How To Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles

The achilles tendon connects the heel bone and the calf muscles. When you wear new shoes and they torment the area immediately above your heels, it is your achilles tendon suffering. That is why you should know how to stop shoes from rubbing achilles? Here are a few tested ways to correct that. Life is hard enough so you do not want to add a nasty tendon on top.

Technique 1: Enlarge the shoes

One of the reasons why shoes press into your achilles is because the shoes are too small. However, if your shoes don’t accommodate your feet fully, you can do something about it. Take a hairdryer and turn on the heat.

Make the shoe malleable and then while it is still hot, wear it with thick socks and walk about with it. That way, it stretches and conforms to your feet, especially to the shape of your heels. Most people ask: how can I soften the backs of my shoes? Therein lies your answer. You can soften them by applying heat as explained above.

Technique 2: Insoles help a lot

Get a good pair of insoles so that they can give your feet a boost. Make sure the insules are padded at the heel area. You can check our article for the best insoles so that you get a pair that will serve you for a long time.

How do I stop my shoes rubbing my heels with insoles? It is very simple. When you wear thick insoles, they will lift your heel up and therefore the achilles will not be in contact with the back of the shoes anymore. At the same size, the insoles will make the shoes fit much better, which means there is less friction between the back of the shoe and the achilles.

Technique 3: How do you make shoes more comfortable with thick socks?

If the shoes are rubbing your heels just a little, you can use thick socks to keep your achilles safe. This is one of the best ways on how to stop shoes from rubbing achilles. Wear thinner socks on the inside, they can be made of nylon. Also wear a thicker pair of socks on top so that the two can slide on each other rather than your heel sliding on one sock and the wall of the shoes.

Technique 4: Wrap your heels with duct tape

Why are my shoes rubbing my feet and what can I do about it? Many people ask this question, yet the solution is always within reach. One of the ways we can do this is to wrap the heels with duct tape. However, you cannot use duct tape if your heels are blistered. Duct tape reduces the friction between your achilles and the shoes.

Technique 5: Use moleskin on your achilles

One of the ways on how to stop shoes from rubbing achilles is to apply moleskin to the part of your heel that is in contact with the shoe. Moleskin is a thick cotton fabric that is hard on one side and soft on the other side. You will need a pair of scissors for that and you will need water to clean your feet. Dry the heel area completely and then cut your moleskin to the right size. Apply it on the area that gets into contact with the shoes (soft side on your heel). When you wear your shoes, the friction will be between the shoe and your heel.