Danner Bull Run Review: 4 Models

Danner Bull has been making boots in the USA since 1932. They make various models of boots but as this Danner Bull Run review will reveal, it is their most popular model.

Please note that today, you can find some models of the Danner Bull boots that are made in the USA and some that are imported. Thus, as you order yours from amazon.com or other online marketplace, check whether they indicate it as imported.

Now, the Bull Run is not actually a model, you know, such as Timberland Pro Powertrain boots. Rather, it is a series of boots, so it comes with a few models. Here, we are going to review four Danner Bull Run models of them and see what features they come with.

There is the Bull Run ankle boot and there is also the Danner Bull Run 8 inch boot. We shall look at four models under the Bull Run series here.

1. Danner Bull Run 8 inch review

 danner bull run moc toe 8 inch reviewFirst, if you care about looks, this is the perfect pair of work boots that you should go for. In this website, we have looked at boots that could really do with a  lot of improvement in the looks department such as the Wolverine Overpass boots.

Even the tobacco color looks really good on these boots. It seems to go very well with the white wedge outsole.

Also, the reinforcement in the heel area and even the small leather flag on the top near the opening looks good.

While you cannot buy a pair of boots based on the looks alone, with these ones, you can even wear them with skinny jeans and look really fly.

Safety Features

Before anyone buys a pair of work boots, they consider the safety features and the other features second.

These are steel toe boots. Looking at them, you cannot guess this. One advantage of using steel plates to reinforce the toe area for toe and metatarsal protection is that it is really strong.

So the manufacturer uses a thinner plate. Thus, the boots do not have a bulbous appearance on the toe area. The Bull Run Moc Toe 8-Inch Boots are a good testimony to this. They are designed with a steel toe that meets ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 EH standards.

These are high boots. from the arch to the opening, the shaft measures 8 inches. Thus, you can be sure of getting good ankle support.

The heel area is reinforced. With the heel, ankle and toe area protected well, you can concentrate on doing your job.

Full grain leather upper

These boots come with a full-grain leather upper that has a beautiful tobacco color. The leather is waterproof, so you can keep your feet dry and comfortable in a drench.

Perhaps you do not know what full grain leather is all about. It means that the cowhide just had the fur removed and then it was taken through the tanning process. So, true to its name, it is leather in its fullness.

To make the leather last long, you should nourish it with a mink or Kiwi oil leather conditioner. This should keep it nourished and help to waterproof it.

Lacing system

In another article, we saw how long boot laces should be. You will notice that these ones require a lot of lace because they come with six pairs of regular eyelets and they have three pairs of speed lacing metal hooks.

We also love the fact that the manufacturer has punched a couple of holes in the tongue. You should run the lace through the holes before you do the speed lacing metal hooks. This helps to keep the tongue in its rightful place and it keeps the lacing aligned throughout the day.

Wedge design sole

These boots come with a rubber, wedge design sole. If you are in construction, the soles are non-marking, so they will leave no footprints on wet concrete.

The rubber soles are also thick enough to absorb the impact of walking. Your feet will also not feel the rocks underneath if you are walking on rocky ground.

Also, the sole is slip-resistant and oil-resistant. You can wear it on different types of surfaces and it will keep you steady on your feet.

Fit and comfort

These boots are designed for comfort even with long hours of wearing them. First, it conforms to the shape of your feet. Thus, after a week or two of breaking in the boots, they start to feel really comfortable.

These boots come with a good, comfortable footbed. However, you can remove the footbed and use your own custom inserts such as Protalus or Superfeet insoles.

These boots mostly run true to size, when it comes to the length and the width of the feet. Thus, you just need to order your regular number.

2. Danner Bull Run Wellington Construction Boot Review

Danner Men's Bull Run Wellington Construction Boot ReviewThe first thing that pops into mind when you see this boot is just how beautiful and sleek it is. It comes in a dark brown color and is very good if you work in environments that have splashes. The color will hide stains very well.

When you buy these boots, they come with a warranty of 12 months, so it is really a no-risk purchase.

Keep reading to see the other features that these boots come with.

Upper leather

The upper is made of 100 percent full grain leather that is oiled. It is water resistant and it is very durable.

Since these boots measure 11 inches on the shaft, that is, from the arch to the opening, they are super protective for people who work in the dirt. Thus, they would be perfect for a person who works with garbage.

Safety features

These boots come with good safety features, in the form of a steel toe to protect your metatarsal area. This protects your metatarsal area from falling objects and it protects your toes when you hit your foot against things.

These boots also offer electrical hazard protection. The heels and soles are resistant to electrical shock from open wires and conduits.

Comfort and fit

These boots come with an Ortholite footbed. It is both comfortable and supportive. The footbed is also removable, so you can use custom insoles.

They come with a round toe and they fit comfortably. So far, there have not been complaints about the boots running too small or too big. They fit just fine.

Synthetic sole

These boots are designed with a synthetic sole that is both waterproof and oil-resistant. The soles also give good traction on different types of surfaces. Most of the time, slip-on boots are used in the oil industry. If that is where you work, you can use these boots.

The sole is thick, so it can provide good support and protection against impact. The heel is a bit higher, so you get good support. If you are looking for work boots for plantar fasciitis, these ones might help you.

These boots are recraftable. For instance, if the soles wear out faster, you can have a cobbler replace them easily.

There is a downside to these boots though. They are too heavy. The boots weigh 3.5 pounds/1600 grams. You will definitely feel the weight on your feet.

 3. Danner Bull Run Cristy Review

Danner Men's Bull Run 6-Inch Steel Toe Cristy Work Boot reviewThe Danner Bull Run Cristy boots come in the ankle length design. The good thing about these boots is that when you are not going to work, you can still rock them with casual outfits. Keep reading to see the features the boots come with:

Leather upper

In the true tradition of Danner Bull, these boots come with 100 percent leather upper.  You should treat this leather with a conditioner a few times a year. This will make them waterproof and keep the leather nourished.

You secure the boots to your feet using the laces. At the top, it has a pair of speed lacing metal hooks. The upper measures 6 inches from the arch to the opening.


The outsole is made of synthetic material. It comes in the wedge design. There have been some complaints that the boots are not slip-resistant, so you might want to watch out where you use the boots.

These soles protect the feet from impact and when you are walking. They are thick enough with a 0.75-inch platform.

Steel toe

These boots come with a steel toe that will protect the user from the impact of falling objects. The boots are not too heavy because they weigh less than 900 grams, so they will feel light on your feet.

4. Danner Bull Run Chelsea Review

Danner Mens Bull Run Chelsea 6 Work Boot reviewLike the other Danner Bull Run reviews that we have brought here, the Bull Run Chelsea boots look very stylish. They come in the slip-on design and they don’t even look like work boots.

Safety features

These boots come with some safety features and the most outstanding one is the steel toe. The boots also come with electrical hazard protection. If you step on open wires, the boots will protect you from electrocution. Having said that, do not go stepping on any naked wires intentionally!

Leather upper

These boots come with a short shaft measuring 6 inches from the arch to the opening. To make them easier to wear, they have a pull tag at the back. They also have an elastic panel on both sides, so they stretch to allow your foot to get in easily. This is full grain leather so it is made to last a long time.

Wedge, non-marking sole

The wedge sole offers good elevation for you. It is also good at absorbing impact when walking on hard surfaces. The outsole is also anti-slip in design, waterproof and oil-resistant.

Conclusion and Recommendation

That is it for our Danner Bull Run review, where we have brought you four of their best models. In addition, we also recommend the Danner Men’s Bull Run Moc Toe 8 inch boots. They are super supportive, have a steel toe for protection and they also come with a non-marking wedge sole.