Best Shoes For Teachers Reviews and FAQ

Fun fact… Well, scrap that, it is actually a very serious fact, there are more female than male teachers in the world. Another fact, did you know that teachers work an average of 10 hours a day and 52 hours a week. Looooong standing time, and that is why you are reading about the best shoes for teachers here.

The most important thing for teachers’ shoes is comfort and support. Since they have to walk many steps in a day, they need all the support that they can get.

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Since there are more female teachers than male teachers, we will include more shoes for women teachers than men. It is only fair!

1. Vionic Women’s Magnolia Shawna: Best shoes for teachers with wide feet

Vionic Womens Magnolia Shawna High Top Booties ReviewMillions of people in the world have wide feet. The good thing is that the shoe industry accommodates different feet needs.

If you are looking for the best shoes for teachers with wide feet, the Vionic Women’s Magnolia Shawna bootie is a good choice. It is a walking shoe that is designed to accommodate wide feet.

These shoes come in different colors. There is the black that we are reviewing here and there are other colors such as brown, olive slate grey and so on. Also, these shoes come in nubuck, full grain and suede leather.

Support and comfort features

The support and comfort features are most important in the shoes for teachers with wide feet. And the Vionic Magnolia Shawna does not disappoint.

First, the footbed is designed by podiatrists. It comes with a special three-zone comfort for the heel, arch and ball of foot area.

Secondly, when it comes to shoe width, these shoes accommodate wide feet. Even if you have bunions on your toes, these shoes offer enough space inside the toe area. They do not cramp the toes together.

Thirdly, when the shoes are on your feet, you will feel the superior cushioning that they come with. The footbed is soft and there is extra cushioning at the ball of the foot area. The heel area also has sufficient cushioning.

The footbed is EVA coated and it is removable, just in case you prefer to use Superfeet or Protalus insoles.

Rubber outsole

Rubber is the best material for support and these bootie shoes come with a white, wedge style rubber outsole. It is also thick enough to absorb the shock that your feet will be exposed to from walking and standing on hard surfaces all day.

The sole also offers proper traction on different surfaces although you should not wear it to a tough hiking trail or similar terrains.

Leather/nubuck/suede upper

The upper is made of nubuck, suede or leather. The suede is more breathable, so it would be suitable if you teach in a hot region. The leather would need some reconditioning with time, with mink or kiwi oil to make them waterproof.

2. OrthoComfoot Slip-on Canvas: Best shoes for teachers with plantar fasciitis

Best Shoes For TeachersThere is something special, so cool and chic about canvas loafers – they never seem to go out of style. These ones are so good looking.

Besides, they are made specifically for people with plantar fasciitis issues. If you experience inflammation of the tissue band that stretches from the toes to the heels, these shoes might help to alleviate the pain.

These shoes come with a very soft cushioning, thanks to the different layers of insole and midsole. The only downside with these shoes is that they cannot keep the water or the cold outside, so you can only wear them in the warm months.

Comfort features

These shoes come with a superb insole. First, when you have plantar fasciitis, you need good arch support. The footbed offers just that and more. It is made of TPU material but the base is made of PU memory foam.

These shoes come with a latex pad for the metatarsal area. They help ease the pressure that walking exerts on your feet.

The entire footbed is made with a massaging gel, so you feel as if these shoes cradle your feet. They keep you comfortable and they enhance the circulation of blood. The massaging gel wave is going to absorb all the impact so that none gets to your inflamed plantar fascia.

Another thing that really helps with these shoes is that they are very lightweight, so you hardly feel the weight on your feet. When you have a foot issue, you do not need to give your feet extra burden to pull along when you are walking.

Super breathable upper

Canvas shoes are very breathable, providing airflow, which helps to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable throughout the day. These shoes also come in the slip-on design, so they are easy to pull on and off.

You will also notice that the canvas upper is well stitched. This is one of the most durable parts of these shoes. Since the shoes are available in different colors, you should get the darker colors because they hide stains well.

Rubber outsole

As happens with all shoes made to help people with plantar fasciitis, the magic is in the soles, the midsole and the footbed. We have already looked at the comfort that the footbed gives. Now, we shall look at the outsole and the midsole.

The outsole is made of rubber. Thus, it can feel a bit sticky when walking on smooth surfaces, but this helps to keep you steady on your feet.

You will get a good grip with the outsole, making these shoes good for indoor as well as outdoor use. They are thick enough to absorb most of the impact that would otherwise get to your feet when you are walking. Also, you cannot feel rocks and sticks through these soles.

The midsole is also good enough. The midsole is the layer that is between the outsole and the footbed. This one is made of EVA foam so it enhances the stability, balance and support when you are walking. It also helps absorb shock from the impact of walking bypasses the outsole.

3. New Balance Men’s 577 V1: Best shoes for teachers with high arches

Best shoes for teachers with high archesThe New Balance brand name has been in the market since 1906. When it was founded, the main aim was to create orthopedic footwear with enhanced arch support.

Since then, it has made so many footwear models, meeting different needs. In this section, we shall look at the New Balance Men’s 577 V1.

Comfort and support features

The 577 V1 comes with good support and comfort features. First, there is the polyurethane midsole. It gives you the support, balance and stability that you need when walking for many hours. The PU midsole also helps to prevent any of the impact from walking from getting to your feet.

Second, the heel of the shoe is made with a special combination of foam and rubber. It absorbs all the shock such that even if you have heel pain, no impact will reach the heels to cause pain. The material also enhances the durability of the heel so that it will not wear out fast.

Rubber outsole

Once again, this pair of the best shoes for teachers with high arches is made with a rubber outsole. Rubber lasts long, is really good at absorbing impact and this is so important especially when you are walking on hard surfaces.

The heel area is elevated a little higher than the ball of foot area. The arch area also look elevated and this is what makes the shoes good for people with high arches.

Leather upper

For durability, the upper of these shoes is made of leather. Therefore, you can walk with the shoes in a splash of water without getting your feet wet.

A few times a year, you can treat them with a leather conditioner to keep them supple and waterproof. You will get the New Balance Men’s 577 V1 in white or black color.

While these shoes have a sneaker design, you can wear them with jeans or khakis and you will look good. Even with the company logo looking real prominent on the side of the shoes, they still look great.

Comfort and fit

These shoes run a little smaller, so you might want to order at least a half-size bigger. Apart from that small issue, these shoes are comfortable, with a supportive foot bed and cushioning in all the right places.

4. Clarks May Marigold: Best shoes for teachers standing all day

Best shoes for teachers standing all dayIf you want a pair of work shoes that are backed by a long history, you should try the Clarks May Women’s Marigold. This brand name has been making shoes for almost two centuries because it was established in 1825. They are tested and proven. Keep reading as we see its features.

Support and comfort features

By design, this is a slip-on shoe for women. The shoes are very comfortable as the footbed feels really soft.

They seem to have enough support on the ball of foot area, the arch and the heels. You will also notice that the heel is elevated quite a bit. Thus, you can count on the shoes offering you enough heel support and they might even help with heel pain.

These shoes do not come with removable insoles. Thus, you will not be able to use your custom insoles with them. The good thing is that the stock Ortholite insoles are so good, supportive and comfortable.

Upper and outsole

The upper is made of leather, so it will keep your dry in the rain. However, ensure you give it a treat of Kiwi polish a couple of times a year to enhance its ability to stay waterproof.

These shoes come with a thermoplastic elastomers outsole. Also called thermoplastic rubber, the material is a combination of rubber and plastic. It is a very decent sole with good water-resistance qualities, slip resistance on different surfaces and it is able to absorb shock very well.

5. Ariat Women’s Cruiser: Best supportive shoes for teachers

Best supportive shoes for teachersThe Ariat Cruiser looks incredibly good. Besides, you can wear it with official and non-official outfits. It also comes in so many different colors, so you can order what catches your fancy. It comes in the slip-on design, so pulling it on and off is fast work. Read on to see its other features.

Support and Comfort

One thing that most people who own these shoes wax lyrical about is how comfortable they are! And indeed, but they feel a bit stiff at the toe area. However, as soon as they are broken in, they are incredible.

They come with an EVA midsole. Together with the outsole, you will enjoy good shock absorption, which keeps your feet protected when you have to walk on hard surfaces. The shoes come with padding in the ball of foot area and the heel.

Please note that many people who own the shoes complain that these shoes run small. Thus, if you would like to wear them with socks for stinky feet, you ought to order a half or full size bigger.

Upper and outsole

These shoes come with a leather upper. They also have two flexible panels joining the tongue to the sides. They stretch to allow your feet to slip in comfortably and with enough space.

The shoes come with a Duratread sole, which is quite good at shock absorption. Duratread soles are also known for their durability. Thus, whether you wear these shoes to work or to other businesses in town or at home, they will last long.

Best Shoes for Teachers FAQ

Being a teacher is hard work already and the last thing that you want is a bad pair of shoes that hurt your feet. With so many shoes for walking and running, it can be hard to buy the right pair. If you are still not clear in your mind on the need for special shoes, these questions and answers are going to give you more information.

What shoes should teachers wear?

Because of the long working hours while standing, teachers need flat shoes, wedge soled shoes and for people with high arches, some elevation at the heel helps a lot. Teachers can also wear sandals, such as Birkenstocks, which come with a very supportive cork sole. These shoes can also come in laced or slip-on designs.

Should teachers wear sneakers?

If you are a teacher, you can check with the school administration to see what types of shoes they allow teachers to wear. However, because of the incredible comfort that sneakers offer, many schools allow teachers to wear them. New Balance, Adidas, Skechers, Reebok, and Asics make some of the best, most supportive sneakers for standing long hours.

Can I wear Birkenstocks as a teacher?

Because of their supportive nature, most teachers would love to wear Birkenstocks to class. And the answer is yes, you can wear them. However, it would be better to avoid the Birkenstocks sandals because the school code might not allow that. However, today, they also make sneakers and loafers. It is best to go for such models.

Do teachers get plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the condition where the band of tissue connecting the toes and the heel area becomes inflamed and painful. It usually comes from over-exerting your feet. Wearing bad shoes that lack support at the arch, ball of foot area and heel can also cause this problem.  Because teachers work on their feet for long hours, they can experience plantar fasciitis.

Can teachers wear open toe shoes?

It is not recommended for teachers to wear open toe shoes because they are not considered professional enough. However, if you have an injured toe, or perhaps you have cuts under the toe creases, you might wear such shoes for some time.

Are Danskos good for teachers?

Danskos are clog-style shoes and it is perfectly alright to wear such shoes. They offer superior support at the arch and the heel areas. It would be better to choose the darker colors as they match well with different outfits. Also, make sure you do not choose the Danskos that come with open backs.

Can you wear Converse as a teacher?

Converse shoes look good, they are light in weight and they are perfect for wearing long hours. However, they lack good arch support so a teacher will not get the support that he or she needs. Since most of them do not come with good midsoles, it is best to avoid them because they can make your feet swell.

Conclusion for best shoes for teachers

If you are a teacher and you are out to look for the best shoes to buy, you should consider the three most important factors. These are:

Support – By support, we mean arch support. If the shoes lack enough of this, they should at least come with removable inserts to allow you to get a pair with good arch support.

Cushioning – This reduces the amount of impact that gets to your feet with each step that you take. Consider shoes with a thick sole made of rubber or thermoplastic rubber.

Heel – If you experience heel pain, you need to wear a pair of shoes that have some elevation at the heels.

Fit – It is better to get shoes that run a half-size bigger because feet expand in the afternoon. Thus, if you buy close-fitting shoes, they will feel too small and pressing.