use Moleskin

Learn how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle using moleskin. This is a cotton fabric with adhesive on one side. You can buy it at a drugstore. Once you get it, cut it to the desired size and stick it to the inside of the shoe on the heel or strap.

Using moleskin helps to make the shoe fit you snugly and reduce friction. It will prevent the shoe from cutting your ankle.

You can also stick the moleskin to your skin on the area that is likely to be cut by the shoes.

Insert Insoles

If the shoes are cutting your ankle because of a lot of movement, you can insert insoles. These enable the shoes to fit tighter and reduce the friction between the skin and the shoes. The shoes can also give your feet a lift, something that enhances the fit of the shoes.

Use Heel Grip for how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle

The heel grip enables your foot to remain in place and to stop sliding forward. It consists of an oval-shaped cushion that is glued on one side. You simply stick it on the inside of the shoe on the heel side.

The heel grip is useful when your shoes are big and when they are causing friction that results in your ankle being cut.

Wear specialized Socks

Specialized socks could mean the difference between safely wearing shoes and your ankle getting cut.

For instance, if you are into sports, you can wear athletic socks with your running shoes. These help to support the arch area.

If you wear work boots and they cut your ankles, you need to wear socks that are made to be worn with such pairs of boots. Such socks are going to keep your feet well insulated. The good thing is that they will protect your ankles from being cut.

Break in the shoes

Breakin in the shoes is one of the ways for how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle. Some shoes cut the ankle when they are new. By breaking in the shoes, you can make them more comfortable for your feet.

There are various ways to break in the shoes. The method that you choose depends on how ill fitting the shoes are.

Stretch them with a shoe stretcher

You can stretch them using a shoe stretcher. Spray stretching spray on the shoes. Leave the shoes in a shoe stretcher overnight, and they would have stretched enough to fit you. If the shoes are tight on both the length and the width, use a two-way stretcher. The method only works on suede and leather but not on plastic and synthetics.

Apply leather oil

If leather shoes cut your ankle, you can make them soft by oiling them. Apply oil, whether it is coconut, mink, massage or olive oil, on the edges that are hurting your ankles. Your shoes will be softer after a couple of hours.

If you are worried that the oil will damage your leather shoes, you can use a leather conditioner instead.

Warm the Shoes

It could be that your shoes are tight-fitting. That is why they are cutting your ankle. To expand them, warm them up.

Put on thick socks with your shoes. Heat the tight spots using a hairdryer in medium heat for approximately 30 seconds. Walk around in the shoes until you feel that they are comfortable enough. Take off the socks and wear the shoes to check if they are ready.

This method is suitable for suede and leather shoes. It does not work with plastic, fabric and synthetic shoes.

And remember, even the leather and suede, you just need to warm them. If you get them too hot you will damage them.


If you want to know how to prevent shoes from cutting ankle, you have seen everything you need to know here. If you do not prevent such shoes from rubbing against your ankle, they can cause you a lot of pain and even hinder you from attending to your daily duties. Use the methods that we have outlined here.